Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education. Religious lists include Abraham-Hicks, Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish (Orthodox and Messianic), Latter Day Saints (LDS), Lutheran, Pagan, Episcopalian, Seventh Day Adventists, Unitarian Universalists, Humanists, Quaker, Muslim, Mennonite, Jehovahs Witness and atheists. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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You gave your entire life to become the person you are today.
Was it worth it?
~ Richard Bach

    Religious Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    abe-kids (Abe Kids) - A fun family discussion group of folks who LOVE Abraham-Hicks and desire to raise Abe-Kids. I want this to be open to all Abers and their kids to discuss any and all topics, especially home/unschooling.

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    AHE-List - The AHE e-mail list is a group of over 200 SDA women. We have lively discussions on all aspects of SDA homeschooling including: curriculum, child discipline, how do I...?, where do I find...?, what do you use?, and much more. It's a very active list so be prepared to get lots of e-mail. For more information visit

    To join the AHE list please email Susie Smalley, list administrator at

    ArabesQ - A Discussion Forum for Muslim homeschoolers. Group is based in St. Louis.

    To view the message boards, you must first create a Log In. Visit

    ARCHERS-HS (ARCHERS, The Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators) - The relaxed homeschooling method is advocated and taught by Mary Hood, author of "The Relaxed Homeschool" and "The Joyful Homeschooler".

    Mary wrote some guidelines for our elist: This is primarily intended to be a place that moms will get support/friendship on issues pertaining to homeschooling, and also on related issues... So it is always okay to discuss family-related issues, from discipline to bedwetting, to teenage issues, etc. Prayer requests, answers to prayer, etc. are also always okay. We don't have to limit the topics strictly to homeschooling.

    The following are things I hope will stay OUT of the list:

    • -Blatant advertising by people who aren't regular chatters...
    • -Politics/legal alerts, etc. There are plenty of other places to talk about these matters, and they just tend to "stir up the juices" when we are reading this just before bed....Let's really try to keep this list something more like a chat with a few good friends just before retiring..
    • -All nasty each other, about each other or other people, etc. I've really appreciated the lack of gossip in this group and hope it stays that way ..
    • -Although my resource center/Archers group doesn't have a statement of faith, we are of course, a Christian environment (Hence the name....ARCHERS stands for Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educator R's... Also based on Psalm 127....So basically, no slamming of Christianity or Jesus, no blatant new-age agendas, etc.....Although, again, we are not a completely exclusive group of people here, and we try not to act super judgemental towards others.

    Moderators are Donna C in Texas, Cathy in Georgia, and Sheila in Canada. Mary Hood is on the list also.

    For more information, visit

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    Buddhist-homeschool (Buddhists Homeschoolers) - This list is for those who are part of the Buddhist faith or simply have a strong interest in it and are homeschooling or planning to homeschool. We accept all Buddhist sects and work to keep our information "generic" to the Dharma and Buddha's teachings. Posting of homeschool-related links is welcome.

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    CatholicCMason (Catholic Charlotte Mason--4Real Learning) - Welcome to the Catholic Charlotte Mason-inspired email discussion group! Here, we discuss education in the context of real life and living books--we call it "Real Learning."

    Our purpose is to help parent educators to promote a new paradigm for home education which focuses upon developing the whole personality of the child--the heart, soul, and mind--to pursue a happy, wholehearted, academically excellent, spiritually complete childhood. We glean from the writings of Charlotte Mason with great joy and we also find ourselves discussing and learning from St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein), Pope John Paul II, Maria Montessori, and Saint John Bosco, among others. We are parents committed to Real Learning. We are passionate about learning in the context of real life. And we are in love with the Real Presence. We are "joyously Catholic and sucking the marrow out of every category of knowledge with bounding enthusiasm but not necessarily within the confines of traditional classroom methods" (Lissa Peterson). We are all on a journey and we welcome you as a traveling companion. We don't profess to have a well-mapped-out road guide, though we do have lots of handy traveling tips. And we are certain of our ultimate destination. We're headed for heaven. We plan to take our whole families with us. Where we go on the way is all part of the adventure. Certainly, the journey can be an arduous one but we are committed to it being a joyful one.

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    Catholic_HomeSchool (Catholic HomeSchool List) - This list is for Home School parents to get together and share there ideas, problems, concerns etc. Please feel free to join the list and share. We can learn from each other and help each other, while we struggle to give our children the quality and caring education that only Home School can provide.

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    cathswap (Catholic Curriculum Swap) - The Catholic Curriculum Swap (est. 5/7/99)

    The Largest & Oldest Swap Resource for Roman Catholics on the Net


    All Roman Catholic homeschooling families are welcome to join. Please understand that Cathswap is like a reliable and trusted local Catholic bookstore. Here you will find Catholic Materials not usually found in other general and Christian swaps/boards. You will not find protestant and mainstream Christian titles here. We do our best to weed out materials that are notorious for containing anti-catholic sentiment (just like any good Catholic Bookstore). You will also find popular secular materials.


    As of May 1, 2004 three additional moderators we added to help keep this large list (nearly 3000 families strong) running smoothly and efficiently Caththswap is screened for anti-catholic materials daily. New members are also screened. In five years we have had one unresolved sale! I encourage all Roman Catholic homeschoolers to join … this is one of the best FREE resources out there!

    Join our sister list to discuss Catholic Homeschooling:

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    cathswapCHAT (Catholic Curriculum Swap Chat) - A place for Catholic Curriculum Swap members to chat about various curriculum, methods etc. Members range from newbie to veteran homeschoolers. We ask members to add to our database of information including favorite links and conference information. Have fun getting to know one another. ...Gwen Antesberger, Moderator Catholic Curriculum Swap/CHAT btw...this list is moderated

    Join our sister list, The Catholic Curriculum Swap

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    CatholicUnitStudy - This group is for homeschoolers from the Catholic/Orthodox faiths that wish to help create unit studies based around our faiths.

    For example -

    • Learning about Africa: Learn about the saints from Africa, how is the faith celebrated there, where is each saint from (learn more about the region and the customs - geography, etc.), learn about the cultures, etc. etc.
    • Native American Unit: Learn about the saints that were indians, learn about the missions, learn about the cultures, etc. etc.

    And so on. I will post a unit subject or you may post a unit you are interested and we will all add different ideas, worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, websites, etc. Please be prepared to post often and participate as this will only add to the great units!

