Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Kentucky (the Bluegrass State), including Aurora, Cadiz, Cincinnati (Ohio), Florence, Fort Knox, Fulton, Henderson, Hoptown, Kentuckiana, Lexington, Louisville, Metropolis, Oldham, Owensboro, Paducah and Richmond. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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    Kentucky Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (H - M)

    HAT - Homeschool Activities for Teens Facebook Page - This is a group of homeschoolers who are 12-years-old & older from the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio, & Kentucky (....and their parents!). We meet at least once a month & have the activity mostly between 5 & 9 pm, some events possibly taking less time, of course.

    Older young people can certainly come join us!

    If parents have younger kids they’d like (or have) to bring along, that would be OK – as long as the parent is in charge & the kids are well-behaved (which I know all of our kids are!).

    For more information, visit HAT - Homeschool Activities for Teens Facebook Page.

    HFHG (HomeForHisGlory) - HomeForHisGlory is a list for Christian Homeschoolers in the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas. This is a place to share homeschool ideas, questions, field trips, prayer requests and discuss issues related to homeschool families... a place to build one another up in our efforts to teach our children in Christian homes. This list includes many denominations of Christians and is not a place for doctrinal debate, however we do have a general Statement of Faith. Upon requesting membership, you will receive TWO letters from the listowner. To become a member, you must respond with: 1) your agreement in our Statement of Faith and 2)your letter of introduction to the listowner.

    For more information, visit Home For His Glory, Inc..

    To Subscribe, visit HFHG.

    HLNweb (HLNweb(HLN)) - The Home Learners' Network (HLN) is a diverse group of homeschooling families united by our respect for each other as responsible parents and homeschoolers. We strive to foster relationships among families and collaborate to provide educational and social opportunities. Together, we hope to preserve and promote the joy of learning. Particpation of all network families is valued and encouraged.

    The HLNweb group is the primary source for communication for families that are members of HLN. HLNweb offers and encourages individual families to communicate their need for homeschool support through email. Each member is encouraged to post information about educational resources, community activities that would interest other homeschoolers, outstanding achievements of their students, homeschool success stories and fantastic homeschooling ideas but most importantly for commiseration for those difficult times we all have during our homeschooling adventure.

    Most activites center around the Danville/Boyle County area but the list is composed of members from surrounding KY counties of Casey, Garrard, Fayette, Marion, Mercer, Adair... Programs and activities posted to group are not limited to this geographical area. Some members will travel to Louisville or Lexington for homeschool activities. Again, welcome and we hope that you enjoy the adventure of homeschooling your family. WE would like to get to know you so please take a moment to introduce yourself and your family.

    To Subscribe, visit HLNweb.

    homeschool-in-southern-indiana (Home School in Southern Indiana) - Home School in Southern Indiana and Kentucky is for home school families in all southern Indiana, and Kentucky, including but not limited to Evansville,Vanderburgh County, Posey County, New Harmony, Mt. Vernon, Newburgh, Spencer County, Gibson County, Owensboro and Henderson, Kentucky. We'll be sharing upcoming events, home school ideas, and websites relevent to home schooling.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool-in-southern-indiana.

    homeschool-Kentucky (Homeschooling in Kentucky) - This list is for the discussion of topics related to homeschooling in Kentucky. Posting of events, organizations, and homeschool websites is welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool-Kentucky.

    HomeSchoolKy (Hardin Co. Inclusive Homeschoolers ~HIH~) - We are an INCLUSIVE homeschool support group in the Fort Knox, Kentucky area. Everyone is welcomed with open arms.

    HIH is a "non-directed" organization. There are no appointed leaders. This group depends on the active involvement of its members. Any member, including brand new members, is encouraged to set up park days, play dates, field trips, informational classes, crafts or holiday/seasonal events.

    To Subscribe, visit HomeSchoolKy.

    kentuckyunschoolers (Kentucky UnSchoolers) - Live. Love. Laugh. Learn.

