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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher

    New Zealand Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    ASHE (Auckland South Home Educators) - ASHE, Auckland South Home Educators exists to *1* Inform members about home educating events in our area and around Auckland, and *2* Provide a forum to buy, sell or share home education resources.

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    auckland_home-ed (Auckland Home Educators Inc.) - A discussion forum for members of Auckland Home Educators Inc. Auckland, New Zealand

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    aucklandunschoolers (Auckland Unschoolers) - This is a place for unschooling families who live in Auckland, New Zealand, to make new friends, plan get togethers, trips, camps etc

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    ccednet (Classical Christian Home Education Network of New Zealand) - CcedNet is the Christian Classical home EDucation NETwork Email discussion group of New Zealand. This discussion group is for those Christian families who would like to be training their children to think and not just to be concentrating on output (for exams or the ERO). A thoroughly Christian, thoroughly Classical education is one based on the approach known as the Trivium, as promoted by Dorothy Sayers, Doug Wilson and others. Moderated by Barbara Smith, Trustee of the Home Education Foundation.

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    chednetnz (Christian Home EDucation NETwork for New Zealanders) - ChedNet is the Christian Home EDucation NETwork Email Discussion Group. Discuss curricula from a Christian worldview, child development from Biblical rather than humanist presuppositions, discipline according to the Biblical pattern and for the Biblical reasons, time management, Christlike character development. Give praise to the Lord for His mercies, blessings and victories! All with like-minded people. Moderated by Craig Smith, National Director of Christian Home Schoolers of New Zealand.

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    CMandFriends-ANZ - We are Aussie, Kiwi, New Guinea and nearby region families, using Charlotte Mason-inspired, living books, literature-rich, "wholehearted child", and lifestyle of learning, approaches.

    Some of us are more eclectic in approach than others, and if you are after a "pure" CM approach, you might be more comfortable on some other lists such as CMason,Ambleside,CMSeries and TimeforTea. However, if you love living books and CM's ideas on education, and want to share experiences and resources relevant to our home surroundings, you'll probably be comfortable here. We try as much as possible to keep "on topic" - if you consider CM methods and living books to be the "heart" of our email discussions, it will help in that direction!

    Please note that this list has no affiliation to a particular religion. However, as many Christian homeschoolers use a CM or living books approach, this may be reflected in some posts. On the other hand, we understand that families who do not homeschool for religious reasons, also find such approaches beneficial. We ask for tolerance from all, and note that there is absolutely NO room for theological debate on this list.

    For more information, visit Charlotte Mason and Friends.

    To subscribe, visit CMandFriends-ANZ.

    CTHNZ NZ homeschooling (Christian textbooks) - This email group is for NZ homeschoolers (aka home educators :-)) who use Christian textbooks (eg ABeka, Bob Jones, Apologia) as a part (no matter what size) of their homeschooling programme ... and any other NZ homeschooler interested in being a part of this group.

    Discussion is permitted on any topic related to being a homeschooling parent (so jokes, & anything about chocolate is definitely "OK", and anything else which may be encouraging or informative to others.

    It is requested that the tone of all posts be kept polite. You may be honest - but not unkind. Eg "Rosalind is overweight" is an honest statement (sadly) ... but to say "Rosalind weighs more than an elephant and is sinking the North Island by her great bulk" ... is simply unkind...

    The Moderator of this group is me, Rosalind Peterson, and those that know me suspect that the initials "CT" in the name of this group really stand for "Chocolate Too", rather than "Christian textbooks".

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    dwha (Diana Waring History Alive email discussion group) - For those who are using the Waring resources in New Zealand. Your questions can be directed to Diana Waring herself when necessary.

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    eahssg (East Auckland Home Educators) - Two-way communication for East Auckland Home Educators, a group member of The National Council of Home Educators New Zealand Inc (

    Upon requesting to join, you will be asked to provide personal details to protect the privacy of the rest of the group.

    For information about home educating (aka homeschooling) in East Auckland, email

    For information about home educating in Auckland (including regular basic information sessions), visit Auckland Home Educators Inc at

    To Subscribe, visit

    ezrahomeschoolers (The Ezra E-Group) - Welcome Ezra Homeschoolers! This is simply the Ezra E-group, a virtual community consisting of members of the Ezra Group, a home educators’ support group located in the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.

    Pioneered in 1991 by homeschool mom, Denise Walmsley, the group was named after Ezra, a scribe and Bible scholar and teacher in the Old Testament. Ezra was committed to reading and obeying the Word of God, and to teaching it to the people. He was also an encourager who cared about people and interceded for them. Ezra was humble and obedient, and possessed excellent leadership qualities. He demonstrated godly wisdom and maturity by seeking God’s direction in all his endeavours, and giving God glory when success was met. Above all, Ezra’s heart burned with love for the Lord so that his teaching was an overflow of his daily life.

