Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in New York, including the Adirondacks, Albany, the Berkshires, Buffalo, the Capital District, the Finger Lakes area, Fredonia, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens), the Niagara Frontier, Rochester, Rome, Saratoga, Schroon Lake, Schenectady, the Southern Tier, Staten Island, Syracuse, Troy, Utica, Westchester, and Woodstock. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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A student should not be taught more than he can think about.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

    New York Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    ahef (Adirondack Homeschool Education Fellowsh) - Adirondack Homeschool Education Fellowship - A home schooling support group based around Schroon Lake in Warren and Essex counties in the Adirondacks of New York State, and founded on Christian principles and beliefs.

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    BAHC20 (BAHC) - Welcome to the Brooklyn African-American Homeschoolers Connections. We are out here. You have found us. The main purpose of the group is to connect families of color with other families of color who are homeschooling in Brooklyn. The group will also serve as a way to share ideas about curriculum and methodology about homeschooling. Suggestions for trips and field trips can be posted here. This group is a place where you can discuss topics concerning homeschooling issues face in our ethnic group, community and state at large.

    The group’s itinerary for each month will be posted at the beginning of every week. As well as the question of the week, homeschool tips for the week. It is important to note that parties from the tri -state area are more than welcome to make the connection. So come on in and join the conversation among sisters and brothers who are educating our beautiful children of color.

    To keep the group dialogue flowing please post a least twice every month

    Please keep language clean, conversation friendly and intelligent, and no spam allowed. Remember, we do not have to agree on each issue, but we must be able to disagree with a level of tact always in place, which would allow our dialogue to be useful to all the families actively engaging in our group's conversation.

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    BerkshireAreaChristianHomeschoolers (Berkshire Area Christian Homeschoolers ) - Welcome! This is a Christian Homeschool Group for homeschooling mothers living in (or relocating to): Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, Eastern Upstate New York or Southern New Hampshire.

    Our desire for this group is that it be a loving, Christian environment to share prayer requests, concerns, curriculum questions, local or regional events, everyday chatter, recipes, housekeeping tips... you name it!

    We hope that this site will be a support and blessing to each member!

    P.S. This group is not intended to replace any existing yahoo group, but to enhance the support and fellowship of area homeschooling moms.

    P.P.S. All are welcome to join regardless of their beliefs, but keep in mind that we are free to express our Christian faith here, while being tolerant and understanding of others. No flaming or heated theological debates, please. Thank you.

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    capitaldistricthomeschool (Capital District Homeschool) - Welcome, and come on in! Please come in and share your experiences with and thoughts on homeschooling in the Albany, New York area. You will be welcome to share information on curriculum, books, favorite places to visit, seminars, special events, anything you can provide.

    If you are new to homeschooling, you will be able to find some great resources. Please feel free to ask questions! The list has been created to provide a supportive atmosphere.

    No spamming, flaming, or "put-downs" will be allowed. Each family has their own style, needs, and reasons for homeschooling and I expect that those needs will be respected.

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    CDHE (Capital District Home Educators) - This list is for homeschoolers in the Capital District of New York State -- the Albany/Schenectady/Troy area. We welcome homeschoolers of all types and philosophies. Please note that this is not a religious list, and messages regarding religion are not to be posted here.

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    CharlotteMasonWNY - This is a discussion list for homeschoolers in the Buffalo, NY area interested in Charlotte Mason's teaching methods and ideas. Please share ideas, experiences, announcements, etc.

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    chsy (Catholic Homeschoolers of York Email List) - This list is limited only to those who are members of the Catholic Homeschoolers of York. You must join the off-line support group before you can join the email group. For new member information and form, email

    The Catholic Homeschoolers of York Support Group formed in Sept. 2000. The group is specifically for Catholic Homeschoolers. It is open to anyone belonging to a rite which is in communion with the Holy Father. It is for homeschooling mothers, fathers and children. All are welcome at the meetings. Whether one is planning to homeschool, investigating homeschooling as a possibility, a new homeschooler or a veteran, they are welcome. We will try to support each other not only on educational issues but also in our vocations as wives/mothers and husbands/fathers and as Catholics.

    The purpose of the email list is to provide support and communication in addition to the meetings.

