Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Texas (the Lone Star State), including Athens, Austin, Azle, Bayview, the Brazos Valley, Brownsville, Cleveland, Conroe, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Del Rio, Denton, Dickinson, Dripping Springs, Edinburg, Forth Worth, Frisco, Galveston, Georgetown, the Gulf Coast, Harlingen, Hitchcock, Houston, Irving, Katy, Lake Travis, Lake Worth, Laughlin AFB, Leander, Lewisville, Longview, Lubbock, Magnolia, Marble Falls, McAllen, McKinney, Mission, Missouri City, Nacogdoches, New Braunfels, Pearland, Plano, Richardson, Richmond, the Rio Grande Valley, Round Rock, Royse City, Saginaw, San Antonio, San Gabriel, Spring, Sugar Land, Tyler, Victoria, Wichita Falls, Woodlands, and Wylie. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

Experience learning and education as it should be!

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The object of teaching a child is to enable the child to get along without the teacher. We need to educate our children for their future, not our past.
~ Arthur C. Clarke

    Texas Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    4Texas-homeschoolers - (We were founded on March 9th, 1999 on a different list service, so we have been around for awhile, come join us on in our Texas Homeschooling journey.) Howdy ya'll ya gotta read this before moov'en any further. We are an open non-religious group and we are extremely busy and produce mountains of email) Why howdy fellow texas homeschoolers, tie yer tired old horse up to the hitchin post and come gather around the campfire. Grab a cup of coffee, a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade and loosen up for some texas homeschool talk, we are a group here in texas that encourage all homeschoolers to explore and enjoy homeschooling in the lone star state of texas. we are open to all homeschoolers in the great state of texas including you texan wannabes. wa'll shoot we'll talk about everything related to homeschooling and the state of texas. homeschooling topics will be discussed but we will also discuss life in texas, gardening, frugal living,where to get a good cup of coffee, how to beat our hot summers, and who makes the best pecan pies and peach cobblers. we texans just don't believe in Off-topic. we are a friendly bunch and we just want to have a good relaxin time with each other. the restrictions of course is no one start tossin anyone in the campfire, or shootin arrows at each other,oh and anyone that gets caught placing a rattle snake in thar neighbors sleeping bag will get a trip to the woodshed, why heck anyone caught with one of them thar neckties on thar necks will be asked to remove it and toss it into the fire. so ya'll park your boots up to campfire and throw in some marshmallows and just sit yar britches down.

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    AAH (Austin Area Homeschoolers) - Austin Area Homeschoolers is a network of families who homeschool or are exploring the possibility. We are an inclusive group composed of individuals who are willing to share their homeschooling experiences. Each person speaks only to his or her individual experience. We respect each family's educational choices. We do not charge dues, and there are no special requirements to participate. We invite everyone to participate in our activities. In addition, we do not specifically endorse or promote the views of individuals, groups, or organizations whose names may be shared as resources; such references are for your information and investigation only.

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    aah-announce (The AAH-announcement list) - Announcement group for those interested in homeschooling in the Austin, Texas area. This list is for announcements only.

    AAH-ANNOUNCE list subscribers will find the calendar, files, links, chat, photos, and polls for all the lists. Subscribers may also read the past announcements. Homeschooling subscribers may also add to all areas.

    This list is by invitation only. We welcome people who are interested in the possibility of homeschooling their children. To receive your invitation to join this list, we ask that you first read the info on "How to become a new subscriber" information on the rules page at:

    Austin Area Homeschoolers is a network of families who homeschool or are exploring the possibility. We are an inclusive group composed of individuals who are willing to share their homeschooling experiences. Each person speaks only to his or her individual experience. We respect each family's educational choices. We do not charge dues, and there are no special requirements for homeschoolers to participate. In addition, we do not specifically endorse or promote the views of individuals, groups, or organizations whose names may be shared as resources; such references are for your information and investigation only.

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    aah-discuss (Discussion for homeschoolers in Austin) - This is a discussion group for those interested in homeschooling in the Austin, Texas area.

    This list is only open by invitation. "How to get an invitation to subscribe to this list" can be found on the rules page at: Please read and follow the instructions.

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    ACHSN (Aransas County Home School Network) - A network for Christian homeschooling families in Rockport,Texas.

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    AHSOM (A Homeschool State Of Mind) - A Homeschool State of Mind is an inclusive parent-run home schooling group for families in and around the Collin County, Grayson County and Fannin County areas. AHSOM serves home schooling families who want to take responsibility for running a group with other like-minded families.

    We are an organization run by families - not families run by an organization.

    For more information, visit A Homeschool State Of Mind.

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    amulticulturalhomeschool (Austin Multicultural Homeschoolers) - Austin Multicultural Homeschoolers is dedicated to creating a homeschool environment that will empower and nurture children of color (of all “races,” cultures, and religion – whether African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, etc.)

    Austin Multicultural Homeschoolers welcomes all children and families, regardless of “race,” religion, ethnicity, sex, gender, education, or socio-economic level who support the mission and purpose of Austin Multicultural Homeschoolers.

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    AngelinaCoEastTXhsers - This email list is for Angelina County homeschoolers to communicate about things happening in the area. Some ideas for this list but not limited to - is you can buy and sell curriculum, give advice, ask for advice, chat, and prayer request. This list is not limited to Angelina county but we prefer you be connected to us somehow. Maybe you live in a different county close to us and sometimes come to our skate day or 4-H or some activity. Also if you are moving to our area feel free to join to meet some families. Welcome to the Angelina County East Texas homeschoolers list.

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    Arborhomeschool (Arbor Homeschool Group) - The ARBOR HOMESCHOOL GROUP (AHG) is an support group whose mission is to provide enrichment, socialization and support for the entire homeschool family. AHG warmly welcomes homeschool families throughout North Austin to our membership. However, we are mainly a Christian group but do not exclude people from other beliefs and practices. There is no statement of faith that needs to be signed.

    ENRICHMENT: AHG and its members offer valuable opportunities for homeschool enrichment through activities, field trips, and library presentation days.

    SOCIALIZATION: At AHG, we believe that we learn from and grow with each other through regular social interaction with each other. With this in mind, AHG members regularly sponsor exciting activities and programs providing socialization for homeschooled children and their parents.

    SUPPORT: AHG is a friendly and close-knit community of homeschoolers. Our members are dedicated to enhancing and supporting each other's homeschool journeys. We always warmly welcome new members. Feel free to email all questions to our experienced pool of homeschool parents.

    JOIN OUR HOMESCHOOL COMMUNITY! AHG is an organization whose success requires that each member contribute time and energy to planning and implementing our activities. If our homeschool programs interest you and you want to join our active community, please contact us. New members are always warmly welcome.

    Isaiah 48:17: "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."

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    ARKLATEX Inclusive Homeschool Group Facebook Page - This group is for homeschoolers, in the Ark La Tex region, who wish to gather together from time to time to support one another, share ideas, and just have fun. This group is for all homeschooling families regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation. Welcome and please introduce yourselves. ;)

    While we are based out of Texarkana, I believe that we can work well with the whole surrounding area and help each other.

    We can plan group outings and projects in ALL areas.

    Ark La Tex in general covers this area:

    In Arkansas: Arkadelphia, Ashdown, Camden, Delight, De Queen, El Dorado, Fouke, Glenwood, Hope, Magnolia, Mena, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Prescott, Stamps, and Texarkana.

    In Louisiana: Benton, Bernice, Blanchard, Bossier City, Greenwood, Hosston, Mansfield, Many, Minden, Mooringsport, Natchitoches, Plain Dealing, Pleasant Hill, Ruston, Sarepta, Shongaloo, Shreveport, Springhill, Vivian, and Zwolle

    In Oklahoma: Antlers, Broken Bow, Haworth, Hugo, and Idabel.

    In Texas: Atlanta, Athens, Bonham, Carthage, Clarksville, Crockett, Daingerfield, De Kalb, Gilmer, Hallsville, Henderson, Hooks, Jacksonville, Jefferson, Kilgore, Longview, Lufkin, Marshall, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, Nacogdoches, Naples, New Boston, New London, Omaha, Paris, Pittsburg, Scottsville, Sulphur Springs, Tatum, Texarkana, Tyler, and Waskom.

    For more information, visit ARKLATEX Inclusive Homeschool Group Facebook Page.

    Athens_HS - Welcome to the Athens Home School discussion group. AHS is a support group for all active homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling, in or nearby the Athens, Texas (Henderson County) area.

    This discussion group is for current AHS members. Once your membership application is approved, you should receive an email invitation to join this Yahoo discussion group. If you have not received your invitation, please contact one of the leaders listed below.

    An application for joining AHS can be picked up at any "open" group event. Open group events include weekly recreation days and monthly meetings. More details on membership as well as further information about our group and events can be located at our website:

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    AusHmEd-announce (Austin Home Educators - Announcements) - Austin Home Educators - Announcements is a list to serve the Home Educators of Austin, Texas, with announcements of homeschool events, field trips, seminars, conferences, etc. in a Christian atmosphere. Although announcements will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of homeschooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests.

    It is our hope that the Austin Home Home Educators list will bring people together. This list is set up to announce events and get-togethers of interest to home educators in and around Austin.

    FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY: Please use this list for announcements only! If you want to discuss an announcement, or organize a group to attend an event, please join Austin Home Educators - Discuss.

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    AusHmEd-discuss (Austin Home Educators - Discussion) - Austin Home Educators - Discussion is a list to serve the Home Educators of Austin in discussions of homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws in a Christian atmosphere. Although discussions will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of homeschooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests.

    It is our hope that the Austin Home Home Educators list will bring people together. This list is set up to discuss home education in and around Austin and

    1. to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children;
    2. to find answers to your quandaries in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and
    3. to share information about home education and opportunities for homeschoolers in the Austin area.

    FOR DISCUSSION ONLY: This list is for discussion only! If you have something to announce, please join Austin Home Educators - Announce.