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    CCU-List (CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling) - CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling. Unschooling is a style of home schooling based on the ideals of natural learning. John Holt, who is credited with coining the term "unschooling" espoused the idea that children, like all people, are born with an innate desire to learn.

    Learning is unavoidable and if given the encouragement and environment in which to flourish will happen without coercion or structure. Rigid structure, forced learning and contrived curriculum can be destructive to the desire to learn.

    Unschooling, practiced for several decades and by many families, has resulted in confident, productive and independent thinking adults.

    As a Christian I believe that unschooling reflects the relationship we have with God, one based on trust, friendship and respect.

    This list was formed as a place for Christians who are either unschooling, attempting to implement more unschooling into their lives or just interested in learning more about the ideas.

    While the list is open to those who do not consider themselves to be Christian, since it is composed primarily of those who do, respect for the tenets of this faith is expected.

    CCU is a forum for friendly exchange of information on unschooling and parenting. While discussion of differing views will be tolerated it must remain courteous and refrain from negative personal comments. All participants are expected to help maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all.

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    chevra - Chevra was formed in September 1998 as an online support community for Jewish homeschoolers of all varieties. It tends to be a very chatty place where we discuss Jewish observance, homeschooling, family life, outside interests, and (our favorite topic) why the laundry never seems to get done. If you are interested in joining us, please write to our list manager at You will be asked to write a few paragraphs introducing yourself before your subscription will be completed.

    Please note: Chevra is a Jewishly pluralistic list. We welcome and respect all points of view, EXCEPT for the one that says there is only "One True Way" to be Jewish.

    For more information, visit

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    ChristianHomeschooling - Homeschooling parents -- join this group to receive e-newsletters with Christian home education encouragement and practical tips!

    For more information, visit

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    ChristianHomeSchool1 - This is a list for pro-homeschooling Christian ladies (past homeschoolers, present homeschoolers or those who hope to homeschool at some time in the future). It is a place to discuss curriculums, homesteading, gardens, prayer requests,home economics, raising our children for Christ, basically all things relating to living for our Lord in these perilous times.

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    ChristianHomeschoolLeadership (Connecting Christians for God's Glory) - The purpose of "Christian Homeschool Leadership" is to form an information and support network for fellow leaders. We strive to assist each other in the daily responsibilities we face as support group leaders with God as our focus.

    This is a place for fellowship, comfort, support, assistance, encouragement, ideas, brainstorming and resources. We share in the joys and trials of being a support group leader, exchange timely world news affecting Christian families, assist each other in developing goals for individual support groups and so much more.

    The Christian Home School Leadership Connection is for all Christians involved with local and state wide support groups in any leadership capacity. Those wishing to join this group should already be active and involved in a home school group. Leadership, for this list, includes being appointed or elected to a position such as board member, newsletter editor, co-op leader, etc.

    Please consider joining us in our endeavor to bring families closer to God in all areas of their lives.

    Memberships must be approved and are considered "pending". At that time you will receive an email application. If you do not receive an email upon joining, please contact the list owner at

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    ChristianMNHSchooler - This is a list that is for Christian Homeschoolers. You do not have to be from Minnesota to join. We meet and share about every aspect of homeschooling. We can chat about our homes, our children, our curriculum, our spouses, our field trips, our beliefs. Some of us are new at homeschooling, some of us are veterans. We are Christian, so if you are not, please find a place that fits you. We do not want to have to defend our beliefs. How do I gently say that as Christians we are to minister to all, so if you are considering becoming a Christian, and are homeschooling, welcome! If you have no intention of belonging to the Kingdom of God, you may feel more comfortable joining one of the many secular homeschool groups.

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    Chr-U (Christian Unschooling) - Yes! There are Christian Unschoolers! This Unschooling 101 Seminar ;-) is for parents who wish to unwind and unschool ourselves.

    We hope to hit that reset button back to the lovin-n-learnin-lifestyle of very young toddlers at home with mom, no matter what age you (or your children) are. Then we don't need to compare/criticize our efforts or anyone else's, compete with institutions, nor discuss/argue whether anyone "is unschooling" or "is not really unschooling".

    The terminology is not the issue! Who owns this word, anyway? Let's walk our talk by treating each other with the sincerity, respect and gentleness that unschooling literature and the Gospel of Christ suggest we should, because we are all disciples and students, always.

    (Please- This list is not a place for school/ curriculum promotions, nor "business opportunities" nor party plans nor... well, it's not a marketplace. Thanks!) Blessings, ~Kit. January 2004

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    ChurchofChristHomeschoolers - This list is for members of the Churches of Christ who are presently parents and are homeschooling or are thinking about homeschooling their child/children. Its purpose is to share questions, information, encouragement, and fellowship among fellow Christian homeschoolers who share the same basic views of God's word. Here are some basic tenets of what we believe. 1) We respect the Bible as God's Book. 2) We recognize distinctions between the Old Testament and the New Testament. 3) We worship without the use of instruments of music. 4) We include in worship the Lord's Supper on a weekly basis. 5) We teach and practice baptism by immersion for the remission of sins. 6) We believe that the New Testament teaches a congregational type of church government. 7) We stress that the Bible makes use of the name "Christian." 8) We stress that the Bible teaches godliness, holiness, and abstinence from the world. 9) We stress the importance of benevolent work and evangelistic work to relieve human suffering and share the gospel with the lost. Basic tenets taken from the following site.

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    Classical-LDS-hs - We would like to welcome you to Classical-LDS-hs, the world's first online forum for the discussion, discovery, and implementation of LDS educational principles, designed for LDS parents who are homeschooling their children using the classical model.

    You are probably (a) already using this method or (b) interested in learning more about it. Either way, we're glad you're here. This forum is focused on the classical curriculum, in whatever form it may take in each family, and how to apply it within the LDS home, including teachings of the restored gospel and latter-day prophets.

    Classical-LDS-hs is a place where ideas can be shared and various educational endeavors can be discussed openly. It is our hope to promote cooperation and excellence in LDS educational efforts. The forum has already seen great success in accomplishing these goals. Many valuable relationships have been built between individuals, true principles have been embraced, and those involved have shared educational principles destined to change our society in a powerful way.

    Come join us! Share your ideas, and what has worked for you. Beginners welcome. We look forward to many happy memories together along the homeschooling trail. Tell a friend about Classical-LDS-hs. Then come and share your day with us. Stay tuned and stay in touch.

