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One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it,
you have no certainty until you try.
~ Sophocles

    Miscellaneous Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    A - D

    00-Homeschooling - The Homeschooling list is for anyone who has chosen to Homeschool their Children, or are considering doing so in the future. Not a Christian specific list. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of Homeschooling. What are the positives and negatives of schooling this way? How does it work for you? Talk to other Homeschoolers and meet some new friends, discussion is open.

    To Subscribe, visit 00-Homeschooling.

    abc_usa (ABC USA: State Notebooks, State Projects) - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!* Come join the fun! We're looking for new, active members!

    This group is for those of you who are interested in making State ABC books, as well as Notebooks, Lapbooks, Unit Studies, State Reports, etc., or for those of you who are interested in sharing basic state information with your children or students. Individual state sites have been set up for each state, as well. For example: abc_usa_NewYork, and so on. State specific information will be available on each state site. Example: "California: Famous People" will be kept on abc_usa_California site.

    Members are encouraged to contribute something unique about their state. If you have general states info (pertains to all 50 states), please include it in our 'Links' section. All links are stored in an archive that members can view. Please feel free to share worksheets, pictures, web sites, etc. You can make a USA book with one page for each state, or pick a state and make a separate book for each state starting with A on through Z. This goes for notebooks and lapbooks as well. Please post any general state ideas to this group, and share with us how you are making your books. State specific information may be posted to the individual state sites.

    * [Note: Volunteer co-moderators screen messages- spam will not be posted.]

    To Subscribe, visit abc_usa.

    a_homeschoolers_haven (A_Homeschooler's_Haven) - Hello and welcome! This is THE group for homeschoolers, those interested in educating your children or providing extra assistance at home, educators, or anyone willing to assist us on our way.

    As homeschooling encompasses every arena of our lives, almost any subject is on topic, including but not limited to: questions, time and money saving tips, recipes, curriculum, sharing your experiences and smiles, expressing frustrations, etc...

    Be sure to take advantage of our extensive collection of educational (and other) links, and feel free to post your own links in messages as well as in our links section. No spamming, profanity or abuse is allowed.

    Thank You for joining our entwined hands as we tread future's path, and reach for a brighter tomorrow!

    To Subscribe, visit A_Homeschooler's_Haven.

    ApricotPie - A gathering of creative writers and thoughtful writing, a place giving homeschool students and graduates together the opportunity to have a voice.

    For more information, visit ApricotPie.

    Visit Apricot Pie's Forum.

    aristotle_academy (Aristotle Academy) - This group functions as an online homeschool. It is not accredited and does not even pretend to be all encompassing. It is meant to be fun and informative.

    Aristotle Academy is a homeschooling group that believes that every child demonstrates genius in some area of their life and that every child is uniquely gifted. No single curriculum or teaching technique could possibly develop a child to his full, God given potential.

    Aristotle Academy incorporates many teaching disciplines in it's philosophy. You will find links and discussions on many subjects. Whether your style is classical, unschooling, self-directed, unit study, scope and sequence, or eclectic, you should find this group a valuable asset.

    Aristotle Academy group owners post a message each day that covers one subject. The message contains links to websites that students may find helpful in completing the assignments given that day.


    Monday: Art / Music
    Tuesday: Social Studies/History
    Wednesday: Writing/Language Arts
    Thursday: Math/Science
    Friday: Computer Technology/Science

    For more information, visit Aristotle Academy.

    To Subscribe, visit Aristotle Academy.

    at_the_end_of_the_day (At The End of the Day) - At the end of the day we ALL (homeschool, private, public school & parents) have one main goal: to provide the best education.

    This group is not about WHICH WAY is the best way, but IT IS about sharing methods, ideas, links, books, unit studies, lapbooks, web-sites, etc. that would benefit those teaching in these settings.

    We are all on some type of budget--so free items/links/websites that help in the classroom are a benefit to all that educate.