    To subscribe, visit

    AustinChristianFamilies (Austin Area Christian Families) - For Christian Families in the area of or near vicinity to Austin, Texas looking for other Christian parents to talk with, share ideas with, share event information local to the area and more.

    This forum is designed to provide a place for those in the Austin Area with common interests to discuss, share and reach others in the area. This is a place for those who have a heart and desire to minister in their families and grow in the Lord together as a family. This forum is for parents with a vision for family and the Lord's calling to lead Fathers as Leaders, Wives as help meets and children in honor to their parents and their Lord.

    Please, feel free to post items that you want to buy or sell or promote your business on the site. However, Please respect people's privacy. No spam. Please Limit the number of sell and business posts or they will be deleted.

    The owners of this group are a Christian couple in the Pflugerville area. Jolene stays home with four of their children. She also home schools her children and they are co-owners of a National Lending Library for Home Schoolers and for Christian Families. THSS's first goal is to serve the Home Schooling community and we offer many books and videos not typically found in public libraries or video stores that are beneficial for non home schooling Christian families as well. The Home School Source is at:

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    AustinWellTrainedMind (WTM, Charlotte Mason, Classical Methods) - All Austin, Texas Area homeschool families who have been inspired by The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer are welcome to discuss issues involving homeschooling our children in the classical method. Discussions involving the use of the Charlotte Mason method and other classical interpreters are also highly encouraged.

    All ages from infants to veteran homeschoolers in the midst of the grammar, logic or rhetoric stages are encouraged to join us, as are all faiths. We are an inclusive group.

    Local Austin home business spam that benefits parenting and home-educating is allowed, though it may be forbidden at the moderator's discretion.

    Please restrict your discussion to homeschooling, and no flaming will be tolerated. We are a support group only. Everyone has something to share -- you don't have to be a veteran to support your fellow homeschoolers. If you have knowledge let others light their candles by it. The political, religious, and philosophical diversity of this list keeps it interesting -- treating each other with respect keeps the list enjoyable. Together we shall light a candle of understanding in our hearts which shall not be put out.

    For more information about this method, please visit

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    Azlesocialgroup (Azle homeschool social group) - This group is for homeschool families living in Azle and the surrounding areas,( Lake Worth, Saginaw, Boyd, Springtown, Fort Worth,White Settlement) who are interested in meeting and socializing with other local families, planning events, sharing information , or just chatting online.

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    bluebonnet_homeschoolers (Bluebonnet Home School Network) - The Bluebonnet Home School Network brings together home schooling families in the Bryan/College Station, TX area. Our group meets regularly for crafts, field trips, sports coop and support. Home schooling families of all backgrounds are welcome.

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    BlueSkyWHHS (Blue Sky West Houston Homeschoolers) - Blue Sky West Houston Homeschoolers is a progressive support group for environmentally conscious home learners. This is a secular group that includes a wide variety of open minded individuals, with left leaning politics.

    We are primarily eclectics/unschoolers - Definitively not a conservative "School at home" group. We find little reason to discuss "How to get Johnny to finish his English paper", and can get intense about respecting children and gentle attached parenting.

    We want to share time with other families with similar ideals - respect for human kind and the planet. Discussions include local educational opportunities, the current political climate, and taking action either in person or by pen.

    The goal is to grow into a group to get discounts for field trips, a source for local homeschooler activities - volunteer opportunities, and "unschooler events" - talent days, geography bees, play days, etc.

    This is a group for people who are raising their children to be free thinkers by giving them a broad based liberal education. We respect each others right to raise our children as we see fit. We value each others path and agree to disagree in a respectful manner. We do not bash here or get personal. If you will be offended by passionate liberal discussions, PLEASE this is not the site for you.

    This is not the place to try to convert anyone to anything. We are intended to be an active discussion group and prefer no lurking.

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    Brazosareahomeschool (Brazosport Area Homeschool) - This group is for people who teach their children at home in the Brazos Texas area (Angleton, Lake Jackson, Brazoria,West Columbia, Clute and surrounding areas) to find support and ideas to help with home schooling. This is a non-religion affiliated group that anyone is welcome to join with no judgments being placed on you, your beliefs (or non beliefs) or your method of teaching. Come post your links and ideas and share with us. Later we can plan field trips, etc. and meet and greet each other.

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    BVCatholicHS (Brazos Valley Catholic Homeschoolers) - Catholic Homeschoolers of Brazos Valley, Texas, are gathering together and sharing activities, prayers, hopes and information about our Catholic homeschooling. We hope to share our love of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, and His one, true Church with all who join us. May we be worthy stewards of His gifts to us, especially His children.

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    CCTXHomeEd (Cooke County, Texas -Home Educators) - For Homeschooling families in and around Cooke County, TX (Gainesville, western Grayson County, etc..). The purpose is to provide a way to connect with each other, share ideas, discuss curriculum (or buy/sell), plan and announce field trips and just plain moral support.

    While this list is not limited to Christian home school families, I would like it also to be a means of Christian fellowship and support. Most members of this list belong to the Red River Christian Homeschool support group. There are currently no dues or official membership requirements for this group, so if you live in this area, feel free to join us for the announced field trips etc. To be added to the phone-tree and group directory please contact

    Your subscription to this list must be approved. We are no longer accepting subscriptions from anyone outside of our support group region.

    For more information, visit

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    CHEHC (Christians Home Educating in Hunt County) - The Christians Home Educating in Hunt County List is a list to serve the Home Educators, and the friends of those who are Home Educating their children, in the Greenville/Hunt County Texas area. Discussions may include homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws in a Christian atmosphere. As we homeschool our children, or unschool our children, this is the place to discuss and share our triumphs, our questions, and our bumps. Although discussions will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of home schooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests.

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    ChristianHomeschoolers_in_Austin (Christian Homeschoolers in Austin) - Welcome to Christian Homeschoolers in Austin! This group was created to provide a Christian environment to announce and discuss topics related to a Christian Homeschooling in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

    We will announce and discuss any topic related to homeschooling, parenting, and Christianity. We will plan annual fellowship meetings. We hope you will join us in the fun and fellowship!

    Please note: This is an announce and discussion group for swaping information, resources, posting events and enlisting encouragement. All Christian Homeschoolers are welcome to join and participate in the converstation and post.

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    C-Life Homeschool Group - We are a Christian homeschool support group based in Irving, Texas. Our members meet monthly for support and planning. We coordinate events and activities for students within our membership. For more information about C-LIFE, email the group manager.

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    collincountyhomeschoolplaygroup ( Collin County Homeschool Playgroup ) - This is a playgroup for homeschoolers in the northern suburbs of Dallas. The majority of our members are in Plano, Wylie, Frisco, and Richardson. All are welcome regardless of homeschooling style, religion, etc.

    We offer weekly park days, a Mother's Night Out, member-organized field trips, and online support on topics including homeschooling, parenting, and life in general. The main goal of our group is getting to know other homeschoolers in the area, having fun, and making friends.

    This group does not offer a co-op and there are no member dues.

    For more information, visit

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    DaystarHS (Garden Oaks Co-op) - Welcome to the email list for the Garden Oaks Co-op in Houston, Texas formerly known as Daystar. We wish to encourage families that home educate their children or are interested to learn more. We offer a weekly enrichment co-op. Special events, mom's meetings, and general help to area homeschoolers is offered through our support group known as Garden Oaks Home School Support Group (GOHSSG). Members of the Garden Oaks Home School Co-op need not be church members of Garden Oaks Baptist Church in order to participate. Any current member of the Garden Oaks Home School Support Group may join the Co-op provided that space is available. For more information on joining the support group please email

    We are friendly and easy-going, yet serious about training our children to be be spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared for God's call on their lives.

    Please join our group or this list if you are a current member of the co-op or if you are a member of GOHSSG and would like to know more about the co-op.

    For subscribing information, visit

    DentonTXHomeschoolers - This is a list where Parents of Denton, Texas children can come and exchange information along with get info on what they need to do to legally homeschool their child(ren). We've been there, done that...and are still doing it. Join us for friendship, support and exchange of books, ideas etc. We'll also be carpooling to various Homeschool book fairs in the Metroplex when they come to our area. Please NO campaigning or "religious" discussion. Rules will be strictly enforced.

    For subscribing information, visit

    deserethomeschoolers (Deseret Homeschoolers of Southeast Texas) - The mission of Deseret Homeschoolers is to make opportunities for families involved in the intellectual, social, and spiritual education of their own children to connect with other families involved in similar efforts.

    Deseret Homeschoolers is meant to be of interest to LDS families involved in the education of their own children, although membership is not limited to LDS families, nor is a statement of faith required for participation.

    Deseret Homeschoolers is meant to provide connections, share information, develop leadership skills and spiritual commitment in youth, and help families enhance their homeschooling experience.

    Visit for additional information.

    For subscribing information, visit

    dfwBLACKBOARD (DFW Blackboard) - Greetings! The DFW Blackboard group focuses on enhancing the un/homeschool experience for children of African descent by accomplishing 4 goals: by providing an environment for communicating helpful info and loving support online, by organizing cultural field trips that help create a sense of pride and self awareness (as well as an awareness of other people of color), to assist in the recognition of a "world community" through community service activities, and to foster a sense of "extended family" through playdates/healthy-potlucks/etc. While the focus is on Black homeschoolers in the DFW area, any parent choosing to learn more about homeschooling their Black child or enhancing a "regular school" education on weekends and after school are welcome to participate. Please note that as a people, we have always had a spiritual foundation -dfwBLACKBOARD is a spirit filled yet secular list/group that accepts, celebrates, and respects members of all religious faiths. See you online!!

