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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher

    Australian Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    A - H

    ADF_home_education (ADF HomeEducation) - Hi and welcome to all Australian Defence Force families who homeschool, or are considering homeschooling! Join the email list to ask questions or share information on homeschooling in different states in Australia. Perhaps you would like to link up with other homeschooling families in your area, or in your next posting locality? You can also select the bookmarks option on the left hand side and follow the links to find out more information on homeschooling on the internet.

    To Subscribe, visit ADF HomeEducation.

    A_H_E_A_D (Aust Home Educators Article Database) - Inspired by a proposed future change to Australian Federal Government Policy that if implemented will affect the Home Education community, this group has been set up for the storing and sharing of information in relation to our various home education styles and in turn the way we have chosen to live with/parent our children. This maybe in various forms, including: published/non-published research papers; newspaper articles; government policy documents, references to authors etc with links to other Home Education communities around the world, in a similar struggle. It is a place where we can inform the Home Education Community of any plans of action we intend to take in regard to government policy.

    Here we will store all the evidence that supports our theory that, ‘Home Education provides a better opportunity than school for a child to receive an education and fulfill their potential in a loving, secure and stable environment’. Should the need arise at some future stage where our practices/methods are called into question, we will be able to access a treasure chest of information.

    To Subscribe, visit Aust Home Educators Article Database.

    Aussie Homeschool Resources Message Baord - This message board is primarily for Australian Homeschoolers to swap or sell curriculum- new or second hand or to share resources, online links, homeschool businesses or retailers.

    Aussie Homeschool Classifieds.

    australianhomeschool (Australian home school) - This is a list for all homeschoolers - be they religion focused, unschoolers, school-at-home, natural learners or anyone simply interested in the process. We welcome questions and comments on all issues pertaining to home education and just about any topic you can think of. We regularly discuss religion, politics, health issues, parenting practices, discipline concerns, societal happenings and current affairs - there is no such thing as "off topic". We do not always agree and all opinions, regardless of their majority or minority status, are welcomed. This is a supportive and encouraging group, who are happy to answer questions and bounce ideas and if nothing else - keep you entertained.

    To Subscribe, visit Australian home school.

    australianhomeschoolers (Australian Homeschoolers) - This group was founded for the purpose of providing parents who are educating their own children and others who are interested in following this path with a comfortable site where they can interact with fellow group members without apprehension that the messages they post will be met with nitpicking, snide comments or other discourteous responses. It is not operated by fundamentalists and people of all religious beliefs and non-beliefs are welcome. Here, all topics are appreciated. However, promotion/lauding of a system of schooling which is causing increasing numbers of parents to turn to home education internet groups for assistance and has caused harm to many children who are now being home educated is unacceptable.

    Our related groups are:

    Our related link is the FREE CHILDREN website.

    To Subscribe, visit Australian Homeschoolers.

    australianunschoolers (SUPPORTING FREEDOM IN LEARNING) - Are you new to 'home' education? Are you thinking about 'home' educating? Would you like to help others in need of your experience? This group welcomes all 'home' educators but focuses in particular on 'natural' - child controlled - learning and help with government 'requirements' for those living in N.S.W., Australia.

    Our related groups are:

    Our related link is the FREE CHILDREN website.

    To Subscribe, visit australian unschoolers.

    BHNoticeBoard (Brisbane Homeschooling NoticeBoard) - A NOTICEBOARD ADVERTISING:
    • Brisbane Homeschool Activities
    • Outer Brisbane Activities (including Gold & Sunshine Coast, Ipswich & Toowoomba)
    • Community Activities
    • Family Friendly Activities
    • Homeschool Groups & Forums
    • Homeschool Workshops & Seminars
    • Homeschool Newsletters
    • Homeschool Suppliers
    • Homeschool Businesses

    To Subscribe, visit Brisbane Homeschooling NoticeBoard.

    CChomeed (Central Coast Home Ed Assoc) - This is the email list for the NSW Central Coast branch of the Home Educators Association.

    To Subscribe, visit Central Coast Home Ed Assoc.

    chooz (Classical Home-based Options in OZ) - Discussions of Classical Education, resources and options for home-based educators in Australia. We believe in the right to "chooz"! Feel free to join in our discussions for the benefit of all the members, as we discuss the myriad of options in Classical Homeschooling in Australia.

    To Subscribe, visit Classical Home-based Options in OZ.