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    CLEAHCo-op - CLEAH stands for CommunityLovingEductionAtHome

    We are a Christian homeschool support group in the Lower Westchester area of New York. We are a chapter of the New York Statewide homeschool support group called LEAH (Loving Education at Home). We meet on a weekly basis, usually on Friday afternoons. We do various field trips, good old fashion play and a place where parents of homeschool children can support one another.

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    CNYHSEN (Central NY Home School E-Network) - This is an E-Support Group: A Net-working forum designed to share information, news, ideas and events relevant to home schoolers in the Syracuse, Rome, Utica and surrounding communities of Central New York.

    The CNYHSEN e-loop is intended to encourage ALL home schooling families, only CNYHSEN-loop members may post messages. Members are encouraged to post any items that may be of interest to other home educators (examples:events, fieldtrips,info about home school-friendly retailers, group activities, ideas to make home or school run more efficiently, websites w/helpful information, co-op classes, helps for new home schoolers, etc.... please be on the look out for interesting items to post... moderator reserves the right to remove any member for any reason.

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    DREAM4KIDS (D.R.E.A.M. Home Education Community) - WELCOME TO D.R.E.A.M.--Discovery, Resources, Education, Activities and More

    WHO WE ARE: We are a group of families who educate our children at home. The group is secular and is open to all homeschoolers, as well as to those who are thinking about homeschooling their children.

    It is our goal to develop a diverse homeschooling community that can provide support, resources, networking and activities for homeschoolers of various ethnic and religious backgrounds throughout Long Island and Queens. We welcome and respect all members, no matter what homeschooling method or philosophy you choose.

    WHAT WE DO: We provide a community in which members of the group can plan activities such as field trips, play dates, and learning co-ops, as well as discuss homeschooling issues. This is a member-driven group, and all members are welcome and encouraged to plan activities and post to the list. If you need ideas for activities, or just want to put out feelers to the group about ideas you might have, feel free to post your questions or ask for support. Any member may add files or databases to the site that might be of interest to the group.

    We also schedule regular family get-togethers at least six times a year. The schedule of potlucks, picnics, and so on, will be posted on the calendar, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    PLEASE: Support your fellow members! Spamming, flaming, and negative comments about others' philosophies and ideas are not acceptable on this site, and will be moderated by the listowners. Off-topic posts are allowed, but please mark OT in the subject heading to alert those who would prefer to skip such posts.

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    Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs) - This is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are homeschooling their children.

    Do you live in the Eastern region of the United States? You are invited to join our online homeschool support group. We invite all parents who want to help their children succeed in school and in life, veteran home educators looking for a fresh start, new family educators searching for help and ideas, and parents just thinking about home education to join us.

    Our goal is to support them in their endeavor as well as disseminate information. We welcome anyone not included in another group. Our states include: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. ME MA RI DE CN NH VT OH MI MD NY NJ PA

    To Subscribe, visit Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs).

    FamiliesUnschoolingiNNY (Families Unschooling iN NY (FUNNY!)) - This list is for New York State unschoolers (or those interested in moving towards unschooling in NYS). There are at least three definitions of unschooling in use here:

    1.) The kid's the one who chooses what and how to learn, in terms of "academics", the "intellect", or the "required subjects" listed in the NYS Regulations on Home Instruction.

    2.) The books, materials or ways of learning are more creative, hands-on, real-world, flexible, individualized, etc., than what is typically found in conventional schools or in what is sometimes called "school-at-home homeschooling".

    3.) The kid's the one who chooses what and how to learn/do not only within the narrow realm described in definition #1, but also in terms of, for example, what to eat or how much TV to watch.

    You're welcome no matter which definition you prefer - or if yours doesn't fit neatly into one of these. (DISCLAIMER: Elsa, the current listowner, has a bias, preferring definition #1.)

    Some listmembers came here to escape discussions of curricula, etc. Please think twice before posting here what you could just as easily post on a general-interest homeschooling list.

    Our unusual List Guidelines (see Files section) are designed to protect listmembers from the powers of the listowner and moderator/s.

