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The object of teaching a child is to enable the child to get along without the teacher. We need to educate our children for their future, not our past.
~ Arthur C. Clarke

    South Dakota Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    BHHA (Black Hills Homeschool Association) - An inclusive group for homeschoolers in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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    LibSoDakHomeschooling - This is a group for those with liberal and other out-of-the-mainstream-for-South-Dakota leanings to gather and share about their homeschooling journey.

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    sdche (South Dakota Christian Home Educators) - South Dakota Christian Home Educators (SDCHE) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to serving home educators across South Dakota and in neighboring states. Our mission is to support and encourage home educators, educate people about home schooling, provide opportunities for children’s enrichment and growth through various activities, promote homeschooling to the general public, and monitor legislative issues related to homeschooling.

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    SDHSA (South Dakota Home School Association) - SDHSA is an inclusive group, homeschooling for a variety of reasons. We serve Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. We rely on our members for their special skills and experience. We come together for support, activities for our kids, and friendship. We pool our resources to alert each other to homeschool specific legislation and educational opportunities within the community and at large. We offer friendship and support to other homeschool groups. If you are interested in homeschooling your child and have questions, we have answers--or we can at least tell you who does.

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    SiouxFallsHomeschoolGroup (Sioux Falls Homeschool Group) - Home Schoolers of the Sioux Falls Area, Sioux Empire, come chat with us about everything related to homeschooling. Meet other homeschoolers in your area, learn more about laws and activities in South Dakota and surrounding areas, and chat about everything else under the sun related to homeschoolers. This group is for everyone who homeschools in the Sioux Falls area but anyone across the state as well as those in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska who could benifit from activities in this area. Also open to homeschoolers who don't live in the area but find our conversations riviting none the less.

    Everyone mind your manners, say your sorry if you blow it, uses kind words and no inappropriate language. I am not resposible, legally or otherewise for anything that happens here.

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    WRCH (West River Christian Homeschoolers) - WRCH is a South Dakota Interdenominational Christian homeschool support group that serves Rapid City and the surrounding area. Our goals are to provide homeschool families with information, encouragement, and Christian relationships. WRCH is for those seeking to communicate and build support networks with other families who share like values.

    Involvement within the homeschool community is encouraged -- whether by sharing news, politics, or homeschool-related issues that may be helpful and pertinent to other families. WRCH serves to support Christian rights to speak freely without concern of offending those who do not share their Christian beliefs; however, because WRCH does not represent a particular Christian denomination, we encourage postings that respect those differences.

    The WRCH Statement of Belief: The Bible is the Word of God. Jesus is the Son of the one true God, born of a virgin, crucified, raised from the dead, and sits at the right hand of God.

    For those who do not share in this Statement of Belief, we encourage them to join one of the many wonderful support groups that are provided locally or nationally that might better suit his/her family's homeschooling needs.

    We welcome all Christians who are currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling, and look forward to growing in every area God would have us grow.

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