    Conversation is limited; discussions would be best off-line. The purpose of this group is to share resource material, not chat. There are plenty of other discussion/conversation groups out there.

    However, there are areas that are considered "hot" topics & NOT WELCOMED at this group. These types of topics, such as s-xual preference materials/links, religious, & occult are sure to stir up controversy by those whose religious preferences this goes against. I have seen thriving groups quickly dissolve because of hurt/angry feelings as a result of this type of stuff. These topics are off limit. The purpose of this group is NOT to get caught up in personal preferences, but to share information that is beneficial to all involved, such as: math, history, science, worksheet generators, and such (neutral). Let's keep that perspective. If you are not sure about it, contact the owner/moderator first.

    No cursing, spamming, flaming, or the like will be tolerated & offenders will be banned immediately. Spamming will be reported to Yahoo! and advertising company also.

    Moderators will determine appropriateness of material for this group.


    Hopefully, this group will grow & share wonderful resources with each other to benefit the education of children. After all, isn't that what all of us want "at the end of the day"?

    Please remember to spread the word of this group.

    To Subscribe, visit At The End of the Day.

    cable_in_the_classroom - This group is open to ALL EDUCATORS (public, private, homeschool) that want to come together to share lessons plans, ideas, links, and websites.

    Questionnaire must be answered before being approved for membership.

    Cable in the Classroom (CIC), founded in 1989, is the national education foundation of the U.S. cable industry. Cable in the Classroom is beneficial in the classroom because it works in partnership with and on behalf of partner cable companies which produces commercial-free programs. This new email discussion and resource list helps professional and informal educators put Cable in the Classroom information together to share lessons, links, websites, and to see how others are using the medium in their educational journey.

    If you use Cable in the Classroom, or are interested in learning how to incorporate it into your educational journey, apply to join.

    To Subscribe, visit cable_in_the_classroom.

    Carschooling (Carschooling - Educational Car Games) - GAMES AND ACTIVITIES FOR LEARNING IN THE CAR - ON THE ROAD!

    The author of the book, Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games and Activities to Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time, Diane Flynn Keith, invites you to join this list and learn what carschooling is all about, while getting lots of innovative, fun, and highly educational activities that will help you turn your kids into "Road Scholars."

    For more information about Carschooling visit: Carschooling

    Join this list and get tips on how to use the world as your classroom whether driving in the car on a 500 mile road trip or running a 5-minute errand. Share ideas for learning every subject required by national curriculum standards in the car.

    Taking a trip? Ask our list members for suggestions on educational places to visit along the way. Join us and get on the real information super-highway!

    When you join this list, it should be with the understanding that some ideas and resources you post may be suitable for inclusion in workshops and publications about "Carschooling." We always request written permission to use original material, and credit the source appropriately.

    *Note: Car Schooling (Carschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark of Diane Flynn Keith and may not be used without written permission. For information email:

    To Subscribe, visit Carschooling.

    Christian-Homeschool-Businesses (Christian Homeschool Businesses) - If you are:
    • A Christian Homeschool Business.
    • A Christian who homeschools and has a business.
    • Looking for a way to stay home and work from home.
    • Need mentoring or can offer mentoring to fellow christian homeschoolers.
    • Need a place to brainstorm ideas.
    • Want to know more about business fundamentals.
    • OR anything business related that I hadn't thought of,

    You're in the right place. Come on in for support, encouragement, mentoring, fellowship and more.

    We do NOT allow advertising, but you are welcome to put your sig. line (1-2 lines)with a contact including website link.

    To subscribe, visit Christian Homeschool Businesses.

    Classical Astronomy Update - A monthly email newsletter dedicated to providing information about what can be seen in the sky each month. The Update is written primarily for the benefit of Christian homeschool families, though anyone is welcome.

    The SkyWise Archive, a collection of educational astronomy cartoons formerly appeared in Sky & Telescope magazine. This content was prepared for general consumption and is not overtly Christian. But it is fun and educational material that kids of all ages can enjoy. The page is at The SkyWise Archive.