    If you're a journalist, a researcher, or an employee or contractor of any government entity having to do with education or child welfare, or if you're acting on behalf of someone who is, you must reveal this fact to the listowner, who will decide with the moderator/s whether your presence on the list is likely to compromise the freedom of listmembers to express themselves. You are responsible for any professional ethics, rules or laws that preclude your joining this list.

    Elsa is the new listowner, as of 05/30/07. (This list description differs sharply from the one used by her predecessor, Anne. See Files section.)

    To Subscribe, visit FamiliesUnschoolingiNNY.

    FERNetwork (Family Educators Resource Network FERN) - FERN is an informal networking group for home educators in the areas of Columbia, Rensselaer, and Albany counties in New York and in Berkshire county in Massachusetts. FERN operates as a computer-based "newsletter" for activities, resources, and information to support homeschooling families and those interested in home education.

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    fingerlakeshomeschooling (Finger Lakes Home Schooling Network) - The Finger Lakes Home Schooling Network is a resource for home-schoolers in the Finger Lakes region of central New York. This is an inclusive, non-denominational list.

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    fredonia_area_homeschoolers (Fredonia area Homeschoolers) - Hello and welcome! We are starting a Homeschool group in the Fredonia area. We plan on doing many different and educational things this year. Field trips to local areas of interest as well as plenty of hands on projects and activities. We are in the process of starting up a homeschool newspaper/mag written by the kids themselves for their peers in the homeschool community. If your child is interested in journalism or any other type of print media this might be something for them. I hope to see this group grow and become an active community of homeschool friends and support. This is a group for all styles of homeschooling. We hope to meet you all soon. Tom and Cathy Millin - Homeschooling 3 outstanding kids!

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    funschooling - An e-mail list for the Fingerlakes Unschoolers Network, located in and around Ithaca, New York. For more information, visit

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    heeg (Home Educators Enrichment Group) - this is an e-mail group for the members of HEEG, it is to be used for communication about events and activities and any other related information

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    HENCNY (Home Education Network of Central New York) - Home Education Network of Central New York is a resource for all home educating families in the Central New York area. For more information, visit

    To Subscribe to our e-group, send an e-mail with subscribe in the subject field or visit

    Homeschooling_Info_Discussion (Homeschooling Info/D NY Southern Tier) - The Southern Tier of NYS is a broad geographic area (taking in parts of NYS and PA). It is rich in diversity and opportunities, and has a very supportive atmosphere for homeschooling in all of its many forms.

    This List was created for informational purposes for people who want to investigate educational alternatives such as homeschooling in the Southern Tier of NYS, and is an open list for anyone to join (I have patterned it after the Fingerlakes Unschooling Network's open list); I will approve all who wish to join.

    This list will be a place to ask questions, support and respect others, share information, discuss theory, plan get-togethers for families or youth, discuss what homeschooling opportunities, gatherings, and organizations are available for support in the area, search the archives, etc.

    This will also be a List with the purpose of putting homeschooling newcomers in touch with experienced homeschoolers in our area. Feel free to suggest that anyone new to homeschooling (or even just interested in exploring it as an alternative) join this new list. Also, if you are someone willing to discuss homeschooling with interested individuals or newcomers, please subscribe.

    To Subscribe, visit

    HomeSchoolNY (Everything HomeSchool NY) - All things HomeSchool in Western NY and NorthWest PA!! All inclusive, inter-denominational! Post your questions, leave your answers! Share your joys, vent your frustrations! Buy, sell, trade your curriculum! Join field trips and events, make new friends and meet with some old! Join the homeschooling email world and be part of the email community! Cattaraugus, Erie, Genesee, Wyoming, Allegany, Wayne, Oswego, Monroe, Chautauqua counties and more! McKean and Potter Counties!

    *Your hostess Nancy will remove any /all spam.* Please keep curriculum advertising to no more than once or twice a week. *Consider digest mode for less email.*

    To Subscribe, visit

    hudson_homeschoolers (Hudson Valley Homeschoolers) - This list is established to provide an electronic means of communications for parents participating in the LDS Hudson Valley Homeschoolers Group. Serving Dutchess and Ulster Counties.

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    HudsonValleyHomeEducators (Hudson Valley Home Educators) - Hudson Valley Home Educators is a group, based in the Hudson Valley of New York, dedicated to assisting those interested in home education for their children, both the experienced homeschoolers and those just starting out. We plan to discuss many topics including how to get started, curriculum issues, field trip ideas, and problem-solving.