    Visit our companion lists:

    For LDS parents who homeschool their children or who are considering homeschooling as a lifestyle. On this list veteran homeschoolers and beginners will learn together, and take a serious look at the ways in which homeschooling, religious training, and family life shape our lives and the lives of our children.

    Homeschooling gifted children, giftedness, and gifted resources within the LDS community:

    Be sure to visit our website,

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    Crosswalk newsletters - Several Christian homeschool e-mail newsletters, put out by, by Mike Farris, Executive Director.

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    ELCAathome (ELCA Lutheran homeschooling) - ELCA Lutheran homeschooling - A place to meet and visit with others of similar beliefs for support and encouragement. Homeschooling already or just looking for information.

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    eldertreepaganhomeschool (Eldertree Pagan Homeschool) - I'm absolutely passionate about homeschooling and unschooling. As pagan parents we need a place to network idea's and support each other. This is supposed to be our group not just mine so feel free to share. We can take control of our children's education. There is no reason that education should not, contain our values and spirituality.

    For more information, visit

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    Episcopalian-homeschool - This list is designed to be a place for Episcopalians to discuss homeschooling, and issues related to it. Posting of homeschool-related sites is welcome.

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    FAMILIESnews (Fathers-And-Mothers-In-Leadership-Instructing-Encouraging-Students) - This is a large group of homeschool families who want to encourage each other and share information, events, curriculum, fieldtrip,ideas and to be in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anyone is welcome to join, (although most of us are from the Delaware,Maryland, and Virginia area) (Delmarva)

    Come and participate as we pray for one another and help each other to be a Godly homeschooling family. Please contact: for more info. NO SPAMMING OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ASK FIRST.

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    FOCUHS (FAMILIES OF COLOR USING HOMESCHOOLING) - This list is for Christian Families of Color who've opted to Home Educate their children. We believe in HEART - Home Education And Righteous Training. We exist to offer support, fellowship and to share resources with other African American and Bi-Racial Christian homeschooling families. If you're currently homeschooling or have a desire to homeschool we welcome you.

    We have a relaxed, friendly, off-topic atmosphere. You're welcome to discuss all aspects of homeschooling, homeschool life, and the everyday daily managing of a Christian family and home.

    This is a HIGH volume email group, please take this into consideration prior to joining.

    To Subscribe, visit

    GentleHeartsInChrist - Welcome! We are a group of Christian moms who practice attachment parenting and gentle, grace-based discipline. We believe that guiding our children through encouragement, equipping, modeling, and firm boundaries is the best way to help them grow in the Lord. We believe in having compassion and respect for our children as the little people that they are. We believe that gentle, non-punitive parenting is the best way to reflect to our children the mercy and grace that we have in Christ.

    We believe that our salvation is only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is to the Lord we must look for the wisdom, patience, love, and grace we need to raise our children for Him!

    Possible topics of discussion will include breastfeeding, child-led weaning, co-sleeping, natural birth and homebirth, non-circumcising, non-vaccinating, cloth diapering, elimination communication (EC), homeschooling and unschooling, quiverfull, and teaching our children about Jesus, among others. Please don't feel your family must practice all of the above to join! Off-topic discussions are more than welcome.

    We welcome anyone whose concept of mothering includes nurturing your child's heart through a relationship based on gentle love, closeness, compassion, and trust. You're also more than welcome to join if you are interested in learning how to discipline in a gentler, non-punitive way. However, please be aware that a main premise of this group is that a mom can practice Biblical discipline without spanking, and punitive discipline methods, especially spanking, will not be suggested, encouraged, or condoned.

    Thanks for visiting! The Lord bless you and your family! :) Any mom who believes in Christ as her only Savior may join!

    To Subscribe, visit

    GentleSpiritsAtHome- This list is for Christian WOMEN (sorry men) who homeschool now, plan on homeschooling in the very near future or did homeschool AND are into homesteading, homebirthing, home remedies, home businesses (any and all things centered around the home). It is a place where we can go for advice and and encouragement and to discuss any problems we are having associated with our home based lifestyles. Want to put in a garden, raise chickens, start having your babies at home but don't know where to begin? This is the place!

    You need not be an expert in any or all of the above to participate. We are all here to help each other to grow in these areas. But you should be "homey" at heart.

    Home businesses WILL be discussed and may be advertized and promoted as long as the promoting/advertising is done tastefully and peacefully. NO multi-level marketing wars, please.

    This is to be a safe haven for those of us with home-based beliefs and lifestyles. Please, NO slamming or hurtful remarks. They will NOT be permitted.

    Doctrinal issues are welcome for discussion. However, these discussions are to be done with an open mind and heart. They should be done using the Lord's Word and NOT just opinion. Opinions are fine and even welcomed so long as they are presented as such and not bound as though they were inspired.

    If you join this list be aware that you will be required to strictly obey the following when posting:

    • Matthew 7:12 "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."
    • 1 Peter 3:2 "While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear."

    Hopefully, this will make the list a safe and friendly environment for all of us.

    Please, feel free to contact me with any questions at

    To subscribe, visit

    Gifted-LDS-hs - Are you homeschooling a gifted child? Join us for companionship along the way. Gifted-LDS-hs is a support group for LDS parents who are homeschooling gifted children. This list will be devoted topically to giftedness and gifted issues. Discussion regarding LDS/homeschooling aspects of our lives is always welcome.

    We hope that you will feel free to discuss any and all gifted-related topics. Also, you can feel free to talk about your kids without anyone thinking you're bragging or simply being a proud parent. We know better.

    Tell a friend about Gifted-LDS-hs! Then come and share your day with us. .

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    HeartofSeton (Catholic Homeschool support for Seton Home Study Curriculum.) - Welcome to Heart of Seton! Heart of Seton is a support group for families using Seton Home Study Curriculum. Membership is restricted - it has become necessary to screen new members. It is our goal to provide a safe atmosphere for the Catholic Homeschool Families subscribed here at Heart of Seton. So if you are using Seton, have used Seton or are thinking about using Seton, whether it is full/partial enrollment or just using some of their materials, please sign up and help us out. We can share our ideas, problems, joys, activities, prayers, and much more.

    If you need more information about Seton, please go to

    "Seton provides detailed lesson plans on a day-to-day basis in every subject for each child; the plans are a great guide and a MUST for parents just starting out, because they help you to organize, know what to do each day, and assess the progress each child is making. Seton's lesson plans are very flexible - you decide how slowly or quickly your child will progress through each subject depending upon his or her ability. Seton provides grading and transcripts for each child. Seton will provide, upon request, standardized tests for each child at the end of each school year. As to whether Seton's program measures up to "national" academic standards, I would say, definitely, "yes".. I really encourage you to give Seton a try, you will be glad you did."

