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A student should not be taught more than he can think about.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

    New Jersey Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    AtlanticLearningNetwork (Atlantic Learning Network) - This group is centered in Atlantic County in Southern New Jersey. The group is to help gather together home schoolers in this area in the hopes that we can meet for regular activities,support meetings and possibly pull resources for co-op classes or workshops.

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    braincandynj (Brain Candy for Homeschoolers) - Brain Candy is a way for homeschoolers in the southern NJ and tri-state area to share information of interest to other homeschoolers. Educational opportunities, field trips, contests, clubs and curriculum are just some of the things that may be posted in order to bless other homeschoolers!

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    cnjhomeschoolers (CNJ Homeschoolers) - Assalamu Alaikum! This is a discussion group exclusively for Muslim women that homeschool or who are interested in homeschooling and reside in the Central New Jersey area. It is our hope that this group will serve as support,encouragement, and guidance for all of its members. We ask Allah (swt) to give us baraka in our endeavors and that our actions are always fi sabeel Illah- Ameen.

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    CHNJ (Catholic Homeschoolers of NJ) - Owned and operated by Catholic Homeschoolers of New Jersey, the CHNJ Yahoo! list is a networking, support & discussion list open to Catholic homeschoolers anywhere in NJ, whether homeschooling independently or as members of local and/or national groups.

    For more information on Catholic Homeschoolers of New Jersey, visit our web site at

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    DEClassicalHomeEducatorsNetwork (DEClassical Home Educators Network) - We are an all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

    As a group we meet year-round to chat, discuss goals and educational resources, and to support each other. Our on-line discussions center around local events, arranging local get-togethers and field trips, and sometimes Classical Education. When we gather together we discuss Classical Education in-depth, however we rarely do such discussions on-line. As a local Classically-Educating group this affords us the opportunity to get to know each other in person too.

    This group is for those following the classical homeschooling education model, such as described in The Well Trained Mind (Jessie Wise and Susan Bauer) or in Teaching the Trivium (Bluedorn's) or similar method.

    This group is open to families who are actively home educating children in grades K - 12. We are open to discussing issues of classical education with those who are considering classically homeschooling their children in the future, however our membership is for those families home educating their children in grades K-12. This forum is a means for us to exchange homeschooling information and ideas, upcoming local events and opportunities, and resources in support of our common effort to provide a classical education for our children.

    You will need to introduce yourself to the moderators before being approved for membership. After approval, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group as well.

    Members are required to attended a mom's meeting during the year, or respond to a request for assistance at least once during a 3 month period to maintain their membership in this Yahoo group. Lurkers are not permitted.

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    DEpreschooltohomeschool - We are an all-inclusive home educators support group for families thinking about homeschooling their preschool or younger children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

    As a group we meet year-round to chat, discuss goals and educational resources, and to support each other. Our on-line discussions center around local events, arranging local get-togethers and field trips, and homeschooling. As a local preschool-homeschooling group this affords us the opportunity to get to know each other in person too.

    This group is open to families who are thinking about home educating their children. This forum is a means for us to exchange homeschooling information and ideas, upcoming local events and opportunities, and resources in support of our common effort to provide a homeschool education for our children.

    For the safety of our members, we will ask that you attend one of our Public events prior to being admitted to the Yahoo group. After joining, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group as well.

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    diversehomeschoolers2003 (The Home School Exchange of New Jersey) - We are a diverse group of homeschoolers with no particular religious or political affiliations. We are a community of cooperative homeschoolers, who enjoy getting together and sharing our whoas and successes. We plan field trips, parties, playdates, and cooperetive learning oppportunities. This group acquires it's members thru recommendation or in person meeting only.

    Quotes from our members: "We are an educational / educator resource. We are a frazzled mom's escape. We are real people. We are many children of all ages, sexes, religions, nationalities and more. We are a group of people that like exposing our children through trips"

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    Doorposts_Christian_Homeschoolers_of_NJ (Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers of NJ) - Founded in Fall 2003, we are Christian homeschooling families from southern New Jersey dedicated to diligently teaching our children to love and serve God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Deut. 6:6-9)

    Our support group meeting is held the first Fridays of every month from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at St. Matthews Baptist Church, Rt. 322 in Williamstown, NJ. Activities planned for the group in the upcoming months include field trips, co-op classes, community service projects, science fairs, spelling bees, skating, bowling leagues, SAT prep classes, tutoring classes, Moms night out, bible study and more.

