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One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it,
you have no certainty until you try.
~ Sophocles

    Single Parent Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    1Parent_hs (1Parent_hs/Single parents homeschooling) - WELCOME New Members. We are glad you joined us. I am a single mom who homeschools. It can be done.

    Please join for support or comfort. Lets share together how we do it. Whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim or Atheist, I want you to feel comfortable. We all have a common bond in being single parents and homeschoolers. So let's remember the Golden Rule in all our posts.

    New members will be approved ONLY after questionnaire is returned and are temporarily moderated

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    Homeschool_1 (Single Parents and Homeschooling) - When my son was in the 6th grade, I had some unbelievable problems with his school faculty - who, due to reasons of length I can not list in detail - targeted my son and made his school life miserable. I had to pull him out of school to homeschool him in the end. Although I do not totally reject public school as an option for a child's education - I am empowered by the fact that there ARE other options.

    I am a single mom, and I have homeschooled my son while working outside the home. It can be done - but I won't promise that it is easy! Much depends on self-discipline - both you and your child(ren) - organization, long-term goals, and faith in what you are doing. My son is now a sophomore and has decided he wants to go back to public school this year. So far, it has been an adjustment, but he is determined. This does not mean that homeschooling was a failure - only that my son is expressing his own goals, and going for it.

    I hope this group will provide a means of sharing with each other the unique problems and solutions a single, working parent faces in their homeschooling pursuits. This is something I did not have, suppport from other homeschooling parents working or not, and I felt very alone against the world! Please feel free to post any experiences you have had with the school system (although I don't mean this to be a school-bashing!), with homeschooling, with family and friends support or lack thereof, advice, suggestions...we can all benefit from each other!

    Please note: This is not a dating, singles, or personals group - so please no posting or advertising in that regard! Members who do so will be removed. Due to the unfortunate incident of being slammed with p..n spam some time ago, I have had to set membership to aproved only. All I need is an idea of why you want to join, and I look forward to getting to know you through this group! Take care and God Bless!

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    home_school_single (Homeschooling while Single Parenting ) - This is a board for homeschooling single parents of all religous and secular beliefs. Members are free to discuss topics related to homeschooling and single parenting. Flaming, spamming, and antogonizing will not be tolerated. We are here to support and encourage one another. Please be respectful and jump on in.

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    HS1Mom - This is a list for single moms who homeschool their children. This is open to all single moms, no matter what type of curriculum they choose to use. It is predominantly a Christian list -- though others are welcome, also. To allow for free conversation and protect the privacy of the list members, it is a restricted list. New members will have to be admitted by the list owner.

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    NewRisingHSNetwork (New Rising Homeschool Network) - *Are you working fulltime and feeling as though you and your children have been left out of the homeschool loop?

    *Are you a single parent concerned you might not be able to meet the demands of homeschooling?

    *Does your child have special needs?

    Dell's Place has established a network for working moms, single parents, and the rest of us who struggle to pull it all together. The purpose of this network is for support and encouragement, but it's also to offer real solutions from other parents who struggle with the same issues. New Rising Homeschool Network is a brand new place where homeschoolers can meet other homeschoolers to offer and receive support and encouragement. If one of us doesn't have an answer, we're certain someone else will or at least have some insight into the matter. We're open to just about any topic (WITHIN REASON) whether it's specifically a homeschooling matter, potty training, or finding creative ways to stretch that dollar on one income. Our purpose is to offer real solutions from other parents who may struggle with the same issues. Not to worry, there's hope and there's help. Come on in and make new friends! Just remember, this is a Christian group. Inappropriate comments will not be allowed.

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    singleandunschooling (Single and Unschooling) - Single and Unschooling is a supportive group for single-parents who unschool or homeschool their children. Being a single parent brings additional challenges to homeschooling. This is a place to discuss children, learning, single-parenting, and life. My family has settled into a comfortable unschooling lifestyle (not radical and often leaning toward eclectic homeschooling). It works for us - what works for you? My choice to homeschool was not based on religion and neither is this group. People of all religions and beliefs are welcome - the Golden Rule applies just like at our home - 1.Be nice and 2.Treat people like you want to be treated.

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    Single_Parent_HomeSchool (Home Schooling Single Parent Families) - As a single parent home schooling Mom, I am facing all the challenges of a two parent home schooling family and then some. It's easy to feel alone, shut out, and frustrated; especially when there is no spouse to offer support. Please feel free to discuss issues that affect the single parent home schooling Mom or Dad here. As Christians, please remember that we treat others as Christ would. Be nice! No foul language and no insults please.

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    sph (Single Parent Homeschoolers) - This is a list for single parents homeschooling their children. The purpose of this list is to support single parents. Discussion is not limited to homeschooling.

    Note to researchers: This list is not to be used for the purpose of gathering information. E-mail the list owner for help in locating information.

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    spwhs (Single Parents Who Home School) - Support and encouragement for single parents that are or want to home school their children.

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