    Please note, however, that this list is not an affiliation of Seton Home Study School, nor is it endorsed or monitored by Seton.

    Newcomers may be moderated for a time after approval. The length of time is at the discretion of owner/moderator.

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    HS-prayer (Home School Prayer List) - This group is for all Christian homeschoolers who would like to share and pray for one another's personal and family needs. Homeschool parents and mature students are welcome as are homeschool graduates, curriculum suppliers, grandparents or others associated with homeschooling in any way.

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    HomeSchool-7thDay (HOME OR PUBLIC SCHOOL - pre school) - 7th Day of the week Sabbath keeping believers. If you home school, considering it, or a parent with children in public school and in need of support because of problems in school you are welcome. Please read the VIP below before you join.

    Share about school work, every day life raising the children in values acceptable to the Father, dating, dealing with no friends in the faith, and things that most parents deal with.

    BOOKS FOR SALE: If you have good condition school books from your past classes that you wish to give away or sell at a fair price, please list them. Don't use the list for a store to sell your used books, you must be taking part in other conversation. Sometimes you may have clothes that your children have outgrown you want to get rid of and another lady would dealy love to have them for her children.

    BECAUSE OF SPAM MAIL new members are moderated for a while.

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    HOMESCHOOL-ANewBeginning - HOMESCHOOL-A New Beginning! A Christian homeschool announcement newsletter. Founded by owner Kay Green. Please set your preferences to individual emails. No mail is not allowed for this newsletter.

    This monthly newsletter will contain information about homeschool, parenting, adoption, work at home and other subjects of interest to Christian homeschool families.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HomeSchoolBlessings (Christian Homeschool Association) - Homeschool Blessings is a world wide ministry for Christian homeschoolers who strive to keep God as the focus of their family. Whether you are new to homeschooling and a God focused lifestyle or a veteran, you are welcomed here.

    We are a central meeting point for Evangelical, Bible based, Spirit filled Christians who homeschool.

    For more information on our organization, visit our web site at

    To Subscribe, visit

    homeschool_atheists - This is a discussion list for homeschoolers who are Atheists, Agnostics, or Secular Humanists. The discussion is not limited to Atheism. Anything related to homeschooling is appropriate. Other keywords: homeschool homeschooler atheist agnostic agnosticism humanist humanism.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Homeschooling_A_Quiverfull - This group is for all quiverfull Christian families who have chosen to home educate their children, or are considering doing so. Please join us as we reassure ourselves that it is not only possible to homeschool as a quiverfull family, but it is also a wonderfully rewarding experience. We will also be sending out a monthly newsletter. Topics each month may include organization tips, poetry, meal planning, crafts and more. Join me for a time of refreshment and encouragement in the Lord.

    For more information on our organization, visit our web site at

    To Subscribe, visit

    HUUH-L (Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists Humanists) - Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists Humanists and those on other roads less travelled

    To join, visit

    International-Christian-Homeschoolers (International Christian Homeschoolers) - This group is intended to be a friendly community of homeschooling (home-educating) families. We seek to support and encourage eachother as we educate our children.

    All christian parents who home school (home-educate) are equally welcome. Homeschoolers from all countries and ethnic backgrounds are equally welcome. All educational styles and philosophies are equally valued. It is hoped that friendships will form across race and national boundaries among members.

    Courtesy and kindness are expected in posts.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Jehovahs_Witness-homeschool - This list if for homeschool discussions between Jehovah's Witnesses who homeschool their children. Discussions are to remain centered around homeschooling. Posting of homeschool-related sites is welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit

    JewishHomeSchoolers - The focus of this list will be to provide homeschooling support and resources to Jewish homeschoolers of all levels of observance. ("messianic" is not an observance level--please search for a christian group.) Appropriate topics include curriculum choices, teaching tips, and holiday observances. This informal relaxed list is restricted and discussion will be limited to homeschooling and Judaism only.

    To Subscribe, visit

    KeepingItCatholic (Keeping It Catholic (KIC)) - You are most welcome to join us during our 10th year of "Keeping It Catholic on the Net!" Dedicated to Our Lady, especially under her title of "Our Lady of the Rosary" at Fatima, KIC imitates the Catholic Action apostolate of old, adopting its motto for our own: "Pray. Study. Act."

    To encourage and support other Catholic families in loving and serving God as He wishes, KIC's special focus is Catholic education at home - that is, Catholic homeschooling. Our general purpose is to share and defend the Catholic Church's perennial teachings, especially those in regard to marriage and education. Because we are faithful Catholics, our philosophy is the authentic philosophy of the Catholic Church - that is, it is scholastic. With the grace of God, we endeavor to give our children a Catholic education in which the Faith permeates the home and the curriculum.

    Our Lord taught, "If you love Me, keep My commandments." For love of Him, our daily aim is to "keep it Catholic" by keeping His Commandments, including the daily prayers of the Rosary, the wearing of the Brown Scapular, and "offering our daily duty" in loving reparation to God and as a sacrifice for the conversion of sinners.

    To Subscribe, visit

    LDS_Curriculum_Swap (LDS Curriculum Swap) - LDS Homeschool families: Come swap, sell, buy, purchase used LDS curriculum. No commercial advertising on the list. If you are a commercial retailer, please add your website to the link page under "Commercial Retailer" for easy access for everyone. Please keep posts limited to "FS" (For Sale), "WTB" (Want To Buy), and "SOLD" posts only. Attachments not permitted.

    To join, visit

    LDS Home Educators (LDSHE) - This Email Group is for Home School Mothers who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have made the decision to join those who can't bear the thoughts of someone else having the joy of watching their children grow and learn.

    This group is not for mothers just considering Home School or who have their children in Private School. We hope you do these things, but for now, we have chosen to limit membership to only those mothers who currently teach their children in their own home.

    To join, visit

    lds_homeschool - List for LDS families, which also welcomes others open to LDS standards and beliefs, who are thinking about or are currently homeschooling their children. This list is for sharing ideas, uplifting and supporting each other in the education of our children. While primarily geared towards mothers, fathers are also encouraged to join. We would like this to be a family affair.