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    Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs) - This is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are homeschooling their children.

    Do you live in the Eastern region of the United States? You are invited to join our online homeschool support group. We invite all parents who want to help their children succeed in school and in life, veteran home educators looking for a fresh start, new family educators searching for help and ideas, and parents just thinking about home education to join us.

    Our goal is to support them in their endeavor as well as disseminate information. We welcome anyone not included in another group. Our states include: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. ME MA RI DE CN NH VT OH MI MD NY NJ PA

    To Subscribe, visit Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs).

    freedomschoolsnj (Freedom School of Southern New Jersey) - Freedom School is a homeschoolers' cooperative school. This non-religion-based group is to allow for open exchange of resources, ideas, activities and discussion for homeschooling families - parents, children, and teens.

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    free_revisited (F.R.E.E) - Welcome to the re-formation of F.R.E.E. (Families Reaching for an Eclectic Education). This is an open, secular, inclusive homeschooling network with members located in NW NJ, mostly Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties. It is meant to be a place to meet others in a more local way, find out what's going on, & get more localized support in general. We fully expect, & have already had, other groups spring from this one based on families needs & homeschooling preferences. Groups ARE encouraged to post announcements/activities/etc. here. There are no dues, no one right way to homeschool, & no endorsement of any religion or lack thereof by this network. Please be aware that although this group does not endorse or follow any religious tradition, or lack thereof, many of the individuals on this list do. If you post an activity that has a particular bent, whether it is by age group, religion, or any other criteria, please post this in the description. Before you sign up for an activity, it is your responsibility to check with the person running or planning the activity to make sure that it suits your families needs and preferences.

    For more information, visit

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    gecho_nj (Greater Essex County Homeschoolers--NJ) - Welcome to the Email Loop/Yahoo Group of the Greater Essex County Homeschool Organization.

    We are a diverse group of homeschooling families who live in or near Essex County New Jersey.

    Our aim is to provide a way for homeschoolers to connect with other local families; and to share resources, information and ideas specific to Northern New Jersey (and beyond).

    Please visit the "Calendar" and "Links" tabs to the left and add your favorite homeschool links and information.

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    HomeschoolersCentralNJ - This group meets once a week to offer support to homeschooling families in Central New Jersey. We are not affilated with any religious denomination. We are open to all homeschoolers.

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    homeschoolersofOC (Homeschoolers of Ocean County) - If you're like me, as a homeschooler, it hard to find other homeschoolers in your immediate area for friendship and playdates as well as email help and communication.

    This list is being created so those of us in the Ocean County area (especially in the Northern parts of the County in or near Toms River area where it seems the hs population is less due to lack of hs groups) can find one another and learn from each other. We would like to be able to get together a hs group in or around TR area through this list. If this is of interest to you or you would just like to chat with others in your area, you are welcome to join us!

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    HomeschoolJerseyCityHoboken (Homeschool Jersey City Hoboken) - This is a new group forming in Jersey City and Hoboken New Jersey for families who are homeschooling children of any age. The hope is to build a supportive community and to have face to face activities together. This will be an opportunity for homeschooled children to meet each. We may form groups for classes or instruction or field trips or for extracurricular activities like team sports or scouts. We will also build a resource "library" of information in our files. This is a secular list.

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    hssttnj (HS Social Teens and 'Tweens NJ) - Designed so we can help our homeschooled teens and 'tweens meet and hang out. Make introductions here, exchange email addresses as desired, establish communication with new friends, and make plans. No specific religious affiliation or schooling philosophy required to join. No dues or required monthly meetings. Feel free to organize field trips etc. Moderator is located in Browns Mills. Open to all surrounding areas. Membership is screened. We want to keep all of our children safe: Please report inappropriate or offensive behavior for review. Thanks very much.

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    KidsHomeschoolNetwork (Kids Homeschool Network) - Kids Homeschool Network is a New Jersey homeschooling group.

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    LDSNJHomeschoolers - This group is for Latter Day Saint Homeschooling families in New Jersey. Share calendar events, support, questions, curriculum, and expecially our love of the gospel.

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    LearningWithFamily - Welcome Homeschoolers - particularly in the NY Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), but all Homeschooling families and people very involved in their children's lives and learning are welcome!