    Please join us. Visit us at

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    JHENYC (Jewish Home Educators of New York City) - This list, Jewish Home Educators of New York City, is a meeting place for homeschooling or unschooling Jewish parents (or those just thinking about it) living in or around New York City.

    It is a place to discuss issues unique to New York-area Jewish homeschoolers and unschoolers and a place where, I hope, friendships will be formed and meetings will be planned.

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    Kids Community Calendar - Subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter, Kids Community Calendar. Every Friday, we will email you a complete list of all of the kid- and family-friendly events in the Rochester area for that weekend through the following weekend (so you can plan ahead).

    As part of the service, you will also receive separate email that we think will interest you--for example, individual announcements of special events for kids or parents in Rochester. When they're available, we'll also send out notifications of coupons available on the web, or of special raffles we're helping sponsor. Frequently, we send individual emails detailing major events that we will be appearing at or co-sponsoring. We may also provide notices of retail events of interest to parents, such as back-to-school sales.

    As a matter of policy, we will never release your name or email address to anyone else, except in special cases like raffles and free giveaways; information about their products, services, or events will be emailed through our office only.

    For more information, visit

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    LearningWithFamily - Welcome Homeschoolers - particularly in the NY Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), but all Homeschooling families and people very involved in their children's lives and learning are welcome!

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    LIGHTmail (LIGHT Homeschooling Network Community) - We are Long Island's Oldest Secular Homeschool Support Group!!! Almost 20 years of Home Education Support for the famlies of Long Island, Queens & Brooklyn.

    Our homepage is:

    Please note: A name and phone number must be provided to verify membership for this group. This is important, we care about the safety of our families.

    MISSION: LIGHT is a secular grassroots non-profit organization directed by member consensus. The common interest of our members is home-education. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for members by members (and their children and families), hold meetings that support members in their home education choice and help members to introduce themselves to one another. All services are provided through the unpaid volunteer efforts of the members. All members are invited to attend business meetings or send written opinions.

    GOAL: Our goal is to offer the Long Island area a stepping stone in which they can:

    • gain home school information
    • network with other home schooling families
    • create cooperative learning opportunities
    • create home school choice support
    • collectively direct the culture of the group

    All members are invited and encouraged to participate in the planning and running of our group.

    CREED: LIGHT is a secular organization. We welcome people of all faiths, belief systems, religions (or lack thereof), ethnicity and abilities to come together as fellow home schoolers as long as they do not infringe upon the right of other members with differing beliefs. Our members peacefully coexist under the umbrella of home schooling.

    VISION: LIGHT's vision is to ensure that all families are aware that homeschooling in New York is a legal, viable option as an educational choice.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Long-Island-Waldorf-Homeschoolers (Long Island Waldorf Homeschoolers) - This is a group for homeschooling parents on Long Island, New York who are inspired by the methods of waldorf education. This is a place to meet other like-minded parents, and discuss issues about teaching our children at home.

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    newyorkhomeschooling - A Place where other New York homeschoolers can get together share ideas and chat.

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    NFHE (Niagara Frontier Home Educators) - We are a group of homeschooling families in the Niagara County area of New York. We believe in the Bible, one God the Father Almighty, one Lord, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father. This is our community page and is open to all members of the Niagara Frontier Home Educators.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NOBHA - Welcome Niagara County and surrounding area homeschoolers. NOBHA was founded for all homeschoolers regardless of their homeschooling philosophy. From unschoolers to eclectics and everyone in between, you are welcome here. We hope to provide information, support, resources and lasting friendships along our wonderful adventure in Homeschooling.

    Remember that NOBHA is an *inclusive* group. Please be respectful and tolerant of members with ideas and beliefs that are different from your own.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    NorthernAdirondackHomeEducators (Northern Adirondack Home Educators) - Welcome to the Northern Adirondack Home Educators (NAHE). Please use this communication tool to share announcements, ideas and information.

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    NorthernNewYorkHomeschoolers - Welcome to the Northern New York Homeschoolers list! This list is for all homeschoolers/unschoolers in Northern New York. Please feel free to express openly your comments & opinions, keeping in mind to respect others all the while. Happy emailing everyone!