    We welcome old-timers and new-comers to the homeschooling life, and encourage the members to ask as many questions as they need to. If you feel that a subject may be off-topic, just put "OT" in the subject line, and those who don't wish to partcipate in the discussion can simply skip over it.

    This list welcomes discussion of all things relating to family-centered education. That means that sometimes the list might take on a bit of a political slant, which is not a problem as long as the discussion participants give each other respect. This is an email list, and as such we cannot see the expression on the face of the other participant, nor the tone of their voice. It is best to remember not to read things into the statements of others that aren't plainly there.

    Flaming will not be tolerated and anti-Mormon sentiments will not be allowed. We will also not accept advertising, other than a line in your signature file. We would also very much appreciate a private e-mail to the list owner BEFORE e-mails inviting others to join other lists are sent to the group, just so we can be aware of the content of the e-mail.

    Contact the list owner if you want to send something to the list that advertises any business. Any unsolicited advertising will be considered spam. SPAMMERS will be restricted or banned from the list.

    To Subscribe, visit

    LDS_homeschooling_wop (LDS Homeschooling Without Politics) - (the "wop" in the title is "without politics"). Welcome!! This group is for the support and education of those LDS members already homeschooling or considering it. While we will be dicussing things that will follow LDS (Mormon) doctrine, all are welcome (whether LDS or not). Flaming, anti-LDS sentiment, and spam will not be tolerated. Only politics DIRECTLY relating to homeschooling will be allowed.

    To Subscribe, visit LDS_homeschooling_wop.

    Many-Paths - Many Paths Homeschoolers is a list for homeschooling PARENTS. Folks are welcome regardless of race, religion (or lack of it), lifestyle, homeschool style, sexual orientation or family makeup. Bring your sense of humor, an open mind and a willingness to learn about others! The one thing we all have in common is that we want the best for our children. This list was started by a Christian mom and a Pagan mom who met online and decided to build bridges of understanding between homeschoolers of every persuasion.

    Before being added to the list, you will be asked to write an introductory post.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Mennonite-homeschool - This list is a place for Mennonites to discuss homeschooling issues. Posting of homeschool-related websites is encouraged.

    To Subscribe, visit

    MessianicHomeschool - This list is for Messianic Jewish and Gentile Believers who have chosen to homeschool their children or are thinking of homeschooling. No harsh or abusive language will be allowed! Come Join Us!!

    To Subscribe, visit

    messianichomeschoolers (Messianic Homeschoolers) - We are a Messianic Torah observant fellowship of Homeschoolers. We believe Yeshua is Messiah, and we observe G-d's Biblical Feasts and 7th day Sabbath (Saturday). We believe the entirety of Scripture is Instruction for us, both in the Old Testament (TaNaKh) and the New Testament (Renewed Covenant). We are in various stages of learning Torah, and some have just begun exploring their Hebrew roots along with their children. We talk about whatever is on our hearts each day, maintaining our purpose here, which is: "Homeschooling our children in our Messianic walk". Discussion is how we form community with each other, but to maintain our focus and keep Shalom, we exercise guidelines around some issues that can cause division in the Messianic community. Discussion is welcome, debate is forbidden! (Guidelines e-mailed on joining). There are other forums for discussing “General Messianic Issues”, but THIS forum is for the purpose of educating our children/families in the Messianic walk.

    We do not observe holidays such as Christmas or Easter, but if you seek to learn how to worship G-d the way HE instructs us, then you may join!

    This is not a '2House OR Non-2House' Group. Neither view is forbidden & anyone may post favorite web-links from ministries that have blessed them, however please take care to not offend, AND to not be easily offended. Regardless of your view, we all can agree in Galatians 3:28-29 “ There is neither Jew nor Greek...for ye are all one in Yeshua Messiah. And if ye be Yeshua's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Some members study/observe Oral Torah (Talmud) as well. Although posts on Oral Torah are not forbidden if they pertain to homeschooling, we focus on scripture and stress "teaching the basics" to our children foremost.

    Homeschool families have precious limited time to spend on forums, so we strive to maintain a warm and productive community here. May the Shalom of Adonai be here.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Messianic_HS_4_free_units_lessons - Messianic Homeschool 4 Free is a group, which will create unit studies, lesson plans and project ideas from free resources gathered off the Internet, the community and public library. The main focus is to gather and share resources in order to defray the cost of homeschooling our children at home. Bi-weekly or monthly, a subject or topic will be posted. Each member is responsible for gathering materials/links that honor our love for our Heavenly Abba, HaShem.

    We hope to create units or lessons plans to accompany Hebrew, Torah, Bible Heroes, Science, Language Arts, Literature, and Jewish/Hebraic History from Creation to present, World History and American History. In addition, topics that each family wishes to study will be addressed as well (Native Americans, Oceanography, photography, etc).

    We believe that HaShem has blessed each child with a special gift. As parents, we are to rear our children in Torah and to help them develop their G-d given talents.

    We firmly believe in Proverbs 22:6: "Train a child n the way he [should] go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it." [CJB]

    This group is not a place to discuss general homeschooling issues or debate doctrine. Please join one of the many other groups within Yahoo or on the net for these purposes.

    An excellent group for issues specific to Messianic homeschooling is:

    To Subscribe, visit

    MHESG (MHESupport) - Welcome to the Muslim Home Educators Alliance

    We created this list for Muslims who are homeschooling or are thinking about homeschooling and in need of support. There are issues that are unique to homeschooling and even more so when one includes Islamic principles. Because home education as unique to each individual family as it is to the child that is homeschooled, we created an environment of learning, of exchanging ideas, of education. That is our primary goal.

    This list is for support groups. How do you start one? How do you know if the one you belong to is the right one for you? How do you connect with other muslims?

    If you want to discuss home educating Muslim children and the issues facing support groups, this is the list for you! Feel free to post websites which you have found helpful, including your webpage.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    midwestmh (Midwest Muslim Homeschoolers) - PMHRN's Midwest Muslim Homeschoolers Network. Assalamu Alaikum, Fellow Muslim Homeschoolers!

    Here is a place for Muslim Homeschoolers that reside in the Midwest region of the United States to network and be support for one another. We encourage all Midwestern Muslim Homeschoolers to join this effort. Even if only two Muslims join, there will still exist a sense of support that makes homeschooling feel less lonely and more enjoyable. All of the positive benefits of networking can help a parent achieve homeschooling success! Was Salaam Alaikum, Palmetto Muslim Homeschool Resource Network

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    Muslim_Homeschool (MHEA -Sisters Only Group) - We created this list for Muslims who are homeschooling or are thinking about homeschooling and in need of support. nbsp; Because home education as unique to each individual family as it is to the child that is homeschooled, we created an environment of learning, of exchanging ideas, of education. That is our primary goal.

