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Lest we be cowed by this vast amount of [mathematics] material, let us think of mathematics in another way. Mathematics has been a human activity for thousands of years. To some small extent, everybody is a mathematician and does mathematics consciously. To buy at the market, to measure a strip of wallpaper or to decorate a ceramic pot with a regular pattern is doing mathematics. Further, everybody is to some small extent a philosopher of mathematics.
~ from the preface The Mathematical Experience
by Philip J. Davis and Reuben Hersh

    Math Resources

    We homeschooled / unschooled for twelve years. Math was an area in which I never felt overly confident and so I tended to gather more resources in this area than almost any other subject area. I gathered so many that I decided it was time to begin making a list, and that list grew and grew until eventually they grew into this website section of “Math Resources.”

    Many of the resources listed here we used successfully in our unschooling journey. Others were recommended to me by other homeschoolers. And others I came across after we needed them but I thought they looked cool. I have begun to post comments about the resources we used and will continue to do so as I continue to updates these pages.

    This is by no means a comprehensive listing of Math Resources. If you have personal experiences with other math resources and would like to recommend them to me for inclusion here, please email me. And if you have a review or a description you would like to add, I would welcome those too!

    As I write this (November 2008) I am done homeschooling our own children but starting anew with our granddaughter who lives with us. She is two and a half and an inquisitive child, as most are at that age. So, while I have spent many years collecting resources for older children (think high school and college prep), now it is time to reacquaint myself with math resources for the preschool mind. So watch for additions to this section and I would gladly welcome any and all recommendations!

    ~ Karen

    Table of Contents

    Math Literature (all ages, all types)

    Baby, Toddler, Preschool Ages - Hands-On and How-To Books

    Elementary Ages - Hands-On and How-To Books

    Intermediate and High School Level - Hands-On and How-To Books

    Algebra and Geometry Resources


    Math Websites

    Videos and DVDs

    Computer Games and Software

    Board Games and Card Games


    Email me
    your own review / experience with a math resource
    suggest a resource to add!

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Family Math
by Jean Kerr Stenmark et al
A guide for parents and children to work together not on passive tasks of rote learning but in active game play, solving problems, experimenting and even discovering. With over 300 pages of lively activities, the classic FAMILY MATH book represents one of the greatest strides taken to involve parents in the mathematics education of their children.

Family Math for Young Children
by Jean Kerr Stenmark, Grace Davila Coates
The FAMILY MATH books frequently are used and recommended by teachers to help families rediscover the fun and excitement in making mathematics discoveries together. With an emphasis on four-to eight-year-old children, activities in the FAMILY MATH for Young Children book use commonly found items and bring family members together in the process of learning from each other.

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