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    Northgate LEAH - This is a public, informational, web site for Northgate LEAH in Rochester, NY. We support Christian Home Schooling families through a variety of services and activities.

    For more information, visit or send e-mail to

    Northtownscatholichomeschoolers (Northtowns Catholic Homeschoolers) - We want to come together as homeschool families and teach the Catholic Faith to our children. The group will certainly not exclude anyone who is not Roman Catholic, but it must be understood that the activities that we will undertake will be filled with our Faith, and its teachings. We are hoping to serve the northern parts of western New York.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NY-alert - A list for homeschoolers in NY to discuss legislative and regulatory issues with each other and with concerned homeschoolers in other states. This group is hosted by the New York Home Educators' Network -

    Please feel free to utilize the separate NYHEN-Support list for discussion of other issues and the "nitty-gritty" questions related to home education.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NYC_christian_homeschoolers (NYC Christian Homeschoolers) - This group is for Christians homeschooling in (or near) New York City. Christians only please! We're here to answer questions, provide support for each other, organize support group activities and generally talk about homeschooling stuff.

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    ny-christianhs - This is a fellowship of New York Christian homeschoolers. It is for the support and discussion of homeschooling and related issues. Please share your prayer requests, curriculum questions, or anthing you would like to share, as all of life is education. This is non-denominational list, so doctrinal discussions are discouraged.

    To Subscribe, visit

    nyc_unschoolers (NYC Unschoolers) - Unschooling in the city that never sleeps! This list is for families who are living and learning in the greatest city on earth. Meet other unschoolers, organize get-togethers, discuss cool things in your neighborhood -- we're a pretty relaxed discussion group.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NYHEN-Support - This list is hosted by the New York Home Educators' Network ( It is open to anyone interested in homeschooling in New York State. If you have questions about homeschooling in NY, and especially if you're a new homeschooler, this is the place to find out what you need to know. Please post your questions or answers/suggestions about complying with the state regulations, filling out required paperwork, dealing with school districts, useful homeschooling resources in New York, etc.

    Please note that NYHEN is not a religiously oriented organization, and that this is not a place for religiously oriented messages. Also, please refrain from posting local announcements unless you have no local email list or your event is likely to attract people from a long way away.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    NYHEN-Teen - This list is hosted by the New York Home Educators' Network ( It's a place for New York State homeschooling families -- parents and teens -- to discuss topics concerning older homeschoolers, such as curriculum options for homeschooling at the high school and junior high level, social activities, volunteer activities, employment rules, diplomas, preparing for college, auditing classes, scholarships, college requirements/restrictions regarding homeschoolers, local homeschooler-friendly programs and colleges, etc. For more general questions about homeschooling in New York, try our NYHEN-Support list. For general questions (not specific to New York) about preparing for college, you might want to try the homeschool2college or hs2coll lists (which are not NYHEN lists). Please note that NYHEN is not a religiously oriented organization, and that this is not a place for religiously oriented messages.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NYHomeschool - This is a list for homeschoolers who live in or are thinking of moving to NY. Those who are just thinking about homeschooling are welcome too. :)Topics are not restricted to homeschooling, I think some friendly chatter is nice. All education styles and people of all religions are welcome, but please no proselytizing. Spam is strictly prohibited and will result in immedate removal.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NYunschoolPagans (Ny upstate Unschooling Pagans) - NY Upstate Unschooling Pagans.

    To Subscribe, visit

    orangehomeschoolers (Orange County Homeschoolers) - The Orange County Homeschoolers are an inclusive homeschool support group for families in and around Orange County, NY. The purpose of the group is to provide community-based educational and social actvities for our children and networking opportunities for homeschooling families. Members of the group take turns arranging activities.