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    mcguire_dix_homeschoolers (McGuire and Dix Homeschoolers) - This list is for announcing homeschooling events, meetings, activities, etc for homeschoolers associated with McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix or Lakehurst Naval Station.

    Anyone who wants to is welcome to submit an announcement for any events, groups, parties, playdates, etc. Before you submit something, please make sure the event or group is open to all homeschoolers on the list.

    To prevent problems with spam, new members to the list are moderated. That means your post might take an hour or a day to go through but it shouldn't be longer than that.

    This is an inclusive homeschooling list open to people of any religion, homeschooling style, political party, or whatever else you can think of. All ideas and opinions are welcome and appreciated.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NE-NJ-Homeschooling (Northeast New Jersey Homeschooling) - This list is for announcing homeschooling events, meetings, activities, new groups, etc, in Northeast New Jersey.

    Anyone who wants to is welcome to submit an announcement for any events, groups, parties, playdates, etc in the northeast NJ area. Before you submit something, please make sure the event or group is open to all homeschoolers first. For example, don't send in announcements of events that are only open to members of a particular group, don't advertise groups that want to remain private – just common sense stuff.

    "Northeast NJ' is open for interpretation, so use your judgment. And of course, events that are near the area are ok too. NYC, Sussex County, Middlesex County are all close. Cape May would be right out : ) But let's mainly try to keep this as close to northeast NJ as we can.

    We've had some trouble with spam so new members to the list are moderated. That means your post might take an hour or a day to go through but it shouldn't be longer than that.

    Advertising is allowed if it's local and relevent, meaning a NJ homeschooling mom/dad selling stuff or offering classes, etc. Other types of advertising (such as money making opportunities) are not allowed.

    And your standard disclaimers. This is an inclusive homeschooling group open to people of any religion, homeschooling style, political party, or whatever else we can think of. Be nice. Play well with others. Don't run with scissors. That's it

    To Subscribe, visit

    NewEgyptHomeschoolers (New Egypt Homeschooler Support Group) - Welcome to New Egypt Homeschooler Support Group. We are a support group for New Egypt, NJ and surrounding areas such as Jackson, Millstone, Wrightstown, Browns Mills and other areas. This group is for all homeschool families and parents in our area who are currently homeschooling or is interested in homeschooling. We will discuss homeschooling issues and plan social and educational events for our homeschool children. Feel free to join our group.

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    NewJerseyHomeschoolBookSwap - If you are a New Jersey homeschool family and would like to sell your used books and curriculum, videos, CD's, clothes or other items that would be of use to other homeschooling families, you may do so here. This group is restricted only to homeschooling families who are currently living in New Jersey.

    If you have a small family business or ministry (located in New Jersey) and you have a product or service that would be of value to homeschool families, you may also post your information here.

    This is a family friendly group and the Items you post for sale and businesses represented must be suitable for all ages. No adult themes, occult or foul language allowed.

    All transactions are between the seller and the buyer. New Jersey Homeschool Book Swap is not responsible for these transactions. This is just a place for you to list your items you have to offer. No auction listings please. 4 posts per day.

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    newjerseyhomechoolers (New Jersey Homechoolers) - This is a group for New Jersey homeschoolers to trade info, ideas and resources. Who knows, maybe we can get together and meet face to face! Be sure to check out the Bookmarks... find great ones there, or add your own!

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    NJhomeschool (New Jersey Homeschooling - no religion) - This list is open to anyone homeschooling in New Jersey. Let this be a forum for supporting one another, sharing ideas and questions, events, information, etc., WITHOUT religious references. It is open to anyone and different homeschooling styles/ideas are welcome! If you are unable to contribute without voicing your religious beliefs, then please do not join. Thanks.

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    NJ_Homeschoolers - Open to all New Jersey homeschoolers, we are an eclectic group who embrace diversity. All people, regardless of religion, race or creed, are welcome to join. This is an unmoderated list and debate will not be censored. We ask that all members be sensitive to the diversity of the group when considering whether a topic is appropriate for posting.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NJIHS (Homeschool: NJ *Inclusive* Homeschoolers) - HOMESCHOOLING: Welcome to New Jersey INCLUSIVE Homeschoolers. This is a place for homeschoolers to connect, give support, exchange ideas and news, and to join forces for projects that will help our communities - while promoting acceptance and support of homeschooling. It is a place to meet homeschoolers of ALL kinds. It is an open forum - for all secular AND all religious homeschoolers who believe that homeschooling and religion can be separate issues - allowing us to work together to exemplify the diversity of the homeschool community. **Together we can unite a truly *inclusive* mix of homeschoolers from High Point to Cape May!** --- Everyone is Welcome - Hope YOU Will Join.

