Church schools (umbrellas, covers) for Alabama homeschoolers and unschoolers. Church schools can provide activities, workshops, field trips, spelling bees, music programs, science and math fairs, newsletters, theatre groups, seminars, conferences, park days and curriculum (textbook) advice for Alabama home educators in addition to legal coverage for homeschooling in Alabama. Many church schools provide coverage for the entire state of Alabama, while others limit their enrollment to specific areas. Choose the church school that will give you level of support you desire.

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    Alabama Church Schools

    If you have not yet read the information about church schools and how to homeschool in Alabama, please visit the Alabama page. Then you will be ready to begin your search for a church school.

    The church schools listed here have provided with their descriptions. Should you have questions about a description, please contact the individual church school. If you find contact information that is no longer valid, please contact at No permission is given to use these descriptions elsewhere. does not endorse any church school. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes.

    The Church School Questionnaire is a list of questions for prospective homeschoolers to consider when searching for a church school. urges those searching for a church school to familiarize themselves with the laws governing church schools in Alabama (since we "homeschool" under the church school laws, rather than a homeschool law in Alabama). You can read those laws here:

    The Code of Alabama 1975

    If you do not see your church school here and wish it to be listed, please contact me!

    State Wide Coverage

    Local Only Coverage

    Information last updated on 11/09/15.

    Church Members Only

    Sometimes churches do not wish to post their church schools on the Internet if they are open only to church members. So, if you are of a particular faith or are looking to join a church, check with local churches to see if any of them offer a church school to their members. Just because they are not listed here, doesn't mean they don't have a church school!

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