    Because there are sisters who do not desire interaction with male muslims, this is a sisters-ONLY list. As Muslims, we know, that often we cannot agree on the times for the beginning of Ramadan or the Eid prayers. We leave those things to each Muslim and ALLAH (STWA). That's not the purpose of this list. Please do not join if you are prostelytizing different sects, or if you feel that your interpretation of Quran and Sunnah are the only that count. This list is comprised of Sisters - sunni, shia, noi, sufi, secular muslims, both extremes and everything in between. Know in advance that there are crafts that include pictures and activities that include music.

    If you want to discuss home educating Muslim children with others raising and home educating muslim children, then this is the place for you. Feel free to discuss Islamic homeschool, and all that it entails. Feel free to post websites which you have found helpful, including your webpage.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    NEBuddhistHomeschool (New England Buddhist Homeschool Group) - We are such a minority -- us Buddhist Homeschool Families. Perhaps through this forum we can share our experiences in trying to incorporate Buddhism into our lives and homeschooling endevors.

    This is a support group for Buddhist homeschoolers in the New England region -- Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. Here we can talk about how we home-school with Buddhist ethics in mind. How do we live the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path in our culture?

    When we are large enough, we will hold monthly or even weekly meetings, field trips, meditation circles and other neat homeschooling things. Eventually, we will also plan a yearly retreat for Buddhists and home school families in the New England region.

    Feel free to join us if you have been a Buddhist home school family for years or are merely interested in it.

    To Subscribe, visit

    nejhs (A list for members of the New England Jewish Homeschoolers group) - This list is for Jewish homeschoolers in the New England area. That includes CT, NH, VT, ME, RI, MA.

    We welcome people who are interested in participating (and helping to organize) some of the activities we are planning. On this list, we are privileged to have Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, Reconstructionist Jews, secular Jews. We DON'T have so-called Messianic Jews (Jews for Jesus).

    There is no proselytizing allowed on this list. This list is NOT for discussing religious politics or "how" to be a Jew. It's primary goal is to make friends and organize gatherings. Note: NonJews married to Jews and raising their children as Jews or with Jewish traditions are also welcome.

    Note: NonJews married to Jews and raising their children as Jews or with Jewish traditions are also welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit

    nemen (New England Muslim Educators Network) - A private email list for Muslim teachers and administrators in public and private schools, Islamic schools and Muslim homeschools, day care, preschools, weekend schools and after/summer schooling.

    Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont


    • To aid Islamic schools, Muslim teachers and Muslim homeschoolers in their educational endeavors.
    • To promote networking, and community building through the NEMEN email list and NEMEN/Islamic school/Muslim homeschool activites.
    • To create and maintain an on going supportive and proactive environment for all our educators for the very best of ourselves and our children.

    Islamic schools are encouraged to post and promote their carnivals, fairs, teacher workshops, professional development etc. Please also post these events on the calendar.

    Muslim homeschoolers are encouraged to post and promote their activites, shared educational endeavors, field trips, etc. Please also post these events on the calendar.

    Everyone on the NEMEN list is encouraged to contribute and post information on various workshops, professional development, conventions, conferences, forums, etc. within the NEMEN area.

    Started in March 2001, this group has migrated here from another email list site. We also have a new organization site: Old site that still retains resources:

    To Subscribe, visit

    northeastmh (Northeast Muslim Homeschoolers) - PMHRN's Northeast Muslim Homeschoolers Network. Assalamu Alaikum, Fellow Muslim Homeschoolers!

    Here is a place for Muslim Homeschoolers that reside in the Northeast region of the United States to network and be support for one another. We encourage all Northeastern Muslim Homeschoolers to join this effort. Even if only two Muslims join, there will still exist a sense of support that makes homeschooling feel less lonely and more enjoyable. All of the positive benefits of networking can help a parent achieve homeschooling success! Was Salaam Alaikum, Palmetto Muslim Homeschool Resource Network

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    orthodoxhomechurchschool (The Orthodox Home Church School) - Once subscribed, feel free (recommended) to set subscription to web read and to search our archives. This is the Orthodox Home Church School list, come to be known as the 'mother' list.

    Public school efforts, though excellent and very resourceful, do not always provide support or enrichment to teach the children their faith. We are trying to support one another in either enriching the public school education system with Christian teachings, or entirely homeschool our young children. This list is hoped to be a resource for church school, home school, and family and friends, to support one another and share ideas, hopes and practical tips and experiences to make these holy efforts successful. The foundation of faith is Orthodox Christian -- of the first seven ecumenical councils. Posters need not be members of this list.

    To Subscribe, visit

    PFHL (Pagan Family Homeschool List) - The Pagan Family Homeschool List is open to all members of the Pagan community, from elders to youngsters! Here we share stories, suggestions, humor, support and more. To help alleviate spam issues, all new members are set to moderated status for a probationary period. Signing onto this list and sending spam, whether it be Pagan or not, is not allowed. Violators will be dealt with harshly.

    To Subscribe, visit

    paganfreedomschoolers (P~F~S) - Welcome to the Pagan Freedom Schoolers (aka: P~F~S) support group.

    This list is for *PARENTS* who practice some form of Paganism (i.e. Neo-Paganism, Wicca, Druidism, etc.), and homeschool, or are parents of grown-up children who 'graduated' from homeschooling. This list has been created to bring together Pagan Homeschooling parents who're *18 or above*. All styles of homeschooling are welcome, which is from one end of the spectrum (radical unschooling) to classroom style school-at-home. Your list-owners are Unschoolers (to know just how radical, you'll have to join) :) We live in the SW Missouri Ozarks.

    Although this list is homeschooling in nature, that's not all we talk about :) In fact, it's for more than homeschool support, it's for life support. There is no topic that is forbidden. I abhor censorship, so language (strong or otherwise) is NOT censored. Basically, it's a list for homeschooling parents to talk to each other about whatever

    P.s. This list is IncrediMail/HTML friendly – just so you know that you need to have your anti-virus software updated regularly while on this list – just in case :) *HOWEVER* your signature line can only have one 'blinky'. We have slow dial-up and can't handle *overly* heavy graphics in the emails.

    You'll need to submit an introduction before I approve your membership request.