    ****HEARTS**** Whether you decide to join our group or not ... we hope you will visit the New Jersey HEARTS website! The HEARTS website will have up to date information on the current community service project. We cordially invite EVERYONE - to join in this effort to provide valuable services to our communities - while generating public understanding and acceptance of homeschoolers.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NJLoop (NJ Homeschoolers Discussion & Event List) - The NJLoop is open to all homeschoolers in NJ for discussing homeschooling, sharing homeschooling experiences, and posting announcements of events and activities for homeschoolers.

    We are a diverse group, but at the highest level our reasons for homeschooling are all the same – our children’s education is very important to us, and we think that teaching them at home is the best education we are able to give them at this time in their lives. A recent, nationwide study of adults who had been homeschooled as children, showed that on average they were significantly happier, and also more satisfied with their jobs, than those adults who had not been.

    On NJLoop, we learn from, help, and encourage each other in our endeavor to educate our children. While we do not all agree on the best ways to teach our children, we do support each parent’s responsibility and right to choose what they believe is the best way to care for and raise their children. However, messages promoting abortion in any way are not permitted anywhere on the NJLoop.

    Many of our listmembers are Christians and this will be reflected in some of the messages. In the past, this has been a problem for some non-Christian homeschoolers while not bothering others. If this becomes a problem for you, you can always unsubscribe (instructions on how to do this are automatically included at the bottom of each posted message).

    We encourage listmembers to join local support groups, and to find groups of homeschoolers with similar philosophies to their own. Our “Links” section lists statewide and regional homeschool organizations in New Jersey, and local homeschool support groups.

    When you join, you will receive a Welcome Message with further information that doesn't fit here.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NJ-Unschoolers - This is the new list for the Unschoolers of New Jersey. The old list had some technical problems that couldn’t be solved so here we are, starting over!

    Any and all unschoolers are welcome! And if you aren’t sure about unschooling yet and want to learn, you’re welcome too. Please keep in mind however that this is an UN-schooling list and is meant to give support and companionship to people who are unschooling. If you aren’t an unschooler please try to not be offended if someone suggests you actually try unschooling.

    We are all believers in gentle and respectful parenting and attempt to live by those ideals even if we sometimes fall short (we’ve all had one of those days!). Other than that we're all pretty different. Do try and be polite and keep in mind that not everyone is the same. We have bottlefeeders, breastfeeders, vegetarians, McDonald’s diners, Cartoon Network lovers, tv free folk, etc. As long as we are respectful to each other we can talk about anything and everything with nary a flame in sight (this is, after all, an unschooling list – nothing is off topic!).

    All new members are moderated. Once you’ve posted once or twice and we know you’re not a spammer, you’ll be taken off moderated status. Until then, your posts will take a few hours to go through but (unless I’m on vacation) it should never be more than a day. Just be patient!

    That’s about it. Be nice. Be kind to others. Have an opinion and share it (doormats are only good for shoes!) but please be aware of the difference between sharing and bonking someone over the head.

    Or simply, in the immortal words of the great sages – Be Excellent to Each Other. You can't go wrong there.

    To Subscribe, visit NJ-Unschoolers.

    NorthernOceanCountyNJHomeschoolers (Northern Ocean County (NJ) Homeschoolers) - The Northen Ocean County Homeschoolers is open to all homeschoolers (and those who desire to homeschool) in Northern Ocean County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. This list allows members to invite people to join them for park days and craft times, list local community activities, form co-operative learning groups, and announce seminars or other information important to homeschoolers. Our hope is to make it easier for new homeschoolers (or those new to the area) to make friends, form playgroups or study groups, and have questions about homeschooling in NJ answered.

    Please respect varying opinions and backgrounds. Please do not include religious or political opinion or admonishments, and note that you can be banned from participating in the list if you do. Please DO feel free to plan an activity and invite list members to participate.

