Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in the United Kingdom (Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and Ireland, including Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Buxton, Chesterfield, Durham, Edenbridge, Fareham, Gloucestershire, Gosport, Hampshire, Hastings, Kent, Lampeter, Lincolnshire, Llanddeusant, London, Manchester, Medway, Neath, Oxfordshire, Port Talbot, Somerset, Southampton, Surrey, Tyne, Wear, Yorkshire. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher/b>

    United Kingdom & Ireland Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    G - K

    GifTEds - We are a UK-based mailing list for the families of twice exceptional children; these are gifted children who also have learning differences or special needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, AS, ADHD, TS, OCD, CAPD, and so on. We also welcome those who just don't fit into the old stereotypical model of the gifted child for whatever reason, and hope that all will feel supported as they work to help their children.

    We welcome members worldwide, whether their children are at school or educated at home. There are special challenges in ensuring an appropriate education for our children. The idea that a child can be gifted and yet have a special need is a concept still in its infancy in the UK! The challenge can feel insurmountable to both child and parent.

    We aim to be a safe, caring environment where all feel free to share their experiences and gain mutual support. Lacking face to face contact, we have to be extremely courteous, respectful and tolerant of all. Flaming will not be tolerated. Those who do not respect this will be banned from the list.

    For reasons of privacy messages will not be archived. Nor do we ask for proof of giftedness, etc. This means the list will be 'open', so to maintain your children's privacy you may want to use their initials, or pseudonyms, and avoid mentioning identifying information such as schools or teachers. This list is not intended to be used for research. If a researcher does wish to access the list members, that request MUST be via the listowner, who will forward the request to the list if it is felt appropriate.

    Please post an introduction of yourself to the list. We look forward to 'meeting' you! For information about twice exceptional children, see

    To Subscribe, visit GifTEds.

    hastingshedge (HEDGE Hastings Home Education Development Growth and Empowerment) - Children and parents engaged in home education in the Hastings area.

    To Subscribe, visit HEDGE Hastings Home Education Development Growth and Empowerment.

    hayeshomeedgroup (Hayes Home Education Group) - This group is for members of the Hayes Home Education Group that meets at the Elim Christian Centre. It is a group for discussing meetups, activities and any other issues relevant to the group.

    To Subscribe, visit Hayes Home Education Group.

    HE-consult-UK - The HE consultation UK Yahoo group is an open forum for UK home educators and home education organisations to propose and discuss responses to consultations on home education, particularly DfES and devolved government policy consultations.

    The list is open to the whole UK home education community and is not restricted to any specific home education group or organisation. The list is open to UK home educating parents, or other persons with a legitimate interest in home education policy, such as adults who were home educated, or other family members. The views of home educated children are particularly welcomed.

    The list is NOT open to government and local authority officials, nor the press, researchers, teachers, lawyers, or others curious about our educational approach (except where such persons are eligible as above, e.g. home educating parents).

    If you wish to join the list, please confirm your legitimate interest in the "comments to owner" box on the joining page.

    HE-consult is a website related to the forum where consultation responses are available.

    To Subscribe, visit HE-consult-UK.

    HE-Cymru (Home Education Cymru) - This group supports the efforts of families who elect to home educate or are considering home education in Cymru(Wales).

    It is not open to membership from those who are employed by LEA's, the Welsh Assembly, the Media or Researchers. if you are in doubt email the owner at:

    To Subscribe, visit Home Education Cymru.

    HEdNI (Home Education in Northern Ireland) - HEdNI is for families in Northern Ireland who are home-educating or who want to find out about home-education. More NI families than ever are choosing to educate their children outside school. Join us to find out more.

    To find out more about home-education in Northern Ireland, visit Home Education in Northern Ireland.

    To Subscribe, visit Home Education in Northern Ireland.

    HEfreecyle (Home ed freecycle recycle and exchange) - Recycling for the Home ed community. Books? Toys? Software? Videos/DVDs? educational? No longer needed? list them here. Rules... Must be FREE or VERY CHEAP and in good usable condition. Postage/delivery costs can be asked for but keep the discussions on amounts off-list please.