    You need to submit your introduction within *14 days* of clicking 'Join This Group!' or sending an email to, else you'll be denied (automatically by Yahoogroups). I really don't like that to happen!

    To Subscribe, visit

    Paganhomeschool (~PaganHomeSchool~) - This list is open to all Pagan Parents whether you are currently home schooling your children or are thinking about it. Topics vary from whether to home school or unschool to what curriculum is best for those who choose to use it. But most of all I want this list to be about the pagan children and the unique position they are facing. How can we help each other help them to become wel-educated and responsible adults, pagan or not.

    {UPDATE} I have found it necessary to add one rule to the list: Please do not forward email to this list concerning virus warnings or any chain letter that you recieve in your email box, most of these are hoaxes and we have all seen them before. If the header on the email chain letter is as long as your arm, then chances are we have seen it a dozen or so times, and do not wish to see it again. Please do not forward anything to the list, unless you personally have checked with the authorities and know first-hand of its validity and are willing to provide proof to the members of the list of its reality. To assist you in checking out these things before you send them please visit this site first - which is where everybody should always check before they forward emails that say 'urgent' 'true' 'i checked it myself' or 'wow, free money!' ;). Thank you for understanding.

    There will not be any flaming allowed, I don't have time for it and will unsub you immediately. This is a friendly place for us to help each other.

    In addition to this, the moderators have the option of placing members on moderated status without giving them notice for violating any of the group rules.

    To Subscribe, visit

    pagantotshs - Group of support for parents looking for ideas to help homeschool toddlers and young children (Ages 1 to 4) This is a pagan centered list, however it is not the sole focus of the list. Ideas will be exchanged, but this list may also include chit-chat about other issues affecting parents of toddler/preschool aged children.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Quaker Homeschooling Circle (QHC) - A list for Quakers and fellow seekers who either homeschool their children or are interested in homeschooling and other alternative approaches to education.

    To Subscribe, visit or send an email to

    Reaching Higher - A free, monthly homeschool ezine to encourage and equip homeschoolers as you seek the best for your families.

    We know that homeschoolers feel a little 'different' to other families, especially here in Africa where we are still a rare, but rapidly multiplying breed!

    Even in other countries, we, homeschoolers, stick out a bit from the other 'herds' as we strive for different outcomes for our little flock, than the rest.

    Most of us are Christians and so we are reaching higher as we seek the Lord's instructions for building strong families and developing godly character in each individual's life.

    Subscribe to our free, monthly ezine, Reaching Higher, for the top tips and juiciest leaves of the homeschooling cyberforest!

    In other words, we'll be bringing you the best advice, articles, websites and encouragement we can to help you as you raise your young ones and build your family legacy!

    To Subscribe, visit

    RobinsonUsers4Christ (Discipling Our Children for God's Glory) - This group is for Bible and Trinity-believing, God-fearing, "Jesus-Plus-Nothing-Else" Christian families using or investigating the Robinson Curriculum. All homeschooling families using or investigating the Robinson Curriculum are welcome to join, with notice that the group is first and foremost a Christian group. Single parents and large families are encouraged to investigate this curriculum.

    We share ideas and provide support. We discuss day-to-day issues faced by homeschooling families, and answer questions about the curriculum. Many of the group members have been homeschooling for several years, and enjoy helping new homeschoolers. We also like to talk about our families and how well they are doing, and we strive to support and uplift members who need love and prayer from like-minded families.

    Introductory information on the curriculum can be found at and

    For detailed information or to purchase the curriculum, please visit

    To prevent spam and trolling, the membership process includes a response step. When you ask to join the group, you will receive a membership request email. You must respond to the email, and be approved. As a group member, you agree to our specific guidelines for behavior and communication on the group.

    Be aware that when you post a message, even though the membership is intended to be limited, it may be disseminated to many people outside the list. I.e., post only if you intend your views to potentially become public.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SaintsandScholars - SaintsandScholars is an online support group for LDS homeschoolers across the nation, no matter what method of homeschooling you prefer, established to encourage those who are motivated to home school, yet need the confidence to begin, and to refresh and hearten home schooling veterans. SaintsandScholars is for all parents who homeschool their children, or who are considering homeschooling as a lifestyle. We welcome you! Here you will find veteran homeschoolers and beginners, all learning together.

    This list will take a serious look at the ways in which homeschooling, religious training, and family life shape our lives and the lives of our children. All are invited to share ideas, new web site discoveries, success and struggle stories, character education, favorite curriculum sources, influential books, experiences with distance learning, lessons you as a parent have learned, and the general daily life of homeschooling.

    The Lord will intervene in our circumstances to solve the problems we cannot solve ourselves. When we ask for His help, then we have access to all the resources of heaven. It is not a teaching certificate, college degree, great patience, or expert communication skills that will carry us through to the end in our home schooling experience, but the help of the Lord.

    This list is dedicated to parents teaching parents in the greatest and most eternal pursuit of all: raising our children to develop their hearts, minds, and talents in righteousness and faith.

    Visit our companion lists:

    Classical-LDS-hs is the world's first online forum for the discussion, discovery, and implementation of LDS educational principles, designed for parents who are homeschooling using the classical model.

    Homeschooling gifted children, giftedness, and gifted resources within the LDS community:

    Be sure to visit our website,

    To Subscribe, visit

    SENIOR HIGH FORM+U+LA LIST (SHF-L) - This list was created for the homeschooling parents of high schoolers wanting a place to discuss application of the book "Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la" and learn to walk in greater freedom and creativity during their children's high school years. It is geared specifically to go along with her Form+U+la book so you should be in the process of reading it to get the most benefit from the list, however it is not a prerequisite to subscribing. The book is Christian-slanted, but people of all walks will benefit much from it whether they are Christian or not. The book is not a "curriculum" in itself, but enables you to use any and all kinds of curriculum, learning experiences, teaching methods, learning styles, real books, text/workbooks, etc. and create your own tailor-made framework as well as classes.

    To subscribe, send a blank email to ( You should then receive a Welcome Letter that explains the list and how it operates in more detail.

    SL-Catholic (Roman Catholic families using Sonlight) - This list is for Roman Catholic families using the Sonlight Curriculum. Our loop exsists primarily to discuss Sonlight in the context of our Catholic faith. Questions about the Catholic faith are welcome. Responses should be in alignment with the Magesterium. Keep in mind that we are all at different places in our faith journey and no one should be made to feel less Holy because they have a different understanding.