    Ezra sets an exemplary model for homeschool parents to follow as teachers and leaders of our children. The meaning of the Hebrew name “Ezra” is “help” and this reflects what the Ezra Group aims to be - a “help group.”

    As you join this online community of like-minded parents, may you be blessed by the exchange of information, the network and the sharing of our lives.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    Harvest-a-bit-on-the-side (Harvest "A Bit On The Side") - A group for NZ homeschooling families only - buyers and sellers.

    Wanting to support the homeschool community? Here is where you can find what other homeschooling families are selling. Please join us, the mail volume is low.

    Monthly a list of business (most of them are small cottage enterprises) is sent to you. There are occasional emails when someone wants to announce a new product or special offers ( Please limit these to one per business per three months). You are welcome to ask if someone is selling what you would like to buy.

    Whether it is a little cottage business selling books or a business your child has started or something bigger let us know.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Harvest-Curric-Swap-NZ - This is a New Zealand e-mail list, for New Zealand Homeschoolers only. It's purpose is to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum..It is NOT for personal businesses or ministries. PLEASE no off topic postings or conversations. Moderators decision is final.

    To Subscribe, visit

    hefnetnz (HefNet New Zealand) - HefNet is the New Zealand based Home Education Foundation email list discussion NETwork.

    Established in July 1998, this group has expanded quickly and includes home educators with a wonderfully diverse range of political, religious, philosophical, and methodological views. This mix makes for some red-hot yet edifying debates!

    No blatant advertising in posts of new books by those selling the resources. Of course people will mention this or that resource and rave about it positively or negatively. Spiteful negative criticisms are not to be posted, but honest criticism is part of free speech. Making reference to where one may acquire any resource is always helpful to other readers, but if the one making the reference is also the one selling the resource, reference to only one resource will be allowed. However, sellers of resources can answer honest, genuine questions about their resources; or better yet, simply make reference to their own website.

    Advertising in one's signature is OK, but please limit it to a simple by-line plus a website.

    Moderated by Craig Smith, a trustee of the Home Education Foundation based in New Zealand.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HENC (Home Educators, Non-Christian) - HENC is intended for Home Educators of either no religious persuasion, or of a religious persuasion other than Christianity. The purpose of the list is support for non-Christian Home Educators who exist in a largely Christian HE world. *We strongly advise*, and prefer, that those belonging to HENC also belong to another homeschooling list (for those in NZ - NZUnschoolers, HEFnet, or RUA) which exist to share HE resources, websites, how to apply for an exemption/survive a review, provide general HE support etc. This will save clogging up HENC with the above information. The abovementioned lists will also provide a balance of opinion from a wider range of HE-ers.

    Upon joining the list, you will be asked if you are a non-Christian. If you are uncomfortable with this, or are of Christian belief, we ask that you join one of the many lists that are available to support Christians, or a mixture of Christian and non-Christian (NZUnschoolers is one that exists for both persuasions who live in New Zealand). You will also be asked if you belong to any other HE email groups, so we can try to keep as much cross-posting off HENC as possible.

    Home Educators, Non Christian is an email list that has developed from the other NZ home education lists, particularly NZUnschoolers, which has the same list owner as HENC. Its name is not meant to be discriminatory - we simply could not find another acceptable, succinct name that described what the group was for. Christians are asked not to join the list because we feel that there are ample email groups already existing to support those of a Christian persuasion. At its inception, members came from the home educating email lists active within New Zealand - however the group is open to non-Christian home educators from other countries also. Additions to this definition of this list is subject to further expansion at a later date

    To Subscribe, visit

    HEtradingpost (HE Trading Post) - This email group is a place where NZ home educating families can buy, sell or swap their second hand items such as furniture, books, clothes and appliances.

    It is NOT for curriculum. Please use the list for buying/selling home education curriculum.

    It is NOT for businesses. Please use list if you are a cottage business or the Yellow Pages if you are a large business . Members who break this rule will have one warning before being placed on the banned list. Please do not advertise your business in any way here.

    To make it easier for all, remember to include the following in your messages:

    • Whether the item is for sale, wanted or to trade
    • Very clear description of items for sale including accurate description of condition and any damage. You may upload one photo of the item to our yahoo group page. These are listed in categories i.e. books, toys, animals etc. Photos may remain for a period of one month. Please remember to delete them if you sell the item!
    • Where you live and whether or not you will accept pickups
    • How you will accept payment and within what timeframe the trade must be completed
    • Whether your price includes postage

    Please post a follow up message when the item/s have sold.

    The moderator accepts no responsibility for uncompleted trades, disappointments or disputes. Happy trading! Erena (List owner)

    To Subscribe, visit

    Horowhenua-Home-Educators (Horowhenua Home Educators) - This group is for announcements and notices for Home Educators in the Horowhenua region.

    Membership is open to home educating families who live in this region. In the comments part of the joining page, please tell us where you live and whether you home educate.

