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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher

    South African Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    FootprintsOnOurLand - This eloop is designed to service the needs of those homeschoolers using the Footprints on Our Land - South Africa's Heritage and the Little Footprints - South Africa in stories packages. Here we will share additional ideas and books, as well as help users to enjoy their package and studies to their fullest potential.

    For more information, visit South African Homeschooling Curriculum Footprints On Our Land.

    To Subscribe, visit FootprintsOnOurLand.

    homeschoolingsa (Homeschooling in South Africa) - Would you like to meet other South African homeschoolers and chat about any home school topic. We are a friendly non-religious group with members from all over South Africa who are open and accepting of everyone's unique and different approaches, from unschooling to school-at-home. We love to meet new people!

    Any SA homeschoolers or potential homeschoolers welcome! Please introduce yourself on application. Thanks! Robyn

    To Subscribe, visit homeschoolingsa.

    HomeschoolSA (Homeschool South Africa) - This is a group where homeschool families can gather to discuss anything related to homeschooling in South Africa. It is particularly designed to assist and encourage new homeschool families by providing information and links to curricula and homeschool methods. Those new and old to homeschool, may post their questions and suggestions here.

    This group was borne, because when we started our journey in homeschooling, I was unable to find information about homeschooling in South Africa. Finding curricula, supplies and support, especially in our small town was difficult. I felt very isolated and did not know where to get support. I am passionate about homeschooling and I think all can benefit from pooling our combined knowledge.

    The group aims to provide information support mainly. It is a place to share curricula, websites, programs, resources and literature that may assist other HS families. Each week we discuss a different topic related to homeschooling, and invite you to have your say.

    This is a Christian group, and it is my hope that all who join will find a host of information and good support from the group as it grows.

    Please refer to our guidelines under the files before you post.

    All the best, in YOUR homeschool journey.

    For more information, visit Homeschooling in South Africa Blog.

    To Subscribe, visit HomeschoolSA.

    HSKitchenTable (Practical Support for South African Homeschoolers) - This Group was created for South African Homeschool Moms to share practical advice & encouragement with one another as well as to create a platform to sell used HS-material. The Group is open to all but run on Christian Principles. Feel free to share your homeschool highlights, resources & creative ideas with us! However, do remain sensitive to one another especially seeing that we don't all use the same approach or curriculum and as you know what works for one family doesn't alway work for the next!!! Thank you for joining us, may you be blessed!

    To Subscribe, visit HSKitchenTable.

    Reaching Higher - A free, monthly homeschool ezine to encourage and equip homeschoolers as you seek the best for your families.

    We know that homeschoolers feel a little 'different' to other families, especially here in Africa where we are still a rare, but rapidly multiplying breed!

    Even in other countries, we, homeschoolers, stick out a bit from the other 'herds' as we strive for different outcomes for our little flock, than the rest.

    Most of us are Christians and so we are reaching higher as we seek the Lord's instructions for building strong families and developing godly character in each individual's life.

    Subscribe to our free, monthly ezine, Reaching Higher, for the top tips and juiciest leaves of the homeschooling cyberforest!

    In other words, we'll be bringing you the best advice, articles, websites and encouragement we can to help you as you raise your young ones and build your family legacy!

    To Subscribe, visit Reaching Higher, Homeschool Ezine.

    sahomeschoolcurriculum (SA Homeschool Curriculum) - South African Homeschoolers - Buy and Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum here!

    List your posts as WANTED or FOR SALE and when listing items, give a price excl. postage and the condition of the item. You then contact the seller directly and organise the purchase, payment and postage.

    The group owner is not responsible for any of the purchases made on this list.

    Anyone can post, you do not need to be a member. All messages are moderated. Follow up messages are just sent between buyer & seller, not to the group. If you want to receive all messages of FOR SALE items, you can become a member of this group.

    Once your item is sold, you can remove it from the list by simply deleting your own message! Thank you. Happy buying! Robyn

    To Subscribe, visit sahomeschoolcurriculum.

    The Whole Child - A free weekly ezine to stimulate the whole child - fun preschool developmental activities for parents to maximize their children's potential in just minutes a day!

    To Subscribe, visit The Whole Child, weekly ezine.

    tuisonderwys (Tuisonderwys in Suid-Afrika - Home education in South Africa) - Gesprekgroep oor tuisonderwys in Suid-Afrika.

    Lidmaatskap van die groep is nie beperk nie, en enigeen kan enige saak aanraak, mits dit direk of indirek met tuisonderwys verband hou, en mits die gewone hoflikheid gehandhaaf word.

    Die lys word bedryf deur Leendert van Oostrum

    Discussion list on home education in South Africa.

    Membership of the list is not limited and any matter may be raised, provided that it relates directly or indirectly to home education and provided that common courtesy is maintained.

    The list is operated by Leendert van Oostrum

    To Subscribe, visit tuisonderwys.

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