Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Kentucky (the Bluegrass State), including Aurora, Cadiz, Cincinnati (Ohio), Florence, Fort Knox, Fulton, Henderson, Hoptown, Kentuckiana, Lexington, Louisville, Metropolis, Oldham, Owensboro, Paducah and Richmond. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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~ Michaelangelo

    Kentucky Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (A - G)

    3riversnetwork (Three Rivers Homeschool Network) - The Three Rivers Homeschool list functions to connect homeschooling families and their support groups in western Kentucky, southern Illinois, and northwest Tennessee. Its purpose is to keep families aware of the opportunities for support and enrichment available within a roughly 60 mile radius of Paducah, KY. This is a mailing list, not an organization, but we welcome posts from local homeschool organizations. Meeting announcements, field trip and activity opportunities, workshops and conferences, and homeschool related for-sale items will be welcome. While we welcome families of all faiths to participate, please be aware that the overwhelming majority of members of this list are Christian and the subject matter of many posts will reflect a conservative, pro-family, pro-life point of view. If this is offensive to you, please do not subscribe.

    To subscribe, visit 3riversnetwork.

    BHLC (BHLC, Inc.) - We are a secular group which offers support and opportunities to ALL homeschooling families. We are not limited by religion, race, abilities or disabilities, or by cultural beliefs. We seek families who want the best for their children, both educationally and in life.

    This group is for ANY homeschoolers (not just BHLC members) to connect and share information. BHLC class information as well as any other homeschool events may be posted here. Please keep in mind, that we all homeschool our children because we think it is what is best for our families. Religion, race, abilities or disabilities, or cultural beliefs should not be issues here.

    For more information, visit Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Cooperative, Inc..

    To subscribe, visit BHLC.

    BullittCountyHomeschool (Bullitt County Homeschool) - Bullitt County Homeschool is an all inclusive support and play group. We accept all homeschoolers.Our only requirement is to keep the children first.

    What we want for our group:

    1. Establish and maintain contact with other homeschooling families.
    2. Provide one another with educational and emotional support.
    3. Create and nuture lasting friendships.
    4. Provide one another with educational and social activities for children and families.

    We more than welcome the graduates of homeschool,as well as those considering homeschooling. Feel free to join and lurk about.

    To Subscribe, visit BullittCountyHomeschool.

    C-A-T-C-H (Cincy Area Teaching Children At Home) - Welcome to the e-list for CATCH (Cincinnati Area Teaching Children at Home). CATCH is a community-based educational organization for all who educate at home, or are interested in home education options, especially for those who live in the tri-state area which includes Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. Join us to discuss current legal, educational, philosophical, and practical issues relevant to home education. Feel free to post your ideas and opinions, your sources and resources, news of interest to home educators, events and activities, internet links, as well as your support and suggestions for others in this member forum.

    GROUP LIST RULES: This is and always has been a "members only" group, not a public list. Joining this list automatically gives you FREE membership in CATCH. All messages belong to the author of the message. Flamers, baiters, or spammers may be automatically unsubscribed from membership in this group. Members may not post what a fellow listmember writes to you via private email (off-list) without first receiving email permission. See full rules in the CATCH LIST RULES file in the group file section. Joining this list implies that you will comply with all rules.

    To Subscribe, visit C-A-T-C-H.

    Cincinnati_Home_Schoolers (Greater Cincinnati Home Schoolers) - This site is for Home Schoolers and those interested in learning in general. There does not tend to be much discussion but it is welcome if desired. You are encouraged to post information of interest to you as you homeschool/learn with your family. I post what is of interest to me as I do the same.

    There is but one rule here - you must be respectful. This list is not affiliated with any particular religion (or lack thereof) or with any particular home schooling method or group. You may, therefore, encounter people whose beliefs are at odds with your own. Please take from this list what interests you and express your disagreement/disinterest by hitting "delete".

    To Subscribe, visit Cincinnati_Home_Schoolers.

    East-CentralKentuckyLIFE (East-Central Kentucky LIFE) - LIFE (Learning in a Family Environment) is a homeschooling support group made up of families in East-Central Kentucky. Our members live in Powell, Estill, Clark, Montgomery, and other surrounding counties. We meet regularly for park days, holiday parties, field trips, etc. The purpose for starting this group online is to be able to send email messages about group events and other information pertinent to homeschoolers.

    To Subscribe, visit East-CentralKentuckyLIFE.

    freerangehomeschoolers (Free Range Homeschool Group) - This group is open to all individuals interested in homeschooling. The organizers are located near Louisville, Kentucky, so many group activities will be focused on that area (but are not limited to just Jefferson County). The premise of this group is community, compassion and support. No one is excluded because of schooling style, belief system, family style or age. All ages are welcome and encouraged, as we feel children learn from everyone, not just from their age group. The moderators/organizers follow an attachment parenting sytle, but you do not have to be an AP parent to join. The key here is that *all persons* are welcome. When you join, you will receive a survey, but this is only to help us help you. We would like to see this group become a place for understanding each other and fostering peace, community and collaboration between all homeschooling families (regardless of schooling style, faith system and so on). Our goal is to help support you in your path, no matter what it may be. Peace, Free Range Homeschoolers Moderators

    To Subscribe, visit freerangehomeschoolers.

    GSBR1769 (Kentuckianna Brownie Girl Scouts) - Homeschooling Brownie/Daisy Girl Scouts from Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Our bi-monthly meetings (Sept-May) are scheduled and coordinated alongside two other Homeschool troops of Juniors and Cadettes. We are VERY PARENT INVOLVED troops! And family friendly as many of us have several children of various ages and both genders.

    To Subscribe, visit GSBR1769.

    GSJR1675 (Kentuckianna Junior Girl Scouts) - Homeschooling Junior Girl Scouts from Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Our bi-monthly meetings (Sept-May) are scheduled and coordinated alongside two other Homeschool troops of Daisy/Brownies and Cadettes. We are VERY parent involved troops! And family friendly as many of us have several children of various ages and both genders.

    To Subscribe, visit GSJR1675.

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B Is For Bluegrass
A Kentucky Alphabet
by Riehle
From A to Z, McCabe Riehle's rhyming verse and interesting sidebar text will impart unique facts about Kentucky's spirited heritage, while Wes Burgiss' colorful illustrations are the next best thing to actually spending a week or two exploring the great state yourself.

A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Kentucky
by Bob Sehlinger, Johnny Molloy
At-a-glance information for each river section helps paddlers determine the river that's right for them. Stream overviews, gauge and shuttle information, names of rapids and suggestions on how to run them, along with a little history, make this guide not only an interesting read, but a must for every boater hitting the Kentucky streams.

Homeschool Your Child For Free
More than 1,200 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Home Education on the Internet and Beyond

by LauraMaery Gold
For Families Who Want to Splurge on Education but Scrimp on Spending.

Kentucky Off The Beaten Path
Off The Beaten Path Series

by Zoe Ayn Strecker
Discover a different side of the Bluegrass State. Soothe your ailments and your hunger with the healing properties of poke at the Poke Sallet Festival; take an expedition through Walt Whitman’s “vale of the Elkhorn” in a canoe; or stay in your own personal concrete teepee in Cave City.

The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to the Right Start
by Linda Dobson
This book is so down to earth that it will put anyone at ease, and the advice she and the many other homeschoolers give is so practical.

Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer
The first choice of outdoors enthusiasts. Beautiful, detailed, large-format maps of every state. Perfect for home and office reference, and a must for all your vehicles.

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