    Don't forget to check out the Links, Files, and Calendar pages, and add yourself to our database! No selling on this list, please.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SGTG (St. Gregory the Great Homeschool Co-op) - St. Gregory the Great is a Catholic, classical, homeschool cooperative that offers classes in Latin, writing, history and science. The co-op runs from September through May and meets once per week for 30 weeks. Parents are responsible for teaching at least one class. SGTG is in all ways faithful to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and as such, all members agree to respect its teachings and abide by its principles. To learn more about St. Gregory's, visit our website at

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    Sistaahs (Sistaahs: The Sisterhood of African-American Homeschoolers-Northern NJ) - This group was created to support African-American Homeschoolers who reside in Northern New Jersey. We welcome, however, any progressive, community-minded homeschoolers or potential homeschoolers who share our interest in providing children with high-quality educational experiences.

    Please feel free to post information concerning events and activities related to homeschooling, urban education, parenting and current affairs which might be of interest to our members.

    To Subscribe, visit

    TLC_Bergen_Rockland (TLC: The Learning Community) - Welcome to The Learning Community (TLC) of Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY! TLC is a support and activity group for Attachment Parenting families who are homeschooling in Bergen County NJ, Rockland County NY, and the surrounding areas.

    There is no membership fee to join. The only "requirements" for becoming a TLC member include *all* of the following:

    • Attachment Parenting
    • Dedicated to homeschooling
    • Striving to practicing respectful and peaceful parenting

    We are *not* a religious based homeschooling group. All religious beliefs will be accepted. Events that are planned with regards to religious holidays will be welcome, as long as all religious faiths are welcome to attend. For example, it is perfectly OK to have a Hannukah Party or an Easter Gathering, as long as all faiths could attend both events. However, discussion or debates about religion (or politics) will not be tolerated on the loop.

    Topics on this loop should primarily be about activities and resources for homeschoolers in the Northern NJ and Southern NY areas. Other messages should be clearly marked "OT".

    If you are looking for regulatory information about homeschooling in NY please visit


    To Subscribe, visit

    Tri-stateAAHomeschoolers - Welcome!! This group is for homeschoolers of African-American decent in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We will offer support, information, exchange of ideas and in person get-togethers. All African-American homeschoolers are welcome regardless of teaching and/or learning styles. Let's create that "village" in which to raise our children together. I can't wait to meet you inside!

    To Subscribe, visit

    Tri-StateElemScienceOlympiadTeam (Tri-State Elem. Science Olympiad Team) - We are members of Tri-State Homeschool Network, that come together as a team to compete in the "A" Division of the Science Olympiads in the State of Delaware.

    To subscribe, visit

    Tri-StateHomeschoolNetwork - Tri-State Homeschool Network is a support group that serves the northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, southwestern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania region. Our purpose is to further the cause of homeschooling, with emphasis from the viewpoint of Christian families.

    This Yahoo-group is open only to members of Tri-State Homeschool Network. This group will be a supplement to our monthly newsletter, but it will not replace the newsletter. Please use this forum as a means to quickly pass the word about homeschooling events, activities, field trips, last minute changes, conference opportunities, and to keep in touch with other Tri-State Homeschoolers.

    To receive a newcomer's packet, with information about Tri-State, state laws and general homeschooling information, send $10 check or money order to: Tri-State Homeschool Network, PO Box 7193, Newark, DE 19714-7193 Or attend a monthly meeting or newcomers meeting and purchase a newcomer packet for $7.00.

    The opinions expressed at this Yahoo-group are those of the contributors and not necessarily of the Tri-State organization. We will do our best to eliminate questionable material, but understand that disagreements sometimes occur.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    TTCofNNJ (Teens, Tweens, & Company of Northern NJ) - Teens, Tweens, & Company of Northern NJ - Several of us were looking for older activities aimed at middle/high schoolers. We have now started a network aimed at teens and their siblings. We try to engage all of the children, but are particularly focused on the older ones, who, many times, get lost in the shuffle. Everyone is encouraged to meet up whenever, not just on meeting days. Teenagers are a social breed & we are hoping to fill this need, as well as get them involved in more formal activities. Members are also encouraged to plan their own activities & events. Plan on hanging out at least a little while after the structured part is done so that the kids can relax with their friends & we can get some downtime with each other, too!

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

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    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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