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    DFWelltrainedmind (Families Using the "Well-Trained Mind") - This discussion group serves homeschooling parents in Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, providing online communication and connection with other "WTMers" in this geographical area. This group offers a forum for both discussion of classical education as outlined in "The Well-Trained Mind" by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, as well as notice and discussion of events and resources in the DFW area of interest to homeschoolers. Homeschoolers are invited to exchange information, ideas, and resources in support of our common effort to apply the material in "TWTM" to providing a classical education for our children. Membership is now moderated only to address past problems with unwanted spam. All homeschoolers interested in TWTM and in establishing contact with others in the DFW area are welcome.

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    dfw-hs (DFW Homeschoolers) - The DFW Homeschoolers is open to all, regardless of race, creed, core belief system, basic motivation for home/unschooling, hair color, marital status, gender, favorite color, etc., who share an interest in home/unschooling children in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and the surrounding area. It's purpose is to share homeschooling experiences, suggestions and encouragement. This is not a list for "sale" ads of any type.

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    dfwhsleadership (DFW Metro Home School Leadership Network) - This network is for sharing information available to Metroplex homeschool leadership. Its sole purpose is for the sharing of resources and information in order that we might be a strength to one another. Do you know of a Recreation Department that offers classes in dance or arts and crafts to homeschool families? Does a Skating Rink in your area offer Homeschool Skate weekly or monthly? Know a good Spanish teacher who teaches home school students in small groups? Share the info! Do you have information on dual enrollment, on a nationally known speaker of interest to homeschoolers? Share the info here!

    Please pass this group's name on to others you may know who are in leadership of homeschool groups across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area. Membership is restricted. Request to join the group. You will then be asked to provide information about the group that you lead or represent. More than one person per home school group is permitted to join as long as they are in a leadership position.

    This group's focus is for announcements and quick questions regarding events and activities that would interest homeschoolers across the metroplex. It is NOT for "chatting" or any off-topic material.

    To Subscribe, visit

    DFWSaFE (DFW School Free Education Zone) - The DFW School-Free Education Zone is a progressive support group for parents/guardians of unschoolers. We are pretty relaxed about pretty much everything. We are a secular (non-religious-affiliated) group, so we have no "statement of faith" or biblical mandates to follow. We don't care if you are Catholic, Atheist, Hindu, or Pagan. (Religious fundamentalists/zealots/evangelists need not apply.)

    As unschoolers, we believe that child-led learning is preferable to curriculum use. Some of our members are veeeery relaxed "eclectic" home-learners or recently-out-of-school, novice home-learners who are open-minded and tend to lean/morph towards unschooling as they learn more about it. We are not a conservative school-at-home group, and find little reason to discuss "how to make Johnny finish his English paper," but can get intense about respecting children and gentle parenting...and about learning! What we do discuss are politics & justice, health & organic living, saving the environment, and anything else that affects our children and the world we'll leave them.

    What we also see as paramount is having fun and playing together! Basically, we like our kids, like each other's kids and enjoy spending time together. We have regular park days, seasonal parties, field trips, "meet & greets," volunteer opportunities, and other events.

    We are based in Flower Mound, in the center of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Denton triangle, and have members from all over the metroplex and surrounding areas.

    To Subscribe, visit

    DFWSaFE-Teens - The DFW School-Free Education Zone for TEENS is a progressive, secular home-learners' support group for parents/families of teens in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding North Texas areas. (We also have a teens-only chat group.) We are unschoolers, believing in child-led learning. We welcome very relaxed eclectic home-learners or people comtemplating unschooling. We are not a conservative school-at-home group and have little interest in talking about how to make Johnny finish his English paper; we seek to preserve or regain the natural joy and love of learning that is inherent in all children.

    We are not a religious-oriented group, so we have no "statement of faith." No one cares if you are Catholic or Hindu, Athiest or Pagan. We have no board of directors, no dues, no business meetings, and no rules.

    We have members of varied spiritual beliefs, lifestyles, and ethnic origins, and we celebrate and take joy in learning from eachother's differences.

    We are based in the center of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Denton triangle, and serve as a central meeting point for progressive-minded families of teens throughout the area. We network, and share information on anything of interest for our teens, including learning resources and opportunities, volunteersim, job and college prep for unschoolers, and, of course, social activities and FUN.

    Contact: Leslie Harris,

    To Subscribe, visit

    DSAHA (Dripping Springs Area Homeschool Association) - A Network for Home Education in the Dripping Springs, Texas Area - providing a way for area homeschoolers, as well as those families considering homeschooling, to connect with other homeschoolers and to plan and announce workshops, field trips, and group activities.

    To Subscribe, visit

    EastTexasHSSupportGroups (East Texas Home School Support Groups) - This will be an informational only group. The owner will post information about home school support groups and information of general interest to homeschoolers in the East Texas area. Counties covered include Kaufman, Navarro, Freestone, Van Zandt, Henderson, Anderson, Wood, Smith, Cherokee, Upshur, Harrison, Rusk. Cities include Kaufman, Corsicana, Canton, Athens, Chandler, Palestine, Tyler, Jacksonville, Longview, Marshall, Kilgore, Henderson.

    You can find a listing of all area support groups in the "Database" section. You can find many helpful resources in the "Links" section. If you know of a group or website that I have not listed, send your recommendation to the group owner. Thanks! And enjoy looking around.

    To Subscribe, visit

    EHC1 (EAGLES Homeschool Co-op) - "Homeschoolers Aiming for His Glory" EAGLES is a Christian homeschool group serving the Leander/Cedar Park/Lago Vista, Texas area. We want to offer opportunities for support,encouragement,fellowship and socializing among home-educated families.

    To Subscribe, visit

    FLIGHT- (Christian Home Educators of Galveston Co) - FLIGHT - "Families Learning In Godly Homes Together"

    My name is Mary Baker and I am a former member of the T.O.R.C.H. home school group from Texas City. Since that group is no longer active I decided to start a group similar (with the same core values and on the same level as the Statement of Faith) they upheld. If you are interested please join us. Here is a website I made for their group many years ago with their "Statement of Faith" for you to read. T.O.R.C.H.

    Our Purpose: The purpose of this Christian Home schoolers group (FLIGHT) is to share information regarding home schooling from a Christ-centered perspective and to provide support for Christian home schooling families. We are Families Learning in Godly Homes Together and hopefully in the very near future a Christian Co-op as well. Our curriculum is based on the foundation of God and is "Konos." You can read up on it here ... KONOS.

    Our Mission: Our mission is a "Galveston County and surrounding areas", non-governing service organization and is to organize activities to educate, assist, and encourage Christian families in home schooling endeavors. We are affiliated with SESTHA and do distribute their newsletter "Teaching Pioneer" along with our own "Family Connections" newsletter each month. Please don't forget to check out our NEW personal website for our group. It has many great features for us to enjoy! . Here you will find a chat forum and more. Just go to

    To Subscribe, visit

    FREE-HoustonUnschoolers (FREE - Houston Unschoolers) - FREE: Fun and Relaxed - The Essence of Education FREE is a community of advocates for child-led learning. As families who practice or are exploring the unschooling lifestyle, we support and respect each other as we learn and grow in freedom.

    To Subscribe, visit

    GalvestonHeart (Galveston HEART) - Galveston HEART (Home Environments Are Right for Teaching) is a homeschool support group located on Galveston Island, Texas.

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    GCHSgroup (GalvestonCountyHomeschoolers) - Galveston County Homeschoolers: League City, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, Dickinson, La Marque, Texas City, Galveston, San Leon, Bacliff, Bayview, Kemah, and more.

    This is a networking and discussion group for Galveston county area homeschoolers. This list is for posting dates and schedules for upcoming events and activities that would pertain to homeschooling in our area.

    This list will be open to discussions about homeschooling as well as other aspects of our lives. I would like for us to get to know each other, be a haven we can turn to just to chat, a place to share recipes, homeschooling tips, compare curriculum, etc. The sharing of homeschool resources and materials are welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit

    G-HAH (Greater Houston Area Home Schoolers) - Welcome to one of the oldest lists in Texas, we are starting our 10th year online. It is our hope that the Greater Houston Area Home Education list will bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know. This list is set up to discussion home education in and around Houston and
    1. to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children;
    2. to find answers to your quandrys in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and
    3. to share information about home education in and around Houston.

    For more information, visit

    Visit THE-EVENTS calendar to see what's going ON!

    To subscribe, visit

    G-HAH-Events (G-HAH ANNOUNCE) - An abbreviated version of G-HAH, get all the news and events in the Houston Area

    To subscribe, visit

    gulfcoast-homeschool-beachclub (Gulf Coast Homeschoolers Beach Club) - For beach bums home schooled on the Gulf of Mexico and coastal nature lovers. We're based in the Galveston, Texas area. Surf's Up!

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    HATCHEducators (Homeschool Support for Houston Area) - Homeschooling Around The City of Houston - H.A.T.C.H. is a group of home schooling parents dedicated to the support of secular home educators in the Houston area. We offer our support regardless of race, faith, educational choices or parenting styles. Our main objective is to provide activities for our children. We believe in the empowerment of the individual, through thoughtful respect and mutual acceptance.

    HATCH members are encouraged to participate in the group by autonomously planning, announcing and executing various activities, field trips, unit studies, etc. as long as their actions do not inhibit the rights of other members.

    For membership information visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    havenhomeschoolgroup (Havens Home School Group ) - Haven's Home School Group Northwest Information board {Members ONLY this is not a discussion group}....stands for Home and Values Educational Network. We are, a network of home schooling families in the northwest side of San Antonio who wish to foster lasting friendships and positive experiences for our children. We generally have a field trip each month as well as our monthly meetings. Other activities include park day, holiday parties, 4-H, kids newsletter, culture exhibit, book clubs, teen nights, and making a yearly yearbook.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HCentralSA - Homeschool website that informs and supports those interested in homeschooling in the Alamo area. ALL homeschoolers welcomed!

    For more information, visit

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    HC_Homeschoolers (Hunt County Homeschoolers) - Welcome Hunt County Homeschoolers...we know you're out there! If you are just starting out and you'd like information on how to homeschool in Texas, or if you're a long-time veteran...come in, and meet some other Parents in Hunt County that are homeschooling just like you are.