    Topics on this loop should primarily be about activities and resources for homeschoolers. Other messages should be clearly marked "OT". If you are searching for regulatory information about homeschooling or if you are not yet homeschooling, we encourage you to visit

    This is an inclusive group. Homeschooling families from all faiths, backgrounds and teaching styles are welcome. We share a commitment to offering our children an excellent home-based education. Please no SPAM, flaming or political messages. To protect the semi-private nature of our correspondence and encourage comfort between our members, the moderators must approve new members to this list. The moderators reserve the right to remove members who disrupt the purpose of this loop or do not obey the stated posting guidelines.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SaratogaHomeschoolers (Saratoga Area Homeschoolers) - This is an informal list for homeschooling families in the Saratoga (NY) area to notify members of upcoming events and activities which are of interest to homeschoolers. Please do not use this forum to communicate with individual members - send personal messages directly to an individual.

    To Subscribe, visit

    schenectadyleah (Schenectady L.E.A.H.) - A support group for homeschooling families in Schenectady County.

    TO JOIN: If you are a CURRENT member of Schenectady L.E.A.H., click the "Join This Group" button. Please read the directions carefully. Put your name and e-mail address in the message box when you are requesting membership. Without your name and the e-mail address you put in your membership paperwork, I have no idea who you are and whether or not you are a current member. Without this information you will NOT be approved to join the group.

    After you have entered this information, you will not be able to log on until I personally approve your application - please allow at least 24 hours.

    MESSAGES: Messages can only be viewed by CURRENT MEMBERS of this group. Messages can ONLY be posted by a moderator. If you are a current member and wish to have a message posted on this group, please e-mail your request to the group moderators: Linda at or to Sherri at

    NEWSLETTER: Newsletters can only be viewed by CURRENT MEMBERS of this group. Once you have signed in to the group, click where it says "Files" on the left side of this page. Current and archived newsletters can be found there. You MUST have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the newsletters. If you can't read the newsletter, you probably have an outdated version.

    CALENDAR: The Calendar can only be viewed by CURRENT MEMBERS of this group. Check out the calendar for all our events!

    To Subscribe, visit

    SCNYhomeschool (Suffolk County New York Homeschoolers) - Welcome! Are you a homeschooler living in Suffolk County, NY? Then this is the place for you! This list is meant to provide a forum where homeschooling families can connect with other homeschoolers located on the eastern half of Long Island. THIS LIST IS OPEN TO HOMESCHOOLERS FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND HOMESCHOOLING METHODOLOGIES. I am leaving this list unmoderated, and request that we all treat each other with respect and tolerance. Hopefully moderation will not become necessary. Please keep in mind when responding to posted messages that those who join this list are looking for SUPPORT.

    Some topics that may be discussed on this list include: Planning field trips and other events, resources and opportunities available to homeschoolers in Suffolk County, finding other homeschoolers with similar interests, understanding and dealing with NY state homeschooling regulations, first hand experiences with specific school districts, suggestions for writing IHIPs and quarterly reports, and varying homeschooling approaches and curriculums. This list may stray off topic.

    SPAM or advertising of any kind is not permitted and will be removed. If you have a personal business or service you would like to let others know about, please e-mail the moderator to see about including it in our monthly Ad Digest.

    To Subscribe, visit

    sihomeschoolers (Staten Island Homeschoolers) - This is a group open to all Staten Island home schoolers. We welcome people of all religious backgrounds and theoretical approaches! Please join us so we can network & strengthen our homeschool community on the island.

    To Subscribe, visit

    simplyhomeschooling (Simply Homeschooling) - Simply Homeschooling is a resource/support network for those currently homeschooling or planning to homeschool in greater Rochester, NY. We gather together to play, network, encourage, inspire and learn. Membership is free and open to families of all backgrounds and philosophies who seek opportunities for positive socialization within a diverse, inclusive community.

    As a group, we endorse no political, religious, philosophical or pedagogical orientation over another. Simply put, we come together from vastly different backgrounds, and feel this is our strength. Our mission is to facilitate support and fellowship among local homeschoolers as we share information, resources and encouragement with one another.

    Foremost, we seek to create a positive social environment in which our children can play, learn, establish lasting relationships, and develop a true sense of community-belonging. Toward this goal, we emphasize parental responsibility and active involvement in the cultivation of a positive, enriching and supportive homeschooling community. All members are encouraged to organize and participate in group activities as their personal interests and energies allow. Parents are required to monitor the behavior of their children during group events and provide guidance and direction as needed to ensure safety, kindness, and respectful consideration of others.