    To Subscribe, send an e-mail to

    CreativeHomeschoolingThinkTank_ (Math, Science, Legos, Magic/Coin Tricks) - Creative ways to use Legos, Magic & Card Tricks, Illusions, Juggling, Money Management, Math, Coin/Money/Stamp Collecting, Conservation, Science (Astronomy, Paleontology, Archaeology,Egyptology)in homeschooling.

    Please feel free to add to the site. Teacher's Guides are always appreciated. Also any magic tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, or illusions that are fun to do(and fairly easy)to help inspire learning & get the brain working is good. Juggling tips too. All of these are proven to stimulate the mind & to work fine motor skills. Plus the added bonus of enhancing self-worth with the mastery of these type of fine art skills.

    Money Management is always a good thing for kids to learn about & will blend in with other Math topics.

    Science is a topic that is great fun but sometimes needs a fresh approach when doing it in homeschooling environment.

    Legos & other building type toys are great for those interested in architecture or math (puzzle lover's especially). They're great fun & you can build things that go along with your study topic whether it is castles or space travel.

    Activities, crafts, links, tv shows/movies, books & dvd lists would be wonderful to have on file.

    Please make this a site you are proud to be a part of & remember to respect all of the other memeers' opinions & teaching styles.

    E.I.'s Homeschool Co-op is broken into several Yahoo Groups by topic, the links are listed in our "files" section.

    To Subscribe, visit CreativeHomeschoolingThinkTank_.

    DestinationCivilization (Enchanting Ink's History Page) - Welcome to Enchanting Ink's "Destination Civilization" History Page.

    A look at World History through time. From Dinosaurs & Ancient Civilizations, to modern times & our environmental concerns. Dig In...the past can be a blast! Bringing it to life is great fun & a learning experience to be treasured.

    Using a mix of Fiction & Non-Fiction books, plus tv & movies, science experiments, stamps & currency, crafts, & cultural studies- our goal is to create a great resource for homeschooler's to use for creating study units & finding out more about their favorite time period(s).

    Feel free to add to the site in any area. We all have something to add that others would love to find out about, so don't be shy. Tell us which books, movies, tv shows, news articles or anything that was interesting to you & your homeschooler(s).

    Recipes for Cultural Study units would be greatly appreciated along with any crafts & holiday information. Pictures or orginial art & poems/stories would be wonderful too. Or if anyone has traveled to some ancient sites or countries of interest, we would love to hear about your experiences.

    You can join our main Homeschool Co-op page Enchanting Ink to keep in the loop with any get togethers & online activities. E.I. has become several Yahoo Groups- broken down by "topic" for easier navigation-sites are listed in "files". All our sites center around Fiction books, but when building study units, non-fiction books are often mixed in. Can't skip the facts, just trying to make them as fun & memorable as possible.

    Please make this a site you are proud to be a part of & remember to respect all of the other memeers' opinions & teaching styles.

    To Subscribe, visit DestinationCivilization.

    DVD_Homeschool - This is a group for homeschoolers who are interested in supplementing their children's homeschooling education with DVD's and YouTube EDUCATIONAL videos! This is a great way for kids to "see" what they have been reading and learning about. Feel free to share DVD's that you have enjoyed...please keep it educational in nature!

    When posting a DVD title, please post the SUBJECT first and then the TITLE. Example: HISTORY: Columbus' Adventure or SCIENCE: The Life of Bees.

    IMPORTANT: The best and cheapest way to find these DVD'S is to subscribe to a DVD service. We use Netflix and we chose the $14.99 plan. It's a very good price for so much education! Check the links section to see which companies are available!

    **Also: Most of the DVD's that I, the moderator (Lisa Metzger - A Second Generation of Homeschooling), list compliment the Beautiful Feet History study guides, Mystery of History and occasionally Tapestry Of Grace! If you use any of these programs OR are interested in teaching science without a textbook, then you will likely enjoy this group!**

    To subscribe, visit DVD Homeschool.

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