    All types of homeschoolers are welcomed, and encouraged to join! We are a public group, and not affiliated with any religious group or organization.

    Feel free to post any questions or information you think might benefit the group, such as URL's of educational resources, and information that can benefit our Hunt County Homeschoolers.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    HEARThomeschool - Home Educators Alliance and Resources of Texas. A homeschool support group in the Rio Grand valley of Texas.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HEARTWT (HEART of West Texas) - HEART of West Texas Home Educators And Resource Team of West Texas. Psalms 73:26 ". . . God is the Strength of my HEART, and my Portion forever."

    The stated purpose of HEART of West Texas is:

    • To provide leadership support for groups located in West Texas. Support to include encouragement, sharing and training. We are a support group for support groups.
    • To be the central reference for those groups by posting groups’ descriptions and contact information via our website, maintaining a calendar of upcoming and ongoing homeschool activities and opportunities, and by keeping a current listing of outside enrichment providers.
    • To provide regional organization of large scale venues that are non biased and with an open atmosphere powered by volunteers from groups affiliated with HEART.

    Membership will consist of three levels or tiers.

    TIER 1 are support groups or schools located in West Texas. Support group being defined as groups with leaders and members associated with the support of homeschooling.

    TIER 2 are individuals or businesses providing outside enrichment opportunities for the homeschool community, or businesses providing services to HEART members at a discount or special rate, or businesses owned/operated by homeschooling families.

    TIER 3 are parents who have graduated their children through homeschooling and still desire to participate and contribute to the homeschooling community.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    HFHA (Holy Family Homeschool Association) - Holy Family Homeschool Association of West Houston (HFHAWH) is a family-to-family apostolate within the Diocese of Galveston-Houston and subject to th authority of the Magesterium and the Holy See. HFHAWH is a non-profit organization.

    The purpose of the association will be to provide Catholic homeschooling parents and their children with a social and supportive network of friends that share religious and educational philosophies, and to provide aid to the parents in fulfilling their vocations as primary educators of their children.

    Membership will be open to all Catholic homeschool families in the Galveston-Houston Diocese as well as to those who support the purpose of HFHAWH.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HHDS (HHDS (Homeschool Heritage Domus Schola) - HHDS is a ministry of Heritage Family Church (located in Watauga, TX). HHDS stands for Homeschool Heritage : Domus Schola. (Domus Schola is "Home School" in Latin.)

    HHDS is a community outreach and support network for homeschoolers in the north Fort Worth area. Other than this discussion email loop, we do plan periodic homeschool outings.

    The objective of this homeschool group is prayer for one another and nurturing a spirit of koinia among families desiring to raise godly children in this very chaotic world. Families may seek and share ideas about homeschooling, parenting, homemaking, and christian living.

    If you are looking for a new church home, you might want to find out more about Heritage Family Church which is a family-integrated ministry with the vision of "joining the generations to build a lasting heritage". See our web-site at

    To Subscribe, visit

    Home_High_School (Home-High-School) - This is an inclusive email list for those homeschooling high school in the East Texas area. The main goal of this group is to offer opportunities for Homeschooled teens to get together, “hang out”, and have fun.

    Homeschoolers with children of varying ages are welcome, but, the main focus of this list is High School. This list is not affiliated with any homeschool organization. This group is for asking questions, finding friendship (for ourselves as well as for our kids) and general chit-chat about life as homeschoolers We acknowledge that we don't all share the same religious, political, moral, or parenting views but we agree to offer support and companionship in a respectful, gentle manner. A brief introduction is requested for all new members, please include: Your first name; Your location; Children's ages and gender (names optional); A brief description of your homeschooling experience and style; and your teen's hobbies and interests. You can also include your hobbies and interests as well. Younger siblings will be welcome at any events we plan as long as a parent is there to supervise.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Homeschool Dads Standing Vigil (Standing Vigil) - Central Texas Home School Dads. Standing vigil to protect, defend and fight for our freedoms as parents and homeschoolers.

    To Subscribe, visit or send an e-mail to

    Homeschool-EastTexas - Welcome to our "Virtual Homeschool Community". Please visit our website at for more homeschool information, links and events in the East Texas area.

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    Homeschoolers_in_Pearland (Homeschoolers in Pearland) - This group is open to ALL homeschoolers in Pearland and surrounding areas. Our goal is to establish some regular park days for the purpose of getting to know each other. As time goes on it is our hope that more regularly scheduled activities will be established and cooperative experiences will develop. For now, let's just get together a couple times a month to play and to visit.

    There is not a great "masterplan" just a desire to get something going in Pearland.

    **If you've been driving all over the greater Houston area to take your children to different activities, but all along wished for something closer to home

    **If you've been paying top dollar for classes, many of which could have been done just as well, if not better, as a cooperative effort with other homeschoolers, but would prefer an inclusive situation, as opposed to those that require 'statements of faith'

    **If you are tired of putting a strain on two very valuable resources -- time and money -- because of the items mentioned in the first two bullets then join this yahoogroup and come to park day. Let's see what develops.

    There are a great many homeschoolers in and near Pearland and there is no obvious reason that we shouldn't be able to come together to plan some wonderful learning opportunities and experiences for our children. It just has to begin.

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    homeschoolerslist (Homeschoolers Online Support) - Welcome to the Homeschoolerslist.. My goal is to provide a place where homeschoolers can share links, ideas, experiences and just lift each other up! This is for anyone who is currently /or considering homeschooling..

    Please be considerate of others. Please don’t be rude. Please no using swear words. The list owner does not have any legal responsibility to any postings. Always remember we are here to lift each other up, not put each other down.

    For more information, visit

    To subscribe, visit

    Homeschool in Houston Talk - Homeschool In Houston Chat and Announcement Board. HomeSchool In Houston exists to serve the needs of all homeschoolers in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller Counties in the State of Texas.


    homeschoolnewbraunfels - Email group for homeschoolers in the New Braunfels, TX area. Membership is open to anyone in the area with an interest in homeschooling!

    To subscribe, visit

    Homeschool-N-Texas (A Christian Group in Texas) - All welcome. No spamming or flaming allowed. We are here to encourage and uplift, pray, councel and share, laugh and cry, with other home schoolers to perhaps make our endeavors a little easier. No controversial subjects, please. If you want to join, PLEASE email the moderator with a brief description of your homeschooling experience. Thanks!

    Statement of Purpose: This list will reflect a Christian worldview and encourage Christian conduct and personal growth centered on God's words, the Bible. Members will encourage and help each other to foster a love of learning, and will work for excellence in educating our children for their further education and for their service as adults and ambassadors for Christ in God's work.

    Statement of Faith: This list will do all things in a manner which honors Biblical principles. Principles based on the belief that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, inerrant and supreme, and the final authority of faith and life. This position is posted to avoid conflict, which could arise within this group of homeschooling families with differing motivations and philosophical approaches to education. By keeping to a Biblical basis on this list the moderator acknowledges the Bible as the final source of authority for all of her decisions as she enforces the guidelines of this list.

    Any home schooler is welcome to join regardless of personal faith. Members are not required to hold to a particular set of beliefs. This statement of faith is not intended to replace or supercede your own personal faith but to give visibility to the governing principles by which this list intends to conduct itself.

    To subscribe, visit

    Homeschool_TNT (Homeschool Teens in North Texas) - Homeschool TNT (Teens in North Texas) is a local area group for parents of teens or tweens living in the north Texas area. We welcome any family who is homeschooling a teen currently or has an interest in homeschooling and wants to learn more about homeschooling a teen in our area. We do not limit our membership based on religion or homeschooling style or philosophy. This group was founded on the principle of being open to all religions and to those who choose no religion. Our members are a variety of religions and being a member of this group means you are respectful to other members of this group. There are differing homeschooling styles too…from school at homers to unschooling and everything in between. We realize that each child is different and that each family will homeschool in the best way for their own family. This group was created to bring teen homeschoolers together as a community. Joining together for fun activities, classes, field trips, volunteering opportunities, and just to have fun and hang out together. We would like to schedule a few opportunities for the teens each month. Each and every member can schedule an event or activity. However, that does not mean your teen has to attend them all. Your teen is free to select which activities they would like to attend. There may be some activities in which you do not agree with, for either personal or religious reasons, please feel not to attend these, but join us for other activities that aligns with your family.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HomeschoolVictoria (Homeschooling in Victoria, Texas) - Homeschool Victoria is an open and inclusive discussion group for families who ‘live and learn together’ in Victoria, Texas and surrounding counties: Lavaca, Jackson, Wharton, Matagorda, Calhoun, Aransas, Refugio, Goliad, Dewitt, and Karnes. We are an inclusive network of independent homeschooling families sharing creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities with other homeschooling families.

    Join to find other homeschooling families close to you! Please send an introductory e-mail to the group once you join.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    HomeWorksCLC (Home Works Community Group) - A small group of families that try to keep our families in touch and this listerv helps.

    To Subscribe, visit

    hscctx (Homeschooling in Corpus Christi Texas) - This group is an attempt to find others who are either planning to homeschool or already are in the Corpus Christi, TX area. Corpus Christi, Portland, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, etc.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HSNacogdochesTX - This e-mail group's purpose is to offer support to homeschooling families in the east Texas (Nacogdoches) area through discussions, encouragement, curriculum ads for either buying /or selling, sales and event notification, meeting announcements, etc...

    Everyone is welcome to join whether homeschooling for religious or secular reasons, and/or being unschoolers or school-at-homers. A brief introduction is required for membership approval, and all members must be considerate of others. New member posts are moderated. This list is for informational purposes only.

