Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education overseas. Counties include Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Guam, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales) and the US Virgin Islands. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher

    Foreign Country Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    Australia Canada Japan
    New Zealand South Africa Germany
    United Kingdom & Ireland

    Countries other than those listed above:

    alt-ed-india (Alternative Education in India) - This mailing list is primarily for the use of families who are home educating in India, and those who are considering doing so. However, all those with a deep interest in serious education are welcome to participate. The list's intentions are to facilitate enquiry into fundamental educational questions, to learn together, to share, and to support those who are home educating. The database facility may enable you to find someone in your area.

    For more information, visit

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    chinesehomeschoolers (Chinese Homeschoolers) - This list is to support those who are Chinese homeschoolers. Members may live in various parts of the world. They may live in areas supportive of homeschooling or they may live in areas where they are persecuted. They may have supportive families and relatives or they may have families that do not agree with their decision to homeschool. The children may be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual as well as biracial or multiracial. Some children may be adopted. Some children may have special needs others may not. This list provides support and discussion of all these issues of homeschooling Chinese children. No spamming or flamming allowed.

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    deut6v7 - The Deut6v7 list exists to provide a forum for discussion and support for those engaged in, or considering, Christian home-schooling in the United Kingdom. This does not exclude discussion of Christian education in general, and does not exclude subscribers from outside the United Kingdom.

    For more information, visit

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    GuamHomeschoolers (Guam Homeschoolers) - This group is for homeschoolers on Guam. We will share ideas, post field trip information, make announcements about support group meetings, and list items for sale or to buy, as well as encourage one another in our homeschooling lifestyle.

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    homefrontier (Malaysian Christian Homeschoolers Network) - Homefrontier is a forum for Christian homeschoolers in Malaysia. This is where we meet to exchange ideas and interact with one another. Like other Christian homeschoolers around the world, we're in it because we believe it's the best way to bring up our kids, and that this is what God wants us do as a family. If we sound like oddballs, you're right; but we're having way too much fun to notice or care......!

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    homeschoolingch (homeschoolers switzerland) - For all those who are homeschooling in Switzerland, infos and support.

    Hope you all feel welcome here and finding maybe a friend or two.

    " A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed."

    Wir sprechen auch Deutsch!

    et nous parlons même le français :)

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    Homeschooling Families in Italy - Welcome to Homeschooling Families in Italy! This message board is for homeschooling families only; please. It takes creative, loving, hardworking parents to homeschool here in Italy and this Message Board is here to give 100% support and unconditional love to our fellow members. You members are the best! Please take a moment to fill in your Member Profile so that people can know a little about you, Thanks, Lynne

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    International-Christian-Homeschoolers (International Christian Homeschoolers) - This group is intended to be a friendly community of homeschooling (home-educating) families. We seek to support and encourage eachother as we educate our children.

    All christian parents who home school (home-educate) are equally welcome. Homeschoolers from all countries and ethnic backgrounds are equally welcome. All educational styles and philosophies are equally valued. It is hoped that friendships will form across race and national boundaries among members.

    Courtesy and kindness are expected in posts.

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    mychosen (Malaysian Catholic Homeschooling Network) - Welcome to the Malaysian Catholic Home Schooling Electronic Network.

    Please feel free to join the community.

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    namibian_natural_learning (Namibian Natural Learning Group) - The Namibian Natural Learning group ... is to let people from Namibia, who are interested in "unschooling", "child-directed learning", "natural learning", "autonomous learning" and such, have contact with others involved with these aspects of "Natural Learning", to form a Namibian community network, which will allow us to support each other in this process.

    To subscribe to this group please send a post to the group facilitator after you subscribe, and include your name, where you live, a little about yourself, your family and the learning environment you provide for your children and why you would like to join this group.

    This group is not affiliated with any political or religious organization. For more information, visit

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    Singapore HomeSchool Group - An Open Message Board for Singapore Homeschoolers.

    To Subscribe, visit

    tbhschool (Tri-Borders Homeschool Group) (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) - Serving the Tri-borders of Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium home schooling families. Come join our group for group activities day, newspaper, family support, socialization, and just plain old fun. Any questions contact Steve or Sherrie at 011-49-2451-482690. Thanks.

    To Subscribe, visit

    tchers2001 (T'CHERs (The Caribbean Center of Home Education Resources)) - T'CHERs is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to support and promote the entire spectrum of home schooling in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. In doing so, T'CHERs recognizes and respects the diverse motives, needs, and teaching styles of home schooling families. Enjoy this message group!

    We do not allow businesses whose main purpose in joining our group is for advertising. No exceptions. We will happily consider listing your business under resources on our web site, however. Simply write to us at: *Please note: Membership on this forum does not constitute membership in the T'CHERs organization. To become a member of T'CHERs, please see our T'CHERs Membership Frm.pdf in the file section of this forum or write to us at: Visit TCHERs web page: The Caribbean Center of Home Education Resources.

    T'CHERs es una corporaci—n sin fines de lucro cuyo prop—sito es promover y apoyar la educaci—n en el hogar, en su espectro total, en Puerto Rico y en las islas V’rgenes.Ê En dicha misi—n, T'CHERs reconoce y respeta la diversidad de opini—n, filosof’a, y metodolog’a de todos los educadores en el hogar. Disfrutan este grupo de mensajes! Visite la página de TCHERs: The Caribbean Center for Home Education Resources.

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