    Anything that arrived free such as info from companies/utilities etc should also come under the "postage/delivery" section or just pass the address on to the rest of us!

    If you spot something handy in a car boot sale or charity shop and you decide to pick it up, I think it is fair that reasonable costs can be requested. If you have something with a fair bit of value then it is reasonable for you to ask people off list why they think they should have it. This is because on several official freecycle(tm) sites, stuff has been picked up and then sold on eBay or at boot fairs, which I believe is deceptive and unethical! Wanted ads..please don't be greedy. Please feel free to post the link on your local home ed lists.

    To Subscribe, visit Home ed freecycle recycle and exchange.

    HEN-Ireland (A support list for Home Educators in Ireland) - A forum for discussing all matters relating to home education in Ireland, with the purpose of giving information, support and encouragement to home educators here; and of galvanizing and organizing effectively whatever responses may be needed to counter threats to the constitutional right to home educate in Ireland.

    To Subscribe, visit HEN-Ireland.

    HESCteens (H.E.S.C.teens) - A group for parents of home-educated teenagers in the South Central region of England - Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire in particular - to exchange ideas & information.

    To Subscribe, visit H.E.S.C.teens.

    HE-SPECIAL-UK List - An Internet mailing list supporting parents of children with Special Educational Needs.

    Our list provides a friendly meeting place. Where the special issues involved in Home Educating our children can be discussed. Where we can offer encouragement to one another, sharing in our difficulties, and celebrating our success stories.

    If you are home educating a child with special educational needs, or if this is something that you are thinking about, then I'd like to invite you to join us. You will be very welcome. For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, send an e-mail to In the body of the email, include subscribe he-special-uk YOUR NAME. Or subscribe online by visiting

    HE-UK (Home Education UK Members Area) - Home Education UK's membership area. This group is associated with the website:

    The oldest and most established home educaiton website in the UK and the home of the journal "Home Education". This group offers a chat room, an active email list and much else beside. If you are part of the UK Home education community then be part of this group.

    To Subscribe, visit Home Education UK Members Area.

    Home-edBuyandSell (Home-ed Buy and Sell) - This is a group where Home educators can advertise to buy and sell educational equipment and books and toys. Members are responsible for their own transactions, this group serves only as a forum for people to advertise buys, sells, swaps and wants. No spamming, no clothing sales, no business opportunities etc!

    To Subscribe, visit Home-ed Buy and Sell.

    Home_Ed_Community (A list for Christian, Charismatic, Home Educators) - A list for Christian, Charismatic, Home Educators to: Provide fellowship and support, Share ideas, Share resources.

    For more information, visit Home education in practice.

    To Subscribe, visit Home_Ed_Community.

    Home-ed-learning-centre (The Home Education Learning Centre) - The Home Education Learning Centre is a Home Education group based in Chiswick,London that provides shared learning activities for Home Educating families.It meets on Monday and Friday every week during school term time at the Chiswick Christian Centre, Fraser Street, Chiswick, London W4 2DA. The meetings are from 10am to 1pm.

    To Subscribe, visit The Home Education Learning Centre.

    homeeducatorsandukmuslims (ukmuslimhomeeducators2001) - The aims of this list are twofold:
    1. to provide a forum where muslim home educators in the U.K. can support each other and discuss all the issues connected to home ed.
    2. to generate a base where ideas/resources can be shared for teaching a possible home curriculum, ideas and activities with an Islamic aspect for family activities/community and global issues, i.e. a whole lifestyle supported by Islamic education and Islamic values
    • ** list is open to all who have an interest in home education
    • ** as such please remember that not everyone will think/feel/react in an identical manner to any one issue, differences should be respected
    • ** if you wish to raise a point of Deen then please support your post with evidence from the Quran and Sunnah, please do not simply post opinions in matters of Deen!
    • ** hoping for a successful and beneficial coming together of Islamic ideas and Islamic lifestyle, inshaAllah , ameen

    For more information, visit Home Educators and UK Muslims.

    To Subscribe, visit ukmuslimhomeeducators2001.

    HorshamDragons (The Horsham Dragons) - A group for members of the Horsham Dragons home education group in Sussex. A forum for sharing ideas and general communication between members.