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    hsofcc (Home Schoolers of Corpus Christi) - Connecting homeschoolers from the Corpus Christi Area and South Texas. Events, links, reminders, and encouragement for homeschool parents and students.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HSTylerTX - This is an email support list for homeschooling families in the Tyler and surrounding areas. A great place to offer support, curriculum advice, buy or sale used curriculum, notice of sales and events in the Tyler area, etc. Virtually anything that would be of interest to homeschooling (or considering homeschooling) families in the East Texas area. This list is not affiliated with any homeschool organization, but is maintained and moderated from a christian perspective and is suitable for all ages. A brief introduction is required for all new members. Business related ads by non-homeschoolers may be posted ONLY on the first Monday of the month.

    To Subscribe, visit

    I-HOST - We are Inclusive Homeschoolers of South Texas.

    Homeschooling is a fantastic adventure! Share your journey with other homeschoolers in the Houston area.

    Whether you are a new homeschooler looking for information or are a longtime veteran, we invite you to freely share your experience, resources, support group information, field trips, educational opportunities, links, ideas, questions, and concerns or connect with other homeschoolers in your area.

    I-HOST is an inclusive online community, which means everyone is welcome! We all have something to contribute and share our knowledge of homeschooling and its related topics in a respectful, supportive manner. Homeschooling is all about finding the answers that best suit your unique situation, so not everything will be for everyone. We all want the very best for our children and have come to the common conclusion that no one can provide that better than their parents and there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

    We encourage each other in our differences. Our spiritual beliefs, political views, as well as our educational approaches are widely varied. However, this is NOT the place for discussions related to religion and politics. Our differences are celebrated and appreciated; flaming or unkind words will simply not be tolerated within this community.

    So prepare your favorite beverage, pull up your comfy chair, and chat a while. You're among friends.

    To Subscribe, visit

    JBSA Randolph Home Educators Facebook Page - Our group is for families of SCHOOL AGED children that are included and classified under Texas Compulsory Attendance laws (ages 6 to 18). We are comprised of homeschooling families on Randolph AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and surrounding areas with the primary purpose of connecting with one another through participation in events and activities. Membership in our group is a great way to build friendships, enrich the home education experience, and create a strong, healthy, thriving homeschool community. We do not require membership fees, volunteer obligations, or statements of faith, however, we do request your ACTIVE participation and INTERACTION in our group in order to ensure our goals.

    To learn more, visit JBSA Randolph Home Educators Facebook Page.

    jw-homeschoolinginTexas (Jehovahs Witness Homeschool_Texas) - This support group is for homeschooling JW who live in/around Houston or South Texas and any surrounding areas. This group discusses only homeschooling matters. Any conversation as it pertains to homeschooling is encouraged.

    This group will also meet for field trips and co-ops and/or classes as the members plan them.

    This support group will not be open to persons to debate about our beliefs. Simply, we ARE Jehovah's Witnesses and recognize the as the official website of JW. So sit back, enjoy and come on in ya'll!

    To Subscribe, visit

    kach (Katy Area Christian Homeschoolers) - Katy Area Christian Homeschoolers (KACH) is a group of Christian homeschooling families that live in and around the Katy area. We hope to support and encourage fellow homeschooling families and provide opportunities for group activities.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Lake_Travis_Homeschoolers (Lake Travis Homeschoolers) - Welcome to the Lake Travis Homeschoolers group! We are an active group of homeschoolers supporting the Lake Travis area of Texas including Apache Shores, Bee Cave, Bee Creek, Briarcliff, Cardinal Hills, Hamilton Pool, Hudson Bend, Lake Pointe, Lakeway, Spicewood, and The Hills.

    Our main goal is to meet other homeschool families, make friends, and provide a support community for Lake Travis homeschoolers who are located in the outer lying areas west of Austin.

    As a group, we participate in numerous activities including Park Days, a Mom's Night Out, Book Clubs/Book Swaps, Parties, Inter-Faith Service Projects, Library Days, Academic Co-Ops, Sports Co-Ops, and Field Trips.

    We welcome the sharing of homemaking tips, recipes, inspirational stories, and suggestions on coping with day to day homeschooling issues while raising a family.

    Our group welcomes all homeschooling families (as well as those considering homeschooling) who are living in the western Travis County / Lake Travis area. We welcome those homeschooling for all reasons, regardless of homeschool style and look forward to discussions of all homeschool ideas including, among others, the Classical Method, Unit Studies, School-at-Home, Unschooling, and the Charlotte Mason Method.

    The Lake Travis Homeschoolers group is non-denominational. All are welcome. We simply ask that all members be respectful of each other. If you would like to become a part of our group, please join. We look forward to meeting you.

    If you need additional information, please contact Mary Shrader at 512-261-8915 or at

    To Subscribe, visit

    LARHE (Longview Area Relaxed Home Educators) - The LARHE(pronounced "Laurie" like the girls name) yahoogroup is an email support group for a physical group of homeschoolers in the Longview area. LARHE is a diverse group welcoming all homeschoolers regardless of their race, religion, political views, or homeschooling methods. LARHE members agree to treat each other in a respectful, gentle manner.

    We have a weekly Park Day, occasional Mom's Nights Out(MNOs), field trips, information about local events, sharing of ideas and support for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike. Most importantly, LARHE offers the opportunity for friendship for homeschooling families.

    To Subscribe, visit

    L_A_U_G_H ( Lubbock Area Unschoolers Growing at Home) - A place for Lubbock families homeschooling for the joy of it.

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    LDSShare - This is a support group for LDS moms who homeschool in the greater Dallas Texas area.

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    LHSA1 (Lubbock Home School Association) - Welcome to LHSA's e-group! This support group provides social and academic activities that enhance your home school!

    Drama, Science, Playtime, Games, Parade Float, Field Trips, Community Service and PSIA Competitions to name a few!

    The group began in 2001. Our leaders are home school parents who volunteer their time to improve the home school community and your family's experience!

    Our e-group allows us to easily communicate schedules, events, RSVP's, etc. with the click of a button.

    Learn more about the group at

    To Subscribe, visit

    lifehsgroup (L.I.F.E) - Learning In Freedom Every-day

    L.I.F.E is a FREE inclusive support group serving the areas of Conroe, Cleveland, Magnolia, The Woodlands and Spring.

    We are home learners, world learners and unschoolers. We respect each familyʼs individual choices for educating their children.

    We offer activities such as weekly park days, classes, family outings, new member brunch, moms night outs and much more.

    To Subscribe, visit L.I.F.E..

    LIFE_in_WC (Learning is For Everyone in Wilson Co) - L.I.F.E! in Wilson County Homeschool Group is an inclusive group formed to provide support and activities for homeschooling families in the Wilson County, TX area. We believe that learning shouldn’t be designated to specific times or places, or to certain ages or groups. Learning should be a joyful, lifelong process for everyone! We respect diversity. Our members have varied social, religious, and educational lifestyles. We acknowledge that there are many different ways to successfully educate children. The cohesive bond that holds us together is our strong desire to be consciously involved in the lives and educations of our children.

    Please note: When you ask to join the group, you will be sent our group guidelines and a request to post an introduction. Your membership will be approved after we hear back from you. If you don't receive this info for some reason, please let us know at:

    To Subscribe, visit

    lubbockhomeschoolnews (Lubbock Homeschool News) - Lubbock Homeschool News is an information resource for homeschoolers in Lubbock, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Here you can find information about events, classes, teachers, tutors, and educational opportunities.

    The LHN Yahoo Group provides a database of local classes to which members can add. The website ( includes lists of local homeschool support groups, homeschool links, and more.

    All homeschoolers are welcome to use the Yahoo Group and website, regardless of support group, religious, or homeschool style affiliation. Lubbock Homeschool News is inclusive; no membership is required.

    Yahoo group members must be homeschoolers, homeschoolers who have graduated their children, or seriously considering homeschooling as an option with their family. Teachers who are not homeschoolers can have a parent/student recommend their information be posted to the group and website.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Marble_Falls_Homeschool_Group (Marble Falls Homeschool Group) - Welcome to the Marble Falls Homeschool Group! We are a new group of homeschoolers supporting Marble Falls and the surrounding Texas Hill Country / Highland Lakes area region.

    Our main goal is to meet other homeschool families, make friends, and provide a support community for homeschoolers in Marble Falls and the surrouning areas.

    As a group, we look forward to participating in numerous activities including Park Days, a Mom's Night Out, Book Clubs/Book Swaps, Parties, Service Projects, Library Days, Academic Co-Ops, Sports Co-Ops, and Field Trips.

    Our group welcomes all homeschooling families (as well as those considering homeschooling) who are living in the Marble Falls area. We welcome those homeschooling for all reasons, regardless of homeschool style and look forward to discussions of all homeschool ideas including, among others, the Classical Method, Unit Studies, School-at-Home, Unschooling, and the Charlotte Mason Method.

    The Marble Falls Homeschool group is non-denominational. All are welcome. We simply ask that all members be respectful of each other. If you would like to become a part of our group, please join. We look forward to meeting you.

    If you need additional information, please contact Amanda Nedbalek at

    To Subscribe, visit

    mashathomeschool (Montgomery County Area School at Home) - M.A.S.H. Montgomery county Area School at Home. This is an inclusive Texas homeschool group for family's in or near Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring or anyone who does not mind the drive. Most park days and meetings take place in Montgomery County.We offer many exciting get togethers like weekly park days, monthly field trips, and moms night out.

    Welcome to MASH. When joining MASH you have 30 days to fufill your obligation to meet with the group...this is our only requirement. You can do this by joining us for any of our activites. Please let us know right away if you have any special circumstances for extending this deadline. Please take a moment and introduce your family. We look forward to meeting you!

    Introducing! Our new 2006-2007 once a week co-op.

    To Subscribe, visit

    midtex_inclusive_homeschoolers (MidTex Inclusive Homeschoolers) - This is a group for new or experienced homeschooling families/students in the Bell County/Central Texas area including Temple, Belton, Harker Heights, Salado, Troy, Killeen and surrounding communities. This group is open to anyone regardless of religious, political, or lifestyle leanings.

    This group is a place to meet other parents who are looking for support and/or information in Central Texas in order to homeschool their children successfully. Feel free to suggest field trips, playdates, or other gatherings.

