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~ Michaelangelo

    Montana Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    BHN (Bozeman Homeschool Network) - The Bozeman Homeschool Network is an inclusive gathering of families who share an interest in at-home learning. Through our activities we seek to support learners of all styles and philosophies. As a group we create opportunities for projects, field trips, community service, park days, family gatherings, discussion groups and sharing of resources.

    To Subscribe, visit BHN.

    bvhomesch (Bitterroot Valley) - Serving Homeschooling Families of Montana's Bitterroot Valley (and beyond)

    Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. --Proverbs 22:6

    To Subscribe, visit bvhomesch.

    greatfallshomeschoolfriends (Great Falls Homeschool Friends) - Great Falls Homeschool Friends (GFHF) is an inclusive group open to all Great Falls and surrounding area Homeschoolers, regardless of religious affiliation, political point of view, or educational method.

    The purpose of Great Falls Homeschool Friends (GFHF), is to provide a network of support, organization of field trip, and other activities, for all homeschool parents and children.

    Many activities occur in the Great Falls area. Members can post ideas and invitations for get-togethers at any time.

    For other group guidelines, see the file "Great Falls Homescool Friends Group Guidelines" in our Files section. WELCOME!

    To Subscribe, visit greatfallshomeschoolfriends.

    GreatFallsUnschoolers (Networking list for homeschoolers in Great Falls, MT) - This is an online support group for members of the Great Falls Unschoolers cooperative. Our group is inclusive and open to new members in the Great Falls area regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation. We especially aim to create group discussions and group activities to support and enhance the quality of homeschooling for those who are using unschooling or other progressive approaches to teaching their children. Our members are advocates of child-led learning, including unschooling, eclectic, or relaxed, child-centered versions of other methods. All topics related to child-raising and child-led learning are encouraged. Members must participate at least occasionally in discussion or activities to remain on the list. The one rule of discussion is to be kind to all on the list.

    To Subscribe, visit GreatFallsUnschoolers.

    H_A_L_O (Helena Area Learning co-Opportunities) - HALO (Hello ;-} ) ... - Welcome, ... ... We are a diverse group of families in Helena and the surrounding area. Our families cross the spectrum of homeschooling styles and all educational philosophies. We are an inclusive group and open to new members...

    The purpose of this group is to provide support and networking for homeschooling families with children of all ages in Helena and the surrounding area. Through networking we can facilitate activities, classes, cultural events, field trips and general gatherings.

    This is a place for homeschoolers to ask questions listen and learn, and relax with each other in a context where homeschooling, not religion or politics, is the primary common denominator.

    ... Join us, You might never know who you touch with your words. ...

    HALO is a chapter of H.O.U.S.E. in Montana, a statewide network of homeschooling families (Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience)!...

    To Subscribe, visit H_A_L_O.

    Helena Area Christian Home Educators (HACHE) - Helena Area Christian Home Educators, HACHE, is a home school support group in Helena, MT. We offer a monthly newsletter, activities and field trip opportunities.

    For more information, visit Helena Area Christian Home Educators (HACHE).

    Holy Family Homeschoolers of NE Wyoming (HolyFamilyNEWyo) - As Catholic Homeschoolers living in NE Wyoming or SE Montana we strive to immerse our families in the wellspring of our Church's call to assist each other in building up the kingdom of God by raising children who are strong in the practice and knowledge of their Catholic faith.

    Our homeschool co-op is based in Sheridan, WY to offer support and information to parents, and provide social, academic and spiritual opportunities to the Catholic families of our area who are homeschooling or are interested in learning more about all the possibilities and benefits Catholic homeschooling provides to families living in our culture today. Our regular meetings takes place twice a month during the school year.

    This internet group is devoted entirely to those Catholic mothers within the same NE Wyoming/ SE Montana area who stay at home and homeschool their children. We talk about anything and everything including homemaking tips, recipes, craft ideas, inspirational and faith stories, favorite devotions, the saints, feast days, ideas to incorporate the liturgical calendar into our daily lives, our daily growth in faith and spirituality, day to day issues, raising a family, being a godly wife and mother, and more. In a nutshell this small group is where we can come together in friendship to share and support one another.