    To Subscribe, visit The Horsham Dragons.

    HS_Culture (Home-Ed Culture & Literary Circle) - Welcome to the Home-ed Culture and Literary Circle!

    The Home-ed Culture and Literary Circle is a Reading Group designed for home-educating parents and older children (10+ or thereabouts) who are interested in broadening our own horizons through reading literature, appreciating (or learning to appreciate) Classical music, opera, and fine and performance arts: in short, continuing our own education, alongside that of our children, to discuss and share our ongoing learning with likeminded fellow home-educators.

    We hope discussions will include the Classics (and what that list might include is certainly up for discussion) but also the best offerings of modern music (if you like heavy metal or rap, learn to articulate why you like it!), literature and art. What constitutes ‘good’, the ‘best’ and what might be less worthy is also open to discussion. Religion, Politics and current events are also acceptable discussion topics, with the caveat that no unpleasant debating will be allowed.

    Please take the opportunity to look through the message archives and the files: we hope to include members’ reviews of various genres of literature, music and fine and performance arts, and encourage you to write (if there is a genre which we should include, and haven’t so far, please let us know). Don’t feel that you need to perfect your writing style before writing a review – this is a journey of discovery, and we hope to encourage each other.

    It may be helpful to compile our own list of recommended reading / classics to include an indication of level of difficulty for those of us who may feel intimidated and need to know where to begin.

    There will also be opportunities to read set material together if you wish, and we would welcome suggestions

    To Subscribe, visit Home-Ed Culture & Literary Circle.

    iVillageUK's Home Education message board - iVillageUK's Home Education message board. Have you decided to educate your child yourself? Share the unique issues of home schooling and find support here.

    Visit iVillageUK's Home Education message board.

    Jewish-SL (Jewish Sonlight Curriculum Users' Forum) - This is an international group for Jewish homeschoolers/ home educators using Sonlight curriculum, or other literature-based curricula or methods.

    For support, encouragement and discussion about Sonlight curriculum, literature selections and with specific reference to Jewish education, calendar and life-cycle, etc.

    You need to be either Jewish or in the process of conversion, or at least seeking conversion to Judaism. (Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative etc. Torah-observant Messianics are allowed to join on the condition that no proseletyzing will be tolerated.) Shalom!

    To Subscribe, visit Jewish Sonlight Curriculum Users' Forum.

    kentandlondonHomeEducators (Kent and London , Home Educators - KAL) - WELCOME TO THE ORIGINAL KENT AND LONDON HE SUPPORT GROUP. PART OF THE KAL NETWORK!

    This free support network is for anyone,interested/educating their child/children otherwise. Due to KALgrowing fast,we now welcome HE,from all over! We welcome Parents,Teachers,LEA workers and anyone else that has an active interest in education. "Learning is a lifelong experience,not something that takes place in a school day"

    We are able to offer help and support,information,activities and events for home educators in your area. We want to be able to give families who Educate Otherwise,a chance to make friends with others.

    We keep a list of local groups and are willing to liaise with Kent LEA's, with whom we have much experience with. Our aims are to help encourage a positive change in the LEA's attitudes/policy's towards HE.

    PLEASE NOTE : That all members details are confidental. Members details will never be shared with anyone! We are building on all the good work that has and is currently taking place in Kent and the surrounding areas. Hopefully by joining forces with other groups and organisations,it will make our aims that much easier.

    We would like to be able to offer everyone a chance to share their feelings on issues that is related with Home Education and Otherwise. There is room for everyones views and even heated debates as long as this is all kept within reason ie: NO PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL BE ALLOWED . Anyone can ask for our advice and help and of course if anyone has any personal worries or concerns or maybe even just looking for some support, then this can be dealt with confidently of group,if you so require.

    We have a separate moderated children's group, for our members children, encouraging them to produce their own articles,pictures,resources,links etc. Please note: We do our upmost to ensure the safety of our children and check out all requests to join.Parents remain responsible for their children at all times

    For more information, visit Kent and London Home Educators.

    To Subscribe, visit Kent and London , Home Educators.

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