    ChristianHomeschoolinginAustralia (Christian Homeschooling in Australia) - This is a group for Christian parents who homeschool their children or who are thinking of homeschooling. It is a group where parents can share their experiences with each other good and no so good in an non threatening environment. Parents can also post links helpfull to homeschooling. Just a few rules being:

    1. No swearing
    2. No debating Just genuine questions and advice regarding homeschooling
    3. No doctrine discussions we are here for a common tie which is to Home Educate
    4. Christianity is not a requirement but understand we have Christian standards I would appreciate the group to adhere to
To Subscribe, visit Christian Homeschooling in Australia.

CMandFriends-ANZ - We are Aussie, Kiwi, New Guinea and nearby region families, using Charlotte Mason-inspired, living books, literature-rich, "wholehearted child", and lifestyle of learning, approaches.

Some of us are more eclectic in approach than others, and if you are after a "pure" CM approach, you might be more comfortable on some other lists such as CMason,Ambleside,CMSeries and TimeforTea. However, if you love living books and CM's ideas on education, and want to share experiences and resources relevant to our home surroundings, you'll probably be comfortable here. We try as much as possible to keep "on topic" - if you consider CM methods and living books to be the "heart" of our email discussions, it will help in that direction!

Please note that this list has no affiliation to a particular religion. However, as many Christian homeschoolers use a CM or living books approach, this may be reflected in some posts. On the other hand, we understand that families who do not homeschool for religious reasons, also find such approaches beneficial. We ask for tolerance from all, and note that there is absolutely NO room for theological debate on this list.

For more information, visit Charlotte Mason and Friends.

To subscribe, visit CMandFriends-ANZ.

HBLNPerth (HomeBasedLearningNetwork) - The Home Based Learning Network of WA (HBLN) was established in 1990 and provides social contact and support for all people involved in home based education in Western Australia.

This is a list for all homeschoolers - from those who school-at-home to natural learners and anyone in-between.

Use this list to discuss anything and everything (preferably related to home-ed!), post upcoming activities in the calendar, make friends and build your support network.

Please remember that any posts to this group are the property of the author and, as such, permission to use whole or parts of posts must be sought from the original author.

For general information about home-ed in Western Australia or to become a member of HBLN please take a look at our website Home-Based Learning Network of Western Australia.

To subscribe, visit HBLNPerth.

home-education-sa (Home Education SA) - This list is for families living in South Australia who are thinking about or have already embarked on a home education journey. Questions, ideas, events or discussion relating to home education, are welcome. Please, share, network and enjoy the great community we have in SA. Feel free to post your events on the calendar so others can join in.

This group was created for the mutual encouragement, and support of its members. We ask that your emails are worded with courtesy, and a healthy tolerance of other viewpoints is exercised. This group is not is not an environment for debate. There are many other home schooling sites that offer a forum for argument. This is not one of them.

Once your membership has been processed please feel free to introduce yourself to the group, so we can welcome you to our community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to spam attacks, when applying for membership please tell us a bit about who you are so we know you are a genuine person interested in home education.

For more information, visit Learning Without School.

To Subscribe, visit Home Education SA.

HomeschoolAustraliaFAQ - You can post your homeschooling questions on this site and Beverley Paine, homeschooling author and publisher with 19 years of home educating experience, as well as other list members, will do their best to answer them. Some of the answers will also be featured on the Homeschool Australia website and in the newsletter. Please subscribe to the newsletter group to receive articles on home education and news, tips, advice, etc every couple of months.

Keep up with Beverley's latest musings on home education by reading her Homeschool Australia weblog.

At Always Learning Books we're continuously looking for great books on home education and natural learning; books that make you feel that homeschooling offers the best education a parent can give her children; books full of great ideas to motivate and help you on this wonderful family adventure.

As homeschooling parent with nineteen years experience, Beverley selects quality books teeming with proven practical advice about the how and why of homeschooling in Australia.

To Subscribe, visit Homeschool Australia FAQ.

HomeschoolAustraliaNewsletter (Homeschool Australia Newsletter) - Regular newsletter by long-term home educator Beverley Paine, incorporating Beverley's old group, Daily Homeschooling Tips, and featuring links to articles published on Homeschool Australia and other home education websites.

For more information on home education see Beverley's website Homeschool Australia. Homeschool Australia has over 200 articles on all aspects of educating your children at home.

At HomeschoolAustraliaFAQ you can post your homeschooling questions on this site and Beverley Paine, homeschooling author and publisher with 19 years of home educating experience, as well as other list members, will do their best to answer them

For those interested in natural learning and unschooling, Beverley hosts the Natural Learning support group.

Always Learning Books stocks quality books by experienced home educators full of encouragement and inspiration ideas and activities to make your home learning journey easier and more enjoyable.

To Subscribe, visit Homeschool Australia Newsletter.

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