    This group has minimal moderation and we welcome open, respectful discussion about homeschooling, parenting, and other related issues. Everyone's initial posts are moderated to filter out SPAMmers. Please request permission to post advertisements, as only a few directly homeschool-related ones will be allowed. Please do not post email chain letters.

    For more information please visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    mckinneyhomeschool (McKinney Homeschool) - This group is for homeschooling families in the McKinney, TX area. Classical, eclectic, Charlotte Mason, Son Light, Calvert, unschooling...any form of homeschooling is welcome. Get (or give) practical advice, learn where the best deals in town are, or just make some new friends. Children and adults are welcome. No spamming allowed.

    To Subscribe, visit

    MHOT (Minority Homeschoolers of Texas) - This is now a discussion list for Minority Homeschoolers of Texas which seeks to promote homeschooling among minorities:
    Native Americans
    Anglos with adopted minority children

    MHOT is a discussion list where minority home educators will be enlightened, encourageed, promoted and motivated as they nuture and train their children in the way of the Lord and in the spirit of excellence.

    To Subscribe, visit

    MontgomeryNH-HS (Montgomery/North Harris County Area Christian Homeschoolers) - This group is to support Christian homeschool parents that reside within the geographic area of Montgomery County and North Harris County, Texas. Cities and Communities in this area include Conroe, Willis, CutNShoot, Magnolia, Montgomery, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Cleveland, Splendora, Humble, and Kingwood and the surrounding areas north of Houston. Homeschoolers from the Huntsville area also welcome. The purpose of this list is to provide a means for Christian homeschoolers within this geographic area to support each other and discuss topics related to their homeschooling efforts and to share information about curriculum, family friendly events, field trips and activities. Membership in this list does not depend upon membership in a particular support group.

    All Christian homeschoolers within this area are welcome to join. When posting to this list please be respectful of the fact that a wide variety of denominations will be represented on this list. Please avoid religious or political debates. Prayer requests are permitted anytime.

    No spamming. No chain letters. Buy/Sell Ads from list members will be allowed on the first Monday of each month. Please keep posts on topic and supportive. New list members will need to send a brief introduction to the list owners before their membership is approved and their initial posts will be moderated. This helps our list from being subject to inappropriate posts. Regular list members are unmoderated.

    Repost policy: Do not repost messages from this list without prior permission of the original poster unless the writer of the message has clearly stated that it is ok to pass on their message to other lists and individuals.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NDFWHomeschoolers (Northern DFW Homeschool Forum) - Welcome to the Northern DFW Homeschool Forum. This Forum was designed to be a place for all homeschoolers in our area to share information about events and activities. A place to share ideas and information about all facets of homeschooling from education styles to curriculum swaps. If you are a homeschooler (or are just tossing the idea around) who lives north of the DFW area you are welcome to join our group.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NorthTexasNaturalLearners (North Texas Natural Learners) - North Texas Natural Learners (NTNL) is a small and local secular support and activity group for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in and around Denton TX. If you live far enough from Denton that it would preclude your coming here regularly (at least twice a month) for get-togethers and meetings, then please do not join this group. We are not an email-only list. This is an email loop for families who know each other to discuss activities for our children, and speak freely and ask for suggestions within a trusted community of people who know each other.

    Our group was started as a community for families who do not want the constraints of statements of faith or codes of conduct present in many groups. We do not discriminate based upon religion, race, sexuality, family design, or homeschooling approach.

    All potential members must be recommended by an existing member. To receive an invitation you must already know a member, or you must be willing to come to a few meetings or outings and get to know us. We will know that you are a fit with our eclectic population before we approve your membership request.

    To request membership, press Join This Group on this page. You will then receive an email from us with a questionnaire attached. Please fill out the questionnaire and return it to us. After we have reviewed your introduction, we will provide you with a list of potential park days or meeting places. We must meet you in person before you will be allowed to join this group, so please do not expect approval before then.

    To subscribe, visit

    NTX-HS-1 (North Texas Homeschoolers of 1) - If you live in the North Texas area and homeschool just 1 child, this is the group for you. Discuss all that makes this a great situation and exchange information.

    North Texas is generally considered to be the Counties in Red in the map to the right. We are not that specific; if you need fellowship because you are homeschooling just one child and live elsewhere, you are welcome to join us as well. There will be specific information shared for the North Texas area, specificaly the DFW environs; however, that you would need to disregard.

    To subscribe, visit

    NTXHSFelllowship (NorthTexasHomeschoolFellowship) - We are a group of homeschooling families in the Dallas and Collin County areas of Texas. The purpose of this yahoo group is to share information between members. This group is moderated and NO SPAM is allowed. The Homeschool Fellowship is a homeschool support fellowship that is Christian based. While recognizing the diversity of our members, no specific denomination or political beliefs should be considered a part of this group's identity or purpose. Our purpose is to offer support to one another, meet for playgroups, field trips and other fellowship activities. We strive to provide positive social, moral, and ethical influences for our children in order that they can develop healthy friendships. We are a small and growing group. We are excited about having the ability to share with one another online now to stay connected and informed. We hope you will consider joining us if you are in our area, to meet new friends and enjoy the fellowship with the wonderful families in this group!

    To subscribe, visit

    ntxsahds (North Texas (Stay At Home) Dads) - North Texas (Stay At Home) Dads is a group that is for all fathers, in the DFW metroplex or in New York etc. it makes no difference, stay at home, work at home, or not. However I hope to make this a place where SAHDS / WAHDS can share valid information and where fathers can relax. Topics of discussion??? the sky is the limit.

    To subscribe, visit

    nwtarrantcohs (North West Tarrant County Homeschoolers) - This is the e-mail group for home-schoolers in the Northwest area of Tarrant County, Texas. We are an all inclusive group of diverse families. We do not limit membership by religious beliefs or any other divisive method. We only ask for good manners and a moral environment. If your family would like to meet other home school families, attend events together, enjoy outings to a park or other events, please join this e-mail group.

    To subscribe, visit

    PCTHG (PolkCounty_TexasHomeschoolGroup) - We are a Homeschooling Group located in Livingston Texas and the surrounding areas who have homeschooled for many years and those that are new. We are a Christian group but not exclusive to Christians. We invite all home schoolers in the area to join us! Each individual family should be respected for their beliefs. We are here to encourage and lift one another in all our Home School Endeavors. Our purpose is to offer activities in Polk County including, but not limited to the Livingston, Big Sandy, Chester, Corrigan, Goodrich, Leggett, Onalaska, and Woodville, areas. Other areas are also welcome if you don`t mind the travel.

    We are hopeing to offer a Park Day. We hope to have other activities such as field trips and workshops planned as the group grows. Hopeing to get a great Co-op going with our parents as the teachers. Everyone has a knowledge in something special. We hope to put this knowledge to good use here for our groups children. Looking forward to working with many of you. So come on now and join us with all your ideas and talents!

    To subscribe, visit

    PEACH - Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers - We are the Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers (PEACH), a volunteer, non-profit organization committed to serving homeschoolers in Plano and the surrounding North Texas communities, including every town in southern Collin County.

    PEACH is a volunteer, non-profit organization committed to ministering to home schoolers in Plano and surrounding areas. PEACH provides the opportunity for fellowship, socialization, and informational exchange among home schooling families.

    Visit us on-line at PEACH or email us at or to advertise

    RAMCHE (Randolph Area Military Christian Home Ed) - Welcome to the e-group home of the Randolph Area Military Christian Home Educators (RAMCHE)! This e-group is for Christian military homeschool families living on or near Randolph Air Force Base, just northeast of San Antonio, TX. Here you can find details about RAMCHE activities, and resources to help you in your homeschooling endeavors.

    Members of this yahoo group should read and agree to the guidelines of the group, including Statement of Faith and Guidelines for Conduct. Members of this yahoo group will then have access to the current roster, contact information for activity coordinators, the updated calendar of events, and the group email postings for discussion and questions. RAMCHE offers weekly park/playdays at rotating parks and play areas around (and within) Randolph AFB. These weekly playdays are the central activity for our group, allowing our children to form friendships with other military, homeschooled children. Moms find this visiting time especially valuable for forming friendships with other Moms, as well as seeking/providing homeschooling support through questions about curriculum, methods, and shared ideas! RAMCHE also offers monthly Family Dinners Out, and a well-deserved occasional Mom’s Night Out! We are hoping to add age-specific preschool and older kids' activities this year. It is our goal for members to provide each other with encouragement and activities to support them as homeschoolers, as we share the common background of military homeschooling. We have active duty, reserve, and IRR members and their homeschooling families.

    To subscribe, visit

    RC_Homeschoolers (Royse City, Texas Homeschoolers) - This is a non-religious based support/playgroup for homeschoolers in the eastern suburbs of Dallas. All are welcome regardless of race, religion, homeschooling style/reason, or location. Join us to find other homeschoolers in your area, and discuss topics relevant to homeschooling and parenting.

    To Subscribe, visit

    RelaxedHomeschoolers - Relaxed Homeschoolers is a Homeschool Support Group that meets in the San Antonio, Texas area.

    What does a Relaxed Homeschooler in San Antonio look like? Two boys were playing basketball and later were deeply involved in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel. Several of the parents were discussing a parenting issue around a table. One little boy was making rockets and inviting others to help him. Another was building a wooden table while an adult helped as asked. Several girls were making sand castles and another was digging a giant hole while a boy ran back and forth to the creek to fill the hole with water. Eventually, the kids found the mud and soon the mud fight was on. Kids were covered from head to foot. Rather than getting scolded, the kids got their pictures taken.

    As parents we feel that our role is to be facilitators of learning, not disseminators of knowledge or enforcers that make sure that lessons are completed. We espouse unschooling and live as though there is no such thing as school, SAT's or curriculum. We believe that learning is best achieved by living life itself and letting our children live life right beside us following their passions.

