Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education and interesting in learning or following a particular method. Methods included are unschooling (child-led, John Holt, radical, TCS, Taking Children Seriously, Mary Hood, relaxed homeschooling); Charlotte Mason; Eclectic, Well Trained Mind (Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise); unit study; Trivium (Classical); Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner). Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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I am always ready to learn but I do not always like being taught.
~ Winston Churchill

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    AfAmUnschool (African American Unschoolers) - Karibu/Welcome! African American Unschoolers is for African-American Homeschoolers who use the whole world as their child(ren)'s classroom. Unschoolers encounter math, science, reading, writing, art and history in the Real World because real living leads to real learning!

    So what's an unschooler? For unschoolers, the motivation behind the learning is more important than the method used to learn. The attitude and approach of unschooling is guided by the child, with parents facilitating the process as advisors and advocates.

    Unschooling parents are some of the most generous, interesting and resourceful people you will ever meet. All members are encouraged to post and share questions and experiences from their unschooling adventures!

    Visit us on the web at African-American Unschooling and subscribe to FUNgasa: Free Oneself! The Magazine for African-American Home Educators, check out our Africentric Resources and Homeschool Fast Track for beginning homeschoolers, and visit Kiduka, our online shop for Africentric Homeschooling t-shirts, tote bags, journals and more! !

    NOTE: SPAMMERS are not permitted on this list. Violators will be removed and reported to Yahoo! If you would like to advertise a legitimate, family-friendly product or service, visit African-American Unschooling's Advertising Page to learn more about our promotional packages.

    To Subscribe, visit African American Unschoolers.

    AHomeschoolLearningLifestyle - Are you "doing school" at home? Do you desire to have more of a relaxed learning lifestyle for your homeschool without all the boring textbooks?

    This is a list for homeschool families to share ideas and tips on teaching our children in a relaxed learning environment. Veteran and new homeschoolers are welcome as well as anyone interested in trying this approach to homeschooling. Discussions can range from curriculum to character and everything in between.

    This is not a list for the WWOL approach, in particular, but we have members that use this approach.

    NOTE *This list is owned by a Christian. Therefore, a lot of topics will be expressed from this viewpoint. Everyone is welcome to join but remember "Closed minds should keep closed mouths". If you are Anti-Christian there are other groups you will be more comfortable in. I ask that we treat each other with love and respect and encourage one another as we run this homeschool marathon!

    Religious debating, flaming and spamming will not be tolerated. Anyone not abiding by this rule will be removed and banned.

    To Subscribe, visit AHomeschoolLearningLifestyle.

    AlwaysLearning (Learning All the Time) - Discussion for homeschooling fans of John Holt, whose books Learning All the Time, Never Too Late, and Teach your Own have made unschooling a sweet and viable option for thousands of families. This is a moderated group, with trapdoors for the uncooperative. (Not moderated in the advance-approval way, but in the be-nice-to-play way.) It's an idea group and is intended to lean more toward pure unschooling than neutral, general homeschooling discussion--there are hundreds of general homeschooling discussions for newcomers. It's to focus more toward how people learn no matter where in the world they are, rather than on what's legal in any particular country or jurisdiction. If you have questions or complaints, write to

    For more information, visit Sandra Dodd's John Holt page.

    To Subscribe, visit Always Learning.

    ARCHERS-HS (ARCHERS, The Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators) - The relaxed homeschooling method is advocated and taught by Mary Hood, author of "The Relaxed Homeschool" and "The Joyful Homeschooler".

    Mary wrote some guidelines for our elist: This is primarily intended to be a place that moms will get support/friendship on issues pertaining to homeschooling, and also on related issues... So it is always okay to discuss family-related issues, from discipline to bedwetting, to teenage issues, etc. Prayer requests, answers to prayer, etc. are also always okay. We don't have to limit the topics strictly to homeschooling.

    The following are things I hope will stay OUT of the list:

    • Blatant advertising by people who aren't regular chatters...
    • Politics/legal alerts, etc. There are plenty of other places to talk about these matters, and they just tend to "stir up the juices" when we are reading this just before bed....Let's really try to keep this list something more like a chat with a few good friends just before retiring..
    • All nasty each other, about each other or other people, etc. I've really appreciated the lack of gossip in this group and hope it stays that way ..

    -Although my resource center/Archers group doesn't have a statement of faith, we are of course, a Christian environment (Hence the name....ARCHERS stands for Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educator R's... Also based on Psalm 127....So basically, no slamming of Christianity or Jesus, no blatant new-age agendas, etc.....Although, again, we are not a completely exclusive group of people here, and we try not to act super judgemental towards others.

