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One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it,
you have no certainty until you try.
~ Sophocles

    Miscellaneous Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    Hom - Homeschool_

    homeschool-and-christian-businesses (Home School or Christian Businesses) - If you have a Christian or Christian Homeschool business and would like to share your knowledge of business with others, or are interested in learning from other business owners this is the place for you. We are here to share ideas, strategies, advertising hints, and other useful information concerning christian or homeschool businesses. A growing community is a wonderful place to joint venture with like businesses, here's your opportunity to get to know one another in an attempt to find others with your same passion.

    God has laid it on my heart to support one another in our desire to be at home with our families. I want to make it clear that I do NOT want spam on this site. If you are not a person of integrity and honor, please do not bother asking for membership. If there is any sign of spam,foul language,immoral or any behavior that is contrary to good values, integrity and honor, you will be pulled from this list.

    Please keep things pleasing not only to other members, but more importantly to Christ, even if you do not share the same beliefs as other members.

    To Subscribe, visit Home School or Christian Businesses.

    homeschool_atheists - This is a discussion list for homeschoolers who are Atheists, Agnostics, or Secular Humanists. The discussion is not limited to Atheism. Anything related to homeschooling is appropriate.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool_atheists.

    Homeschool_AWayofLife (Homeschool A Way of Life) - Homeschooling is not just teaching our children "school" at home, it's our way of life. It's a commitment we've made that has changed our lives for the better. And we believe that with the Lord guiding us we will better equip our children to the love and nurturing of their own families and to the furthering of God's Kingdom.

    A bit of warning about our group though. Here we're as off topic and nutty as we feel, need or want to be! We come here to laugh, cry, get/give advice, prayer requests, good days, bad days, vents/rants, joys and anything else we can think of. We have tons of fun but still support and encourage one another.

    This group is for women only.

    This list is a Christian list yet you do not have to be a Christian to join. But please understand that our views are taken in this light as we and this group are His.

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschool A Way of Life.

    homeschool-debaters - I created this group because I am on several other homeschool groups where "debate" and discussion of "off topic" subjects are not really allowed. Although I love those groups I also wanted to give people out there a place where they can voice their opinions without the fear of being told to get back to the "homeschool discussion"! This group is for those all who homeschool or those who are thinking about it,( and even none homeschoolers can join,) regardless of race or religion! This is a place to have debates about important subjects. This is also a place where you can relax and talk about whatever you like!!!!!! A word of caution, if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen!! :-)) If you do not like confrontation and/or off topic discussions then please don't join this list! If you would like a place where you can say how you feel about something without the fear of being "kicked off" the list then this is the place for you! But beware only join if you are prepared for the opinions of others and a ton of mail! I only ask one thing, please do not join for the sole purpose of promoting a product, in other words NO SPAM! Other than that just about anything is acceptable! Many of our members including myself have found that we have become rather addicted to the group! So we have adopted this little prayer as our Prayer of Serenity... Please computer, connect me fast today, let there be no busy signals and no slow connections. Let me make it to the group today and give me time to catch up and answer all 300 mails. When I do answer grant me the passion I need to get my point across and to let everyone know that I am right and they are wrong. Give me the courage to change those who think they cannot be changed, to flame those who refuse to change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool-debaters.

    Homeschool_For_Me (Homeschool For Me) - This group is for all who have come to the conclusion that homeschooling is the best educational choice for their children. It is open to individuals of all faiths and educational philosophies. Posting of links related to homeschooling are welcome. Advertising (which includes websites in signature line) is not allowed without moderator approval. You are welcome to post ad links in our links section. Flaming will not be tolerated nor will discussions about religion or politics. Those type of discussions tend to get out of hand very quickly. We need to show respect for everyone's opinions even if they may differ from our own.

    If you are joining this group intending to survey the membership for school projects, research papers, etc, you must first contact the list owner to ask permission. All non-approved survey posts will be deleted. Thank you for understanding.

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschool For Me.

    Homeschool_Homestead (Homeschool Homestead) - Because of our continued dedication, support and encouragement of traditional Christian family values our list has received the 'Top Pick' award from OLIN e-Publishing company.

    We believe the old ways are the best in both lifestyle and raising children. That the almost forgotten crafts, self reliances, morals and values should be kept alive and passed on.

    We keep our posts relating to: homesteading, homeschooling, farming, country living, frugal simple lifestyle, keepers at home, raising children with olden day morals and values, gardening, canning and other food preserving methods, winter stocking, basic cooking including outdoors and wood cookstove, recipes, animals, self supportive, off grid, pioneer crafts, sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, rug making, soap making, alternate power etc., the list goes on and on.

    We have HUGE files updated with information posted for easy reference.

    We have (done it forever) experts in just about anything relating to our list topics. Friendships are made very quickly here!

    * Remember, when joining a list, it's like being invited as a guest in someone's home, act accordingly with appropriate manners.

    Note: My family believes in God, we believe in salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ! If this offends you this list might not be for you as threads will be christian directed.

    * About the owner- We homestead on 21 acres with many farm animals, a garden preserved both by canning & freezing, cut & burn firewood for our only heat source & sew some of our own clothing in pioneer/modern style. We have 3 children of which we have homeschooled for 10+ years, graduating one into a career center. My husband works sheet metal and on weekends we do estate clean outs and fleamarketing. Heres a link to learn more about our home bunsiness. The-Liquidators.

    contact us:

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschool Homestead.

    Homeschool_Links - This group is a collection of links to websites I have found or heard of through other people/groups which I think will be helpful while homeschooling my sons. Some I have used and others I have kept for when my boys are older. I started this list because my "favorites" folder was getting way to big.

    There are over a 100 links in the links section. Just look through the folders. The links include: math, science, language arts and more. There are also links to standardized tests providers, curriculum reviews/providers and a few homeschooling groups (state and local) in Georgia and Florida.

    All are welcome to join. Please feel free to share your own "favorite" homeschool links and/or group information (no matter what state).

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschool_Links.

    homeschool_moms - This group is for homeschool moms to meet and share their lives with other homeschool moms. The topics do not have to be related to homeschool. It is a place to share your lives with other moms who have a common interest. There will be absolutely no flaming but you will be allowed to speak your mind as long as you are not attacking another member in the process. There will also be no discussions pertaining to religion or politics unless you are asking for everyone's opinion. Advertising will also not be allowed on the board. Other than that, please feel free to jump in and tell us a little about yourself!

    If you are joining this group intending to survey the membership for school projects, research papers, etc, you must first contact the list owner to ask permission. All non-approved survey posts will be deleted. Thank you for understanding.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool_moms.

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