    We are pretty relaxed about pretty much everything. We are not a religious-oriented group so we have no "statement of faith" or Biblical mandates to follow. Many of our members are religious but "What church do you go to?" isn’t a common question. No one cares if you are Catholic or Hindu, Atheist or Pagan. We find little reason to discuss curriculum or "how to make Johnny finish his English paper" but can get intense about respecting children and gentle parenting.

    What we do see as paramount is having fun and playing together. Basically, we like our kids, like each other’s kids and enjoy spending time together. We get together at a park each week on Tuesdays (northeast side).

    To Subscribe, visit

    RobCoHSA (Robertson County Home School Association) - We are a group of variety - ages, experiences, curriculum and children in and around Robertson County, TX. We meet monthly to share our experiences, to improve our knowledge and to encourage one another in our common goal of home schooling our children. This year we have monthly afternoon 4-H meetings with other activities scheduled throughout the year to help our youth benefit from a comprehensive 4-H program. Also throughout the year we will have scheduled field trips, cooperative education opportunities and other enrichment activities. Join our email loop to receive information about our activities and to participate in the discussions. Our website is under construction and can be viewed at

    To Subscribe, visit

    safe-sa (San Antonio Family Educators) - San Antonio Family Educators (S.A.F.E) is a group for homeschooling families or those planning on homeschooling in the San Antonio area. This group is intended to allow homeschooling families the opportunity to share ideas, discuss any and all topics related to homeschooling, keep updated on local homeschooling events and plan and share homeschooling fieldtrips.

    This group is comprised of members who homeschool for religious reasons as well as members who don't. Families of all religions and non-religious families alike are welcome.

    We wish to share homeschooling support with other homeschooling families as well specifically address homeschooling as it pertains to and is available in the San Antonio area.

    To subscribe, visit

    sa-hs (Homeschooling in San Antonio, TX) - For homeschoolers in and around San Antonio, Texas. Primarily for announcements of events of interest to the San Antonio homeschooling community, rather than for discussions and chat.

    To subscribe, visit

    SAHFL (SA Homeschool Fun and Learning) - Welcome! S.A.H.F.L. is a secular homeschooling group in North East San Antonio and the surrounding area striving to provide a tolerant place for ALL homeschoolers. There is no statement of faith to sign and everyone is welcome regardless of religion. We get together several times a month for arts and crafts, field trips, park days, chess, and basically whatever anyone feels they need. We are dedicated to having fun and spending time with other families that are open minded and dedicated to raising healthy, friendly, loving children. If you homeschool and are friendly with different, Buddhist, Christian, to talk, laugh, have your kids in a safe environment and generally be in great company you have come to the right place.

    For your membership to be approved you will need to reply to the welcome letter with a short intro.

    For more information, visit

    To subscribe, visit

    SanAntonioHSers (San Antonio Area Homeschoolers) - It is our hope that the San Antonio Homeschoolers list will bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know. This list is set up to discussion home education in and around San Antonio and 1) to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children; 2) to find answers to your quandrys in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and 3) to share information about home education in and around San Antonio.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SanGabrielHomeschoolers - An inclusive homeschool support group for Georgetown, Round Rock, Leander (Texas) and surrounding areas. We welcome diversity! We have come together in the spirit of raising our children in a caring, respectful environment. Our group is named for the San Gabriel Rivers, which flow through our area.


    We do not currently have any activities set up for preschoolers.

    If you have made the commitment to homeschool your school aged children, please join this list so that you can communicate with other homeschoolers in the area, and stay informed of upcoming activities so that your family can participate. You may select the "No email" option and read your emails at the YahooGroups website if you prefer not to receive the emails in your inbox. An introduction from you is required to join.

    The mission of the San Gabriel Homeschoolers is to be a source of support, provide homeschooling information, socialization, and educational opportunities in a non-judgmental environment. Our goal is to be a positive, homeschooling light in words and deeds, recognizing that we will be viewed by others by what we will or will not do/say. Suggestions are helpful, but those who are negative, disrespectful, or try to tear down other's homeschooling efforts will be removed from the list in order to maintain our supportive and positive atmosphere.

    This group is about educating our children. Some families may want to include the teaching of religon. Religious educational information and opportunities of any kind may be shared with the group in a non-judgmental and caring manner from time to time. It is up to each family to edit that information and/or opportunities. All religions are welcome, yet religion is not the focus of this group.

    To subscribe, visit

    SCCHE (Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators) - Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators is a cooperative of Christian families committed to supporting and encouraging one another to teach our children at home.

    SCCHE serves the southwest Houston, Texas area. Although our members primarily reside in Houston, Missouri City, Richmond and Sugar Land, many members live in neighboring communities.

    First, Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators is Christian. All that we do is built upon the foundation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over heaven and earth. There is but one God, and he has been revealed in his written Word (the Bible), and in the living Word (Jesus Christ). God is central, not man; God’s glory is the purpose of history, not man’s glory. All people have rebelled against the God of heaven, are therefore guilty of cosmic treason, and deserve eternal punishment. Jesus Christ, his life of perfect obedience (righteousness), his substitutionary death on the cross, and his resurrection to new life, are necessary for the hope of any man to stand before the God of heaven on the day of judgment, and our only hope of eternity with God. These tenets of faith define our unity as believers under the auspices of SCCHE.

    Second, SCCHE is about Homeschooling. That is our purpose. We come together as families committed to the education of our children through homeschooling endeavors, and all that we do as an organization focuses upon that end. We limit our activities and involvements to fit this purpose.

    Third, SCCHE is a Cooperative. That means that we associate together in order to jointly serve so that we might reap the benefits of enhancing the education of our children. We do not expect a few to serve while others reap the benefits. All are expected to give of themselves, their gifting and talents, in order to share the effort of making all that we do as SCCHE successful.

    For more information, visit Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators.

    SEA_of_Homeschoolers (The Springs Enrichment Academy) - This yahoo group is designed for any parents or students interested in participating in the Springs Enrichment Academy in Dripping Springs. This academy will most likely be a 2 day a week program with classes offered for Pre-K-11th grade homeschoolers. This is where parents can discuss particular classes, etc. and where polls will be taken for upcoming classes and other decisions made regarding the Academy. Welcome!!!

    For more information, visit Springs Enrichment Academy.

    To Subscribe, visit

    S.E.E.D. Homeschool Support Group (SEEDhomeschool) - S.E.E.D. (Serving, Educating, Enriching, and Discipling) is a Christ-centered homeschooling support group serving the Dripping Springs, TX area. We believe that the Bible is infallible, and that “all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). We desire to nurture our children in the Lord and to cultivate a life-long love of learning. Also, we desire to support each other on our homeschooling journey and on our walk with the Lord.

    We gather during the day for various events throughout the school year:

    1. Weekly park day on Thursdays with Dripping Springs Area Homeschoolers (DSAHA) throughout the year (at a pool during the summer)

    2. Back-to-School and End-of-the-Year parties (ideally at a pool)

    3. Christmas party

    4. Field trips as organized by members

    5. Other SEED gatherings as organized

    How do we stay connected?

    1. SEED Yahoo Group

    2. Park days, parties, field trips, etc.

    How do I join this group? Make a request through Yahoo, and the moderator will send you an electronic statement of faith to review and accept by e-mail.

    To Subscribe, visit SEEDhomeschool.

    setexashomeschoolers (SETH) - A place for Christian Homeschoolers in South East Texas to get together & discuss homeschooling topics, to encourage & pray for one another. Come join us as we go down this road together.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SGCHS (Southern Galveston County Home Schoolers) - This is an inclusive homeschool group. Our purpose is to offer activities and homeschool support in southern Galveston county though we have members from throughout Galveston county. We require no statement of faith and offer membership to any potential member who is either homeschooling or investigating the choice of homeschooling.

    Activities include Park Days at parks near the Interstate 45 corridor from Hitchcock to Webster. We offer fieldtrips, coops, classes and holiday gatherings.

    Feel free to post anything from questions about homeschooling to recipes and from invitations to activities to the last minute playdate. You will get what you put into this group! Welcome!

    To Subscribe, visit

    southeasttexaschristianhomeschoolers (Southeast Texas Christian Homeschoolers) - We are a group of Christian, homeschooling parents who live in the Southeast Texas, Golden Triangle area. We enjoy sharing homeschooling tips and advice, along with information about field trips, learning opportunities and even new homeschooling laws. We enjoy meeting together for fellowship and field trips. We hope to keep our calendar updated with local homeschool groups' park days, field trips, etc.

    This is a Christian group. Membership is limited to Christian Homeschoolers.

    For more information about local homeschool support groups, visit these websites:

    Spindletop at or email

    HEART (Home Educated and Righteously Trained) at or email

    Polk County Homeschoolers

    To Subscribe, visit

    SPHSFBC (SP Homeschoolers of Fort Bend County) - Home schooling residents(or property owners) of Sienna Plantation and Sienna Point.

    It is a place to network with other hs's in our neighborhood, create teaching co-ops, post recommendations for tutors, classes, meetings, field trips, and put activities of interest on the calendar. Off topic posts will not be allowed.

    To Subscribe, visit

    STWLubbock (STW Lubbock) - Welcome to Smoothing The Way, Lubbock's support group for first year homeschoolers. STW offers monthly classes taught by veteran homeschool parents.

    Welcome to Smoothing The Way, Lubbock's support group for first year homeschoolers. STW offers monthly classes taught by veteran homeschool parents.

    To Subscribe, visit

    TAFFIE (Texas Advocates for Freedom in Education) - The TAFFIE mailing list is for anyone interested in topics related to home schooling in Texas. While many of the topics are specific to Texas, there is also discussion related to homeschooling in general. We are now over a decade old, making us the oldest Texas homeschooling list.

    The requirement to be on the mailing list is to live in Texas or to be an honorary Texan. If you are not sure if you live in Texas, go outside and greet the first person you see with a loud, cheerful 'Howdy pardner'. If they respond in a positive way, you may be in Texas. If they do not respond, you may be in New York City.