    Unschooling is what happens when children are given the freedom to follow their own interests with guidance, love and support from their parents.

    Kentucky UnSchoolers was created to help those in the unschooling community, and their children, who wish to learn about unschooling, meet other homeschoolers in Kentucky, share interests and information and so much more!

    Please join us and share your own unschooling experiences and advice, have your unschooled kids participate in discussion on this list, ask questions, share concerns, discuss support issues and the like.

    All are welcome here regardless of race, religion, background, gender, etc. We only have ONE rule here and that is to treat others as you would wish to be treated, with dignity and respect.

    To Subscribe, visit kentuckyunschoolers.

    KHSFTP (KYana Home Schoolers Field Trip Planner) - Kentuckiana Home Schoolers Field Trip Planner (KHSFTP) is a list for planning field trips for Pre-K through 2nd grade. At least monthly field trips will be offered by list moderators, but field trips planned by other members are encouraged. We welcome ALL homeschoolers in the Louisville, KY area. Please feel free to share your ideas, especially if there is a field trip you would like to see us include or would like to plan yourself.

    I will kindly ask that no members set their email preferences to "no mail." I'd like everyone to at least set their preferences to "special notices." That way you will get important messages from me without receving all emails. I will change "no email" settings to "special notices."

    Also, this group is specifically for field trip planning. I ask that general chit chat or buying and selling of goods and curriculum be handled on the other homeschool loops. Thank you and have fun!!

    To Subscribe, visit KHSFTP.

    kyswapnshop - This group if for Kentucky & Southern Indiana home schoolers of any orthodox Christian denomination to sell or swap curriculum. You may post your item and price you hope to sell and it will be distributed to those in the group. All sales are considered binding and you are expected to follow through on a sale. Owner is not responsible for any sales that fall through. Please shop responsibly.

    To Subscribe, visit kyswapnshop.

    lakeareahomeschoolers (Lake Area Homeschoolers) - The Lake Area Homeschoolers Yahoo! Group is an active email loop for homeschool families living in and around Western KY.

    Use this board to announce events, field trips & outings, and homeschool activities or for general "chat" about specific topics of interest for homeschool families.

    If you are a homeschool family living in western KY wishing to associate with other like-minded families then LakeArea invites you to join us!

    All Members of Lake Area must agree they will strive to encourage each other in a positive manner. All members are encouraged to ask homeschooling questions, post local & national homeschool news, give curriculum reviews, discuss homeschool related topics and share upcoming activities which would be of interest to local homeschool families in and around Western KY.

    The membership of this list is moderated. No business or spamming allowed.

    For more information about Murray-Calloway County's Homeschool Support Group, You may visit the LAMP website.

    To Subscribe, visit lakeareahomeschoolers.

    lexingtonchristianhomeschool (Lexington Christian Homeschool) - The Lexington Christian Homeschool support group is dedicated to helping Christian Homeschoolers in the Bluegrass, Fayette County, Lexington, Kentucky (Ky.) area connect and form a community.

    Members are encouraged to post activities and events, direct others to area home school support groups and co-ops, and form friendships with fellow homeschooling families.

    To Subscribe, visit lexingtonchristianhomeschool.

    LexingtonHomeschool (Lexington KY Homeschool Support) - Lexington Homeschoolers is a support network in the Central Kentucky area. We are an inclusive group offering support to anyone regardless of religion, race, or homeschooling method. We are a secular (not religiously affiliated) group valuing diversity, creativity and open mindedness. Our members choose a wide range of approaches to homeschooling including classical, eclectic, Waldorf and unschooling but are united by our common love of our children. This list is a place for parents to share items of local interest including field trips, classes and social opportunities. Any member can feel free to sponsor a homeschool activity and open it up to the group as they would like. New members are welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit LexingtonHomeschool.