    To Subscribe, visit Holy Family Homeschoolers of NE Wyoming.

    house-in-mt (H.O.U.S.E. in Montana) - Home Oriented Un-Schooling Experience in Montana... HOUSE in MT ... is nonsectarian (not religious based) and inclusive for all. That means that you will find people of all different lifestyles, educational styles, religious beliefs and unbelief's.

    If you like learning about how all different kinds of people think, live and homeschool, this place could be for you.

    It is hoped that this list will be used to talk about inclusive homeschooling in Montana in all of its many forms and the joys that go along with it..., including an open forum to communicate, discuss ideas, and events in the area and the world that might interest the group, to generally keep in touch with all hser's in MT and those inquiring about hs'ing in MT...

    In discussions, the one rule is, to be kind to all on the list.

    To Subscribe, visit house-in-mt.

    MontanaHomeschooling - Open group for all Montana Homeschoolers, regardless of religious affiliation, political point of view, or educational method.

    This group is primarily support and discussion for not only educational purposes, but for world events, or what's happening at home that day. Anyone is welcome.

    It doesn't matter "how" you homeschool, everyone is here for support, to help others, suggestions, discussions or, just to relate experiences of life. Let's not allow our homeschooling methods or religions stop us from seeking information or giving information about ALL our homeschooling methods.

    An introduction note is requested before approval. People selling items or spam messages will be deleted from the list with no warnings.

    To Subscribe, visit MontanaHomeschooling.

    MontanaHomeschoolBookSwap (Montana Homeschool Book Swap) - If you are a Montana homeschool family and would like to sell your used books and curriculum, videos, CD's, clothes or other items that would be of use to other homeschooling families, you may do so here. This group is restricted only to homeschooling families who are currently living in Montana.

    If you have a small family business or ministry (located in Montana) and you have a product or service that would be of value to homeschool families, you may also post your information here.

    This is a family friendly group and the Items you post for sale and businesses represented must be suitable for all ages. No adult themes, occult or foul language allowed.

    All transactions are between the seller and the buyer. Montana Homeschool Book Swap is not responsible for these transactions. This is just a place for you to list your items you have to offer.

    To Subscribe, visit MontanaHomeschoolBookSwap.

    MontanaHschoolers (MontanaHomeschoolers) - This group is for any family in Montana who either homeschools or is thinking about it. We have no agenda other than networking with families that homeschool. All are welcome and flaming will absolutely NOT be tolerated. Thanks for joining!

    To Subscribe, visit MontanaHschoolers.

    Montanaunschoolers (Alternative Montana Unschoolers) - This is a list for unschoolers and homeschoolers in Montana who feel they don't fit into the standard mold of "Montana Homeschoolers", due to differences of religion, educational philosophies, parenting ideas, or what-have-you. We welcome people of all faiths, as well as non-religious people. This is a group where alternative religions and way-out-there ideas are welcome. We will discuss all aspescts of unschooling, what our families are doing, events in the area that might interest the group, etc. We are interested in holistic education, nature study, children being treated like people, instead of possessions. People may feel free to discuss off-topic issues, for all of life is learning. note: As of 11/17/08 this site is listed by Yahoo as an Adult site. You will have to affirm that you are 18 or over to join. The owners of the site are working with Yahoo to get this changed back to a "Homeschool" listing, rather than "Adult." In the meantime, this is a homeschool website!

    To Subscribe, visit Montanaunschoolers.

    P_H_N_ (Park County Homeschool Network) - Welcome to the Park County Homeschool Network web page and e-mail loop. We are a membership based cooperative of home educators created for the purpose of providing support to parents and students who have chosen to educate in a home environment. The web page provides a calendar of our activities and an information resource for all of our members. The e-mail loop allows any member to post questions or announce activities to the entire group.

    To Subscribe, visit P_H_N_.