    Applications from home educators who live outside Horowhenua will be considered - please tell us why you want to join.

    At this time, this group is for notices only - it is not intended for general conversation - there are many other excellent groups for homeschoolers to find support etc.

    To Subscribe, visit

    LapbooksROTW (Lapbooking - Rest Of The World) - We would love this group to enthuse you in a method of presenting information using folders - known as LAPBOOKS, flapbooks, shutter folders, lap packs. A variation on scrapbooking for children. Can be used with pre-school, primary and older children - in schools or with home educating (homeschooling).

    Especially welcome if interested in Pacific-British-African resources and ideas. There is already a large USA-dominated yahoogroup for Lapbooking.

    New Members - Please check out (and add in pics of your latest lapbook to) the FILES, PHOTOS, and LINKS sections. Contributing to the life of this group is necessary.

    Note: If you're still on 'moderated mail' (that is, not written in to 9months after subscribing you could be unsubscribed. This hopefully will keep the group active and fresh.

    Please choose "special notices" instead of "no mail". Thanks.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NCHEofNZ (Nat. Council of Home Educators of N.Z.) - This group has been set up to promote discussion among the members of the National Council about the issues facing home education in New Zealand. It is to be a forum from which the National Council executive will be able to get an idea of the thoughts of the general membership and will be one of the tools used when there are any decisions to be made by the National Council. Membership of this group is by invitation or application to the moderator.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NZHomeEducators (NZ Home Educators) - A forum in which New Zealand Home Educators can discuss ideas, issues, questions, concerns, resources, etc., as well as to provide support, advice and encouragement for each other.

    This group is intended to be inclusive amongst NZ homeschoolers, regardless of location, beliefs or individual styles of home educating. Please keep tone of posts respectful.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NZ_PaganParents (A place for Pagan Parents of New Zealand) - A place for NZ Pagan Parents to network.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NZUnschoolers - NZUnschoolers is intended for unschoolers living in New Zealand, interested in unschooling in New Zealand in the future, or those interested in finding out what unschooling means within New Zealand. If you are unschooling in another country, please respect our wish to keep the list to a manageable size and search for unschooling lists within your own country.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Rockpool Homeschool - A Support Forum, free blogs for homeschooling parents, curriculum and product reviews tailored to the unique needs of Australian and New Zealand homeschoolers, classified ads as well as events & meet ups!

    For more information, visit Rockpool Homeschool.

    RodneyHE (Rodney Hibiscus Coast Home Educators) - Welcome to the Rodney / HBC Home Educator group!

    This group provides information on activities and events which may be of interest to Home Educating Families living in Rodney District.

    To Subscribe, visit

    R_U_A (Radical Unschoolers Aotearoa (RUA)) - Radical Unschoolers Aotearoa (RUA) is a small, friendly co-operatively run mailing list based in New Zealand. Here purist unschoolers (and wannabe purist unschoolers) can offer each other support, advice, and ideas.

    Please do not send spam or advertising (including ads about the Reading A-Z program)to the RUA list, unless it is very closely connected to unschooling. And please do not send spam or any form of advertising to listmembers privately.

    To Subscribe, visit

    taughtofthelord - *All your children will be taught of the LORD. And they will have much peace.* Is 54:13

    This is a New Zealand unschoolers list that is unashamedly Christian, where we can share our faith, our struggles, and our hopes for our children. Anyone who is interested in Christ-led learning (Christian Unschooling) is welcome to join. Anyone using literature based learning (such as Five In a Row, Sonlight, or Charlotte Mason methods) and anyone using unit studies like KONOS or Weaver is also welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit

    twincity (Twin City Home Educators) - A regional support network of home educating families in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

    See our webpage and site at

    To Subscribe, visit

    Waikato-Activities - "Waikato Activities" functions as a notice board. It is intended to provide information about activities and events of an educational nature, that may be relevant to homeschoolers and are taking place in the Waikato region of New Zealand or within a few hours drive. This group is NOT for discussion, exchanges of views or to be used as a vehicle for salespersons.

    To Subscribe, visit

    WHSA (Wellington Home Schoolers Association) - This is the email list of Wellington Homeschoolers Association (New Zealand).

    Membership of the group is limited to financial members of WHSA.

    The purpose of the group is to inform members of events within the Wellington Region organised by WHSA or other organisations which are of interest to home educators and for advertising home education materials for sale. See the Calendar for upcoming events - days highlighted in bold have events planned.

    Please use discretion in posting messages regarding non WHSA events. The list is intended to be a message board not a discussion group. In particular it is not intended for political or religious discussions. Any member who objects to message content should refer complaint to the moderator privately. Replies to queries should be directed to the inquirer by hitting the reply button. Reply all will reply to the whole group.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

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    Please notify if your email list, support group, message board, forum or newsletter is not included here or if you see errors.

    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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