    Regardless of where you live, you qualify as an honorary Texan by saying ...'Howdy pardner '. If you start your first e-mail to taffie with a 'Howdy pardner', you will become an honorary Texan (you can still go out and greet people with a loud, cheerful 'Howdy pardner' once you send the e-mail.) If you are looking for Support Group information , you've come to the right place!

    For further information including instructions for joining the list, visit

    TexasHomeschoolBookSwap - If you are a Texas homeschool family and would like to sell your used books and curriculum, videos, CD's, clothes or other items that would be of use to other homeschooling families, you may do so here. This group is restricted only to homeschooling families who are currently living in Texas.

    If you have a small family business or ministry (located in Texas) and you have a product or service that would be of value to homeschool families, you may also post your information here.

    This is a family friendly group and the Items you post for sale and businesses represented must be suitable for all ages. No adult themes, occult or foul language allowed.

    All transactions are between the seller and the buyer. Texas Homeschool Book Swap is not responsible for these transactions. This is just a place for you to list your items you have to offer.

    To subscribe, visit

    Texas Home Educators Freedom Alliance - thefa - THEFA Mission Statement: We, the Texas Home Educators Freedom Alliance (THEFA), are parents practicing liberty in rearing and educating our children in accordance with our personal, private family values and goals.

    Liberty cannot be granted by others (or it would not be liberty). Liberty is practiced by individuals acting through voluntary and private association.

    We neither require nor seek approval and/or 'permission' for our practices in child rearing and education.

    Through maintaining private funding and responsibility in our educational endeavors, we and our children practice our liberty to learn as we see fit, free from the regulations encumbering tax funded educational institutions in both academics and extracurriculars.

    THEFA seeks to facilitate the furtherance of privately funded education and child rearing by the following:

    • Practicing Liberty in Learning for ourselves and our families.
    • Facilitating private resource networks for both academic and extracurricular resources.
    • Sharing intellectual resources to assist one another in exercising our ability to live and Learn in Liberty.
    • Welcoming free and open association with like-minded others.

    Related reading:

    To Subscribe, visit

    TexasHOPE (Texas HOPE Del Rio) - This is a group for those who homeschool in and near Del Rio, including Laughlin AFB. We organize field trips, park days, and social events throughout the year. Usually there is someone in the group who will arrange opportunites for testing at the local private schools, as well as participation in local science fairs.

    Your level of activity is entirely up to you... If you have an idea for an activity or program you think others might enjoy, post it! (Please do not post forwards or chain letters unrelated to homeschooling.)

    This group is inclusive to all homeschooling methods and philosophies.

    To Subscribe, visit

    TexasUnschoolers - This group exists as a networking site for anyone in Texas wanting to hook up with an unschooling group in their area, but cannot find one. Please join to let us know that you are out there and need support.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    TexHmEd (Texas Home Educators) - The Texas Home Educators is a list to serve the Home Educators of Texas in discussions of homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws in a Christian atmosphere. As we homeschool our children, or unschool our children, this is the place to discuss and share our triumphs, our questions, and our bumps. Although discussions will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of home schooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests. TexHmEd has been serving the community since August 21, 1998 and is now the largest statewide homeschool list.

    Visit THE-EVENTS calendar to see what's going ON!

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    theelewisville - For the exchange of information pertaining to home schooling in the Greater Lewisville area. It is our hope that the Lewisville Home Education list will bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know. This list is set up to discussion home education in and around Lewisville and
    1. to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children;
    2. to find answers to your quandrys in your day to day efforts to educate your children;
    3. to share information about home education in and around Lewisville and the surrounding area.

    To Subscribe, visit

    The-Events (Texas Home Educators Events) - An Open Calendar and List for Announcements of Events in Texas for Home School Parents. Please let your friends and support groups know that there is now a central place for information about Homeschool Events in Texas.

    To Subscribe, visit

    THELMA (TX Home Educators List Management Associ) - A list for Texas Home School List Administrators to:
    1. exchange ideas,
    2. learn about managing lists,
    3. have an closed forum to discuss the challenges of this position and
    4. to get to know one another.

    To Subscribe, visit

    troop1316 (Troop 1316 ) - We are Boy Scout Troop 1316. We are Christian Based and most of the Scouts are Homeschooled.

    We meet every Monday in Sugar Land, Texas

    Contact Ron Clyde ( or Marlowe Bentley (, if you have any questions or have an interest to join us.

    To subscribe, visit

    TX-ChristianHmschool (Homeschooling Help Here for Texans) - This group is here for the main purpose of helping Christian homeschoolers in Southeast (Houston-Galveston) Texas. We do welcome all areas of Texas residents to join us! Anyone on this list must have their mail status on anything but "No Mail". I do not allow no mail on this list. You must at least set it to "Special notices" so you can recieve an email from me if need be. Thanks for your understanding. If you don`t like it this way you may feel free to leave the group at any time. Please DO NOT post ads on this list without the listowners permission! We have a folder for links on the website for this. Add your link to the "Home Businesses for Homeschoolers" folder. Remember to check the box to have it sent to the group when you add it. Thanks ~ This Christian oriented list was set up for Texas homeschoolers to share their homeschool activities, advice, concerns, discussions, encouragement, experiences, ideas, information, links, resources, suggestions, support, etc...

    New group started: [Texas Homeschool Group]. Please join if you are looking for a group in that area. Thanks!

    To Subscribe, visit

    txgifted (Texans Homeschooling Gifted Children) - A secular support group for Texans homeschooling their intellectually gifted children

    To Subscribe, visit

    TxHELP (Texas Home Educators in Leadership Position) - A private list for Texas home educators in support group leadership position to communicate with each other and exchange ideas about events.

    To subscribe, visit

    txteenshsers (TXTeenHomeschoolers) - A support list for mothers of teens and for teens who homeschool in the North Texas area. Area activities might be planned in the future (i.e. field trips, job discussions, trips to the theater, opera, etc.)

    To subscribe, visit

    Valley-Homeschoolers (Valley Homeschoolers) - A meeting place for Rio Grande Valley (TX)homeschoolers,unschoolers and others involved in alternatives to public education. If you home school (homeschool) in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Edinburg, Mission or Rio Grande City (and all points in between), let's communicate and help each other!

    To Subscribe, visit

    WAKEHomeUnschoolers (Home of the Free Range Children) - Whole Alternative Kommunity Education (WAKE) is the newest home/unschooling support group in the DFW area. Our Tuesday Gatherings began in Fall '04. There is no age segregation. We strive for a small community environment, and encourage Attachment Parenting and TCS. We are a volunteer-based group. We support and teach only current scientific research.

    Our home base is no longer the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, Tx. We are currently shopping for a new home. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to share those. We prefer something in the same area as our previous location.

    Our mission is as follows: WAKE is a natural, family-led home/unschool group that accepts, encourages, embraces, and celebrates the educational choices, religious beliefs, cultural diversity, and family structure of all it's members. We promote the enhancement of child-led educational adventures by facilitating a variety of gentle, hands-on activities.

    Please visit our FILES to view a copy of the WAKE Info Packet and learn detailed information about our Tuesday gatherings & our evolving plans for the Fall. You may register for WAKE at any time.

    Our Fall '06 Tuesday Gathering sessions are being held at members' homes, parks, pools, museums, & other field trip locations around DFW. We'll meet on 12 Tuesdays from Sep 12th through Dec 5th, 11am - 3pm (unless the event opens later). Come to all 12 of our gatherings or as many as you’re interested in or able to attend. RSVPs are needed for some events.

    There are no registration nor membership fees at this time. Everyone pays for their own field trip admission & parking tickets where applicable. However, many events are free.

    Please, join our board to access details & the latest updates on our Fall activities. We welcome you to join us at our Tuesday Gatherings to socialize with other homeschoolers, explore our community, and have fun learning and growing in the process.

    To Subscribe, visit

    WEHST (WEHST in El Paso) - West and East Home Schooling Together in El Paso is an Inclusive, Non-discriminating group of homeschooling families. Our primary focus is on the home-educated child of all ages. WEHST Members come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, religions and beliefs and we encourage our children to appreciate and understand those diversities. We are varied in our homeschooling styles and enjoy sharing those differences with each other. We want our Members to feel comfortable enough in their own beliefs and convictions to accept and respect all other WEHST Members and strive to create a positive environment for our children. WEHST offers weekly Park Days, Field Trips, Book Club and Co-op opportunities. We encourage our members to be active and schedule field trips and other opportunities that benefit the group.

    To Subscribe, visit

    westtexashomeschool (WEST TEXAS HOMESCHOOL) - We are a group of parents who are homeschooling or just wanting more info. This is a place for other homeschooling parents and their children to meet others locally. San Angelo, Eldorado, Sonora, Menard, Mertzon, and the rest of the West Texas area.

    To Subscribe, visit

    WFareahomeschoolers (Wichita Falls Area Homeschoolers) - This is a list for all homeschooling families in the Wichita Falls, Texas area. With many small towns and rural areas, I felt that this list would be a great way for us to get to meet one another, plan field trips, and share ideas about homeschooling. Please introduce yourself when joining so we can all say hello!

    When sending emails, please identify the group you are addressing in the subject line. ( For instance: Co-op, Keepers at Home, 4-H, Volleyball, field trip, etc.) Please feel free to ask questions, post information, ask for people to join you on field trips, or to meet at the pool or park. Please do not post ads for your businesses. Thank you

    To subscribe, visit

    WoodlandsAreaHomeschoolers (WoodlandsAreaHomeschoolers) - This list originated with the Woodlands Area Innovative Scholastic Environments homeschool support group established in the 1990s, which was an inclusive homeschool support group located north of Houston, Texas. WISE was open to people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation, as is this list. We support a philosophy of diversity and inclusion that is so important in raising children to be good citizens of the U.S. and the world.

    To Subscribe, visit

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    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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