    No flaming is allowed! If you disagree with someone's comments, please be respectful. Try to indicate OT in the subject line if your post is off-topic. If you do not wish to participate in such discussions, please freely use your DELETE button! The Moderators reserve the right to ask any OFF-topic thread to be continued privately.

    For Sale items are allowed if they are 1/Sonlight or 2/Catholic in nature. Please designate FS in the Subject line. If it is a Sonlight item, please indicate in which level this item is used.

    Please make sure that you use your REGULAR email address when joining. This way, you will receive all the important correspondence for the group. Files and reminders are sent on an occasional basis and we need to make sure that all of our members are up to speed.

    Also, please include your first name, what Sonlight level(s) you're interested in, and any brief comments during the sign-up process. Please be sure to check out our extensive files on most Sonlight levels.

    To Subscribe, visit

    southeastmh (Southeast Muslim Homeschoolers) - PMHRN's Northeast Muslim Homeschoolers Network. Assalamu Alaikum, Fellow Muslim Homeschoolers!

    Here is a place for Muslim Homeschoolers that reside in the Southeast region of the United States to network and be support for one another. We encourage all Southeastern Muslim Homeschoolers to join this effort. Even if only two Muslims join, there will still exist a sense of support that makes homeschooling feel less lonely and more enjoyable. All of the positive benefits of networking can help a parent achieve homeschooling success! Was Salaam Alaikum, Palmetto Muslim Homeschool Resource Network

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    southwestmh (Southwest Muslim Homeschoolers) - PMHRN's Northeast Muslim Homeschoolers Network. Assalamu Alaikum, Fellow Muslim Homeschoolers!

    Here is a place for Muslim Homeschoolers that reside in the Southwest region of the United States to network and be support for one another. We encourage all Southwestern Muslim Homeschoolers to join this effort. Even if only two Muslims join, there will still exist a sense of support that makes homeschooling feel less lonely and more enjoyable. All of the positive benefits of networking can help a parent achieve homeschooling success! Was Salaam Alaikum, Palmetto Muslim Homeschool Resource Network

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    SpiritLed (Led by the Spirit) - Are you a Christian Home Educator who uses a child-led approach? I have found as an unschooler, I often feel uncomfortable in the local homeschool groups (which are predominantly Christian), but as a Christian, I feel uncomfortable in the unschooling groups (which are predominantly non- (or even anti-) Christian... Each group has it's strengths and each it's weaknesses, but I think we need a forum to share freely our educational philosophies AND our faith...

    To Subscribe, visit

    StUrsulaNetwork - SUN (St. Ursula Network). St. Ursula is a patroness for Catholic education, educators, and students.

    The purpose of this group is to enable Catholic homeschoolers to network with each other. We use the word Catholic in it’s orthodox meaning (language taken from the Easter Vigil Liturgy of the 2004 Roman Missal): "those who believe and profess all that the Holy Catholic Church believes, teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God."

    Members are free to use the group for any purpose not inconsistent with the Catholic faith or excessively commercial.

    For entry to the group, adult members must believe and profess all elements of the most current version of the “PROFESSION OF FAITH and THE OATH OF FIDELITY” which is published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The current version is located at and can also be viewed by clicking the Files link.

    To Subscribe, visit

    The_Noble_Child - The Noble Child E-Group is for mothers. Mothers carrying a new life. This list is for LDS mothers and others who want to be notified when Family Life or Homeschool articles are posted by list members to various sites including Themestream. List conversation is expected to be family oriented and cover everything from pregnancy and nursing babies to teaching our children regardless of where or by what method. List owner is Cherie Logan. She is a writer, a public speaker and an LDS homeschooling mother of a large family. Visit the Noble Child E-Group home page for more information.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    tod-kah (Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers at Home) - This discussion group is for Christian women who have daughters whom they desire to train to be "keepers at home" in the spirit of Titus 2: 4 & 5. Our discussion is around the topics in Ann Ward's "Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers at Home." All subscriptions are subject to moderator approval.

    To Subscribe, visit

    TORCH-D (Jewish Homeschoolers) - Torah-Centered Homeschooling Discussion (torch-d) is the on-line mailing list of ATorCH (Association for Torah-Centered Homeschooling). ATorCH is an organization providing information about and support for homeschooling with a religious Jewish perspective.

    To subscribe, visit

    Train-up-a-child - This list is for the discussion of Christian Homeschooling and Christian Parenting. There are great people onboard ready to ask questions about anything related to homeschooling or parenting. So join right in.

    To Subscribe, visit

    UUHomeschoolers - We welcome Unitarian Universalist families who may or may not be homeschooling to those who are interested in homeschooling but may or may not be UU. This is a place where open minds can consider alternatives to traditional public education.

    The list also acts as an educational resource center where we may share ideas, links, and resources related to education. We believe that learning outside of the public school system is a viable educational choice that is compatible with Unitarian Universalist philosophy, as well as with pagan,humanist,atheist,and theist beliefs and lifestyles.

    This is not intended to be a general discussion list -- although questions and topic related discussions are welcomed and encouraged. But rather the list is intended to be quite focused on home education as it relates to our Unitarian Universalist principles and to liberal education as a whole.

    This list operates on the UU principles centered-philosophy that we will always respect and honor one another, encourage and help one another,join our strengths to create a more just and open minded educational community and build a supportive online community that brings us comaraderie and opens our hearts and our minds in ways we hope our children's hearts and minds will always be open.

    UU Homeschoolers is a UUA Related Organization, a member of the National Home Education Network, and a member of Rose Rock network of inclusive homeschool organizations.

    [Note: Please be aware that UU Homeschoolers maintains a "repost freely" policy. Also, while member discussions, reviews and suggestions about educational products, books and curricula are welcome, advertising for self-gain is prohibited. This includes advertising in tag lines. Thank you for understanding.]

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    westernmh (Western Muslim Homeschoolers) - PMHRN's Northeast Muslim Homeschoolers Network. Assalamu Alaikum, Fellow Muslim Homeschoolers!

    Here is a place for Muslim Homeschoolers that reside in the Western region of the United States to network and be support for one another. We encourage all Western Muslim Homeschoolers to join this effort. Even if only two Muslims join, there will still exist a sense of support that makes homeschooling feel less lonely and more enjoyable. All of the positive benefits of networking can help a parent achieve homeschooling success! Was Salaam Alaikum, Palmetto Muslim Homeschool Resource Network

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

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