    Moderators are Donna C in Texas, Cathy in Georgia, and Sheila in Canada. Mary Hood is on the list also.

    For more information, visit Archers For The Lord.

    To Subscribe, visit ARCHERS-HS.

    CCU-List (CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling) - CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling. Unschooling is a style of home schooling based on the ideals of natural learning. John Holt, who is credited with coining the term "unschooling" espoused the idea that children, like all people, are born with an innate desire to learn.

    Learning is unavoidable and if given the encouragement and environment in which to flourish will happen without coercion or structure. Rigid structure, forced learning and contrived curriculum can be destructive to the desire to learn. Unschooling, practiced for several decades and by many families, has resulted in confident, productive and independent thinking adults.

    As a Christian I believe that unschooling reflects the relationship we have with God, one based on trust, friendship and respect. This list was formed as a place for Christians who are either unschooling, attempting to implement more unschooling into their lives or just interested in learning more about the ideas.

    While the list is open to those who do not consider themselves to be Christian, since it is composed primarily of those who do, respect for the tenets of this faith is expected. CCU is a forum for friendly exchange of information on unschooling and parenting. While discussion of differing views will be tolerated it must remain courteous and refrain from negative personal comments. All participants are expected to help maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all.

    For more information, send an e-mail to

    To Subscribe, visit Christ Centered Unschooling.

    Classical-LDS-hs (LDS Classical Education) - We would like to welcome you to Classical-LDS-hs, the world's first online forum for the discussion, discovery, and implementation of LDS educational principles, designed for LDS parents who are homeschooling their children using the classical model.

    You are probably (a) already using this method or (b) interested in learning more about it. Either way, we're glad you're here. This forum is focused on the classical curriculum, in whatever form it may take in each family, and how to apply it within the LDS home, including teachings of the restored gospel and latter-day prophets.

    Classical-LDS-hs is a place where ideas can be shared and various educational endeavors can be discussed openly. It is our hope to promote cooperation and excellence in LDS educational efforts. The forum has already seen great success in accomplishing these goals. Many valuable relationships have been built between individuals, true principles have been embraced, and those involved have shared educational principles destined to change our society in a powerful way.

    Come join us! Share your ideas, and what has worked for you. Beginners welcome. We look forward to many happy memories together along the homeschooling trail. Tell a friend about Classical-LDS-hs. Then come and share your day with us. Stay tuned and stay in touch.

    Visit our companion lists:

    • Saints and Scholars: For LDS parents who homeschool their children or who are considering homeschooling as a lifestyle. On this list veteran homeschoolers and beginners will learn together, and take a serious look at the ways in which homeschooling, religious training, and family life shape our lives and the lives of our children.
    • Gifted-LDS-hs: Homeschooling gifted children, giftedness, and gifted resources within the LDS community.

    Be sure to visit our website, School of Abraham.

    To Subscribe, visit Classical-LDS-hs/.

    c-mason (C-Mason is the study only 'cmason' list.) - Welcome to the study-only version of the Charlotte Mason Study Loop. This is a topical, Christian discussion list dedicated to learning and encouraging others who are implementing the Charlotte Mason methods and philosophy in their homes. We are largely but not exclusively homeschool families.

    Joining this list means you will receive the weekly topical studies, announcements, and the Sunday Meditation by Charlotte Mason that are posted on the 'cmason' list, but no discussion or chatter. You may contact the moderators as needed by Replying to any message.

    For more information, visit Charlotte Mason Study Loop.

    To Subscribe, visit c-mason.

    cmason (For discussion of CM homeschooling) - Please note - this is a moderated discussion list. This list is for persons who are using or are interested in using the Charlotte Mason Philosophy for education (including homeschooling), or to enrich their own lives.

    We will research and discuss the original Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason but also other materials. While we use an assigned lesson format, any CM question is welcome at any time and 'newbies' are encouraged to ask questions.

    For the Summer we will be using quotations directly from the Original Home Schooling Series (found online in our File section) for our weekly topical discussions. You are invited to submit favorite (or puzzling) passages to the moderators, to be added to our Calendar Quotes.

    This is a Christian philosophy, and this is also a prayer list. We do not screen members, but do expect this atmosphere and respect of other's tenets of faith.

    We encourage discussion from different viewpoints, and we do not expect contention. Please don't try to use this list for gripes or complaints. We can't fix them.

    For more information, visit Charlotte Mason Study Loop.

    To Subscribe, visit cmason.

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