    LouisvilleHS - This is a secular list for all Home Educators (Homeschoolers) in the greater Louisville metropolitan area. This list will be used to notify users of field trips available in the Louisville area and also as a forum for discussion concerning homeschooling. It is not a place for religious or political debate. It is open to Louisville area homeschoolers, or those considering homeschooling.

    To Subscribe, visit LouisvilleHS.

    madisoncountyhomeschool (Madison County KY Home Schoolers) - Calling all home schoolers in Madison County Kentucky... This group strives to provide a central hub of information for families home schooling in the Madison County area. We are a place for those who are home schooling in Richmond and elsewhere in Madison County to post information on get togethers, co-ops, curriculum sales, field trips, special home school sports leagues, fun or educational local oppurtunities, store discounts that are available to home school families and much more. It is the vision of this group to be supportive of those who may be considering home schooling or are currently doing so. We hope to provide the framework for local home schoolers to share their own ideas and information with each other. All homeschooling families living in or around Madison County are welcome to join.

    To Subscribe, visit madisoncountyhomeschool.

    Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati - Join our email list to receive updates regarding the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati as well as other Homeschool-related events or news-alerts. This will include notification of the discounted “Early-Bird” registration.

    We will respect your privacy and will not sell, rent or share your email address to any other parties. And, you can easily unsubscribe if you so choose.

    To Subscribe, visit Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.

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B Is For Bluegrass
A Kentucky Alphabet
by Riehle
From A to Z, McCabe Riehle's rhyming verse and interesting sidebar text will impart unique facts about Kentucky's spirited heritage, while Wes Burgiss' colorful illustrations are the next best thing to actually spending a week or two exploring the great state yourself.

Scenic Driving Kentucky
by William Kappele
Scenic Driving Kentucky accompanies you on 37 drives through some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. This FalconGuide provides comprehensive route descriptions, including travel information on local services, best seasons to travel, historic sites, parks, preserves, and more. So pack up the car, grab your camera and Scenic Driving Kentucky, and explore the land of Daniel Boone and Colonel Sanders.

100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum
Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child’s Learning

by Cathy Duffy
The key to successful home education, homeschool veterans will tell you, is determining your educational philosophy and marrying it to your child’s learning style. Then you can make an informed decision in choosing the right educational curriculum for the child. This is the formula for success. In 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, homeschool guru Cathy Duffy can help you accomplish these critical tasks. Cathy will give you her top choices from every subject area, approaching everything through a Christian worldview perspective.

Kentucky (Hello USA series)
by Dottie Brown
An introduction to the land, history, people, economy, and environment of Kentucky.

Homeschooling The Early Years
Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child

by Linda Dobson
Here's a guide that comes direct from the experts: a mother of two homeschooled, now-grown children and 83 homeschooling families she surveyed..

In Lincoln’s Footsteps
A Historical Guide to the Lincoln Sites in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky

by Don Davenport
The book features more than 25 sites, including a fascinating summary of historical events that took place at each site and a detailed description of the site as it is today. This is the ultimate guide for travelers seeking a greater appreciation for the lands of Lincoln.

The Unschooling Handbook
How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom
by Mary Griffith
Unschooling, a homeschooling method based on the belief that kids learn best when allowed to pursue their natural curiosities and interests, is practiced by 10 to 15 percent of the estimated 1.5 million homeschoolers in the United States.

Dumbing Us Down
The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
In this tenth-anniversary edition, Gatto updates his theories on how the U.S. educational system cranks out students the way Detroit cranks out Buicks. He contends that students are more programmed to conform to economic and social norms rather than really taught to think.

Kentucky Off The Beaten Path
Off The Beaten Path Series

by Zoe Ayn Strecker
Discover a different side of the Bluegrass State. Soothe your ailments and your hunger with the healing properties of poke at the Poke Sallet Festival; take an expedition through Walt Whitman’s “vale of the Elkhorn” in a canoe; or stay in your own personal concrete teepee in Cave City.

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