    R_M_C_H (Rocky Mountain Christian Homeschoolers) - Welcome to Rocky Mountain Christian Homeschoolers! This is a support group for Christian homeschoolers in the Anaconda-Deerlodge, MT area who believe in and practice Biblical application of parenting, childrearing, discipline, and education. Members of this group should have a Biblical worldview and believe in Biblical concepts of marriage, family, child rearing, and education. While there are many homeschooling groups, it is of utmost importance to have a Christian forum where we may seek advice, wisdom, and support from other Christians without having to be in constant fear of offending others in the group that are not Christians (or them having to worry about offending us) or even Christians who do not share our worldview. We cannot separate our Christianity from who we are or from our lifestyles, and that will naturally be reflected in the issues we raise, the questions we ask, the advice we seek, and the advice we give.

    Posts and conversations may include such things as curriculum, activities, laws, familial disapproval, and discipline issues, as well as other issues for which all parents need support, such as parenting, relationships, courting, dealing with stress, etc. This group hopes to support the whole aspect of the learning lifestyle that encompasses homeschooling, therefore realizing that all of these areas are interrelated and cannot always be excluded from one another. While hot topics are not discouraged, differing viewpoints on hot topics will be respectfully and lovingly conveyed at all times.

    "And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." Deuteronomy 6:7

    To Subscribe, visit R_M_C_H.

    Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC) - Your friendly, inclusive network for homeschooling and unschooling information in Colorado and surrounding states (Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming). Need learning ideas, legal or support networks? Inspiration? A little humor in your day? We have that, too!

    For more information, visit Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC).

    Western Region Unschoolers (WesternRegionUnschoolers) - The Western Region Unschoolers is a group for unschoolers who live in the Western U.S. covering: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. This is a forum to announce and organize conferences, travel, camping, and other places to get together.

    To Subscribe, visit Western Region Unschoolers.

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B Is For Big Sky County
A Montana Alphabet
by Sneed B. Collard III, Joanna Yardley
In B is for Big Sky Country readers will find out where the Going-to-the-Sun Road really takes you and what city the copper capitol dome calls home.

Homeschool Your Child For Free
More than 1,200 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Home Education on the Internet and Beyond

by LauraMaery Gold
For Families Who Want to Splurge on Education but Scrimp on Spending.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook
How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn
For everyone who has ever gone to school or is interested in the current national debate over educational reforms, but it is especially relevant for teenagers and the parents or caregivers of teens.

Montana (Hello USA series)
by Rita Ladoux
An introduction to the land, history, people, economy, and environment of Montana.

The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas
500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Kids Ages 3-12

by Linda Dobson
"This book is much more than a well-organized list of creative things to do on a rainy day! It's a complete resource - the kind of information you'd find in the best 'how-to' homeschool manual." - Jane Boswell, Home Educator's Family Times.

Homeschooling The Early Years
Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child

by Linda Dobson
Here's a guide that comes direct from the experts: a mother of two homeschooled, now-grown children and 83 homeschooling families she surveyed..

Roadside Geology of Montana
Roadside Geology Series

by David D. Alt
Montana's geologic history includes a long succession of disturbances that changed the rocks, then changed many of them again. Unraveling these events reveals a geologically quiet continent that got scrambled in a long and grinding collision with the Pacific crustal plate. Through detailed geologic maps and lively text, Roadside Geology of Montana deciphers the complicated rock record and uncovers each layer of Big Sky Country.

Dumbing Us Down
The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
In this tenth-anniversary edition, Gatto updates his theories on how the U.S. educational system cranks out students the way Detroit cranks out Buicks. He contends that students are more programmed to conform to economic and social norms rather than really taught to think.

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook
A Creative And Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling

by Dorothy Moore
If you are thinking about homeschooling, or are struggling with a educational homeschooling curriculum that is difficult to use, let Dr. Ray and Dorothy Moore show you how to make homeschooling an easy-to-live-with family adventure in learning. This low-stress, low-cost program shows you how to build a curriculum around your child's needs and interests - and around a realistic family schedule.

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