    This list is for Simply Homeschooling members to communicate with one another; to share ideas, information, resources, and all else related to homeschooling. Subscription is moderated to ensure the security and privacy of our members. Business solicitation is not permitted, though personal recommendations for enrichment opportunities and/or resources are encouraged and appreciated. The general rules of online etiquette apply.

    To Subscribe, visit

    stnyhee (STNY HEE Homeschool) - The Home Education Exchange of the Southern Tier of New York is a nonsectarian activity and support group for homeschoolers and those exploring educational alternatives. We respect each child's interest, learning style, and rate of progress and strive to perserve and promote the joy of learning. We appreciate the richness of diversity that each family brings to the group. Participation and cooperation of all group members is encouraged.

    To Subscribe, visit

    St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church Homeschool Resource Center - This volunteer-driven, staff-supported educational program is designed to stay flexible and adaptable in providing resources and opportunities. Homeschool Resource Center classes and activities are offered in coordination with St. Peter Lutheran School & Preschool. Our focus is on educational opportunities which are an asset to both programs.

    Located in Lockport, New York. For more information, email or call 716-433-9014.

    To Subscribe, visit St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church Homeschool Resource Center.

    Syracuse_Homeschoolers - This is the mailing list for the Syracuse-area (NY) Homeschoolers' Association. We are a diverse group of families who homeschool. Membership in our group is open and not limited to those with particular religious beliefs or political affiliations. We encourage respect and tolerance among members. You must be a homeschooler living in the Syracuse area to subscribe to this list.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    TLC_Bergen_Rockland (TLC: The Learning Community) - Welcome to The Learning Community (TLC) of Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY! TLC is a support and activity group for Attachment Parenting families who are homeschooling in Bergen County NJ, Rockland County NY, and the surrounding areas.

    There is no membership fee to join. The only "requirements" for becoming a TLC member include *all* of the following:

    • Attachment Parenting
    • Dedicated to homeschooling
    • Striving to practicing respectful and peaceful parenting

    We are *not* a religious based homeschooling group. All religious beliefs will be accepted. Events that are planned with regards to religious holidays will be welcome, as long as all religious faiths are welcome to attend. For example, it is perfectly OK to have a Hannukah Party or an Easter Gathering, as long as all faiths could attend both events. However, discussion or debates about religion (or politics) will not be tolerated on the loop.

    Topics on this loop should primarily be about activities and resources for homeschoolers in the Northern NJ and Southern NY areas. Other messages should be clearly marked "OT".

    If you are looking for regulatory information about homeschooling in NY please visit


    To Subscribe, visit

    tricounty_unschoolers (TriCounty Unschoolers) - This is an email networking/discussion list for a support group of families who are already fully committed to the ideas of unschooling. We are committed to one another by dedicating the time to meet regularly, and the energy attendant on relating to one another and sharing ideas in order to inspire and improve our thinking about our intimate family life.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Tri-stateAAHomeschoolers - This group is for homeschoolers of African-American decent in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We will offer support, information, exchange of ideas and in person get-togethers. All African-American homeschoolers are welcome regardless of teaching and/or learning styles. Let's create that "village" in which to raise our children together. I can't wait to meet you inside!

    To Subscribe, visit

    WNYHomeschool - This group is designed for all homeschoolers within the Western New York Area. This includes Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Alleghany, Orleans, Genessee and Wyoming Counties.

    This group is to be used for people to connect from all areas mentioned above to promote a positive home school environment and community.

    To Subscribe, visit

    WNYTeachingParentsLEAH - This is an email group specifically set up for members of the WNYTP LEAH homeschool support group which is located in Western New York. Here we will be able to share about our daily homeschooling through encouragement, support, resources, and ideas shared. We will also post announcements and information necessary to the WNYTP LEAH homeschool support group as they come up. We want this to be a community built on the love of Jesus as we share, so please post and reply in a respectful and loving manner. May this email list be a blessing to all of us as we seek the will of the Lord each day in home educating our children.

    To Subscribe, visit

    woodstockhomeschoolers - The purpose of this group is to facilitate communication among members of the Woodstock Home Educators' Network, a group of homeschooling families in northern Ulster County, NY.

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    Please notify if your email list, support group, message board, forum or newsletter is not included here or if you see errors.

    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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