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If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears,
however measured or faraway.
~ Henry David Thoreau

    Learning Styles Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    add (add & special kids support group) - is a wonderful place for families and people with ADD and other learning disabilities. It is a place of resources for families and understanding.

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    ADHDandgifted - For those who have chosen to homeschool their ADD/ADHD, gifted child. Share the joys, challenges and frustrations of homeschooling/unschooling your child with other families. A place to share resources, tips on what you find works for you and what doesn't. I would like to promote the positive side of ADD/ADHD and what great kids these are!

    For more information, send email to

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    ADHD_Homeschool (ADHD Parents Homeschooling ADHD Kids) - I was looking for a group like this & couldn't find one. So, I started this one in March 2001. I'm an ADD Mom homeschooling an ADHD son, or trying to! If you are in the same boat & would like support, ideas or just to chat, feel free to join. I'm not always active, but there are others here besides me. There are some folks here with great wisdom.

    I am a Christian, however all are welcome, as long as you won't mind if prayer support is offered to those who want it. Anything pertaining to this subject (ADHD, homeschooling, etc.) may be discussed. Anything goes, except no profanity or rudeness please.

    For more information, visit

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    AIAS (Apples In A Seed) - Apples in a Seed was started 5 years ago as a support group for ADHD/Gifted homeschoolers. Over the years it has become a group where all homeschoolers can feel welcome to share ideas, philosophies, and opinions. During that time AIAS has also become a loop where you can buy and sell homeschooling material.

    We minister to one another through prayer/praise and encouragement. This group is a safe haven for buying/selling and letting your hair down. If you want or need someone to stand by your side, in the trenches, hand in hand, never letting you travel alone- This is the place for you! Abundant Joy!

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    challenginggiftedkids (Challenging gifted Kids) - Homeschooling gifted kids is an exciting venture!! As a homeschooling parent I sometimes need to talk to someone who understands what Im looking for, that the answer isnt always in more "work" or moving to the next grade level, but in more depth and breadth of subject matter, more opportunities to stretch those thinking muscles!!

    I want this list to be for discussing gifted homeschooling and what works for you or what doesnt. Do you know of some really great resource or ideas? Do you make up your own curriculum for your gifted child? Do you have a gifted child and need some ideas or have questions?

    Everyone who wants to give their child "more" is welcome, but the focus will be on challenging gifted kids.

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    gifted (talented & gifted support & ideas) - The Talented and Gifted list is aplace for families and people who are talented and gifted to share a community that understands the special needs of the talented and gifted and also provides the resources for this group.

    For more information, visit

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    Gifted-LDS-hs - Are you homeschooling a gifted child? Join us for companionship along the way. Gifted-LDS-hs is a support group for LDS parents who are homeschooling gifted children. This list will be devoted topically to giftedness and gifted issues. Discussion regarding LDS/homeschooling aspects of our lives is always welcome.

    We hope that you will feel free to discuss any and all gifted-related topics. Also, you can feel free to talk about your kids without anyone thinking you're bragging or simply being a proud parent. We know better.

    Tell a friend about Gifted-LDS-hs! Then come and share your day with us.

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    GifTEds - We are a UK-based mailing list for the families of twice exceptional children; these are gifted children who also have learning differences or special needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, AS, ADHD, TS, OCD, CAPD, and so on. We also welcome those who just don't fit into the old stereotypical model of the gifted child for whatever reason, and hope that all will feel supported as they work to help their children.

    We welcome members worldwide, whether their children are at school or educated at home. There are special challenges in ensuring an appropriate education for our children. The idea that a child can be gifted and yet have a special need is a concept still in its infancy in the UK! The challenge can feel insurmountable to both child and parent.

    We aim to be a safe, caring environment where all feel free to share their experiences and gain mutual support. Lacking face to face contact, we have to be extremely courteous, respectful and tolerant of all. Flaming will not be tolerated. Those who do not respect this will be banned from the list.

    For reasons of privacy messages will not be archived. Nor do we ask for proof of giftedness, etc. This means the list will be 'open', so to maintain your children's privacy you may want to use their initials, or pseudonyms, and avoid mentioning identifying information such as schools or teachers. This list is not intended to be used for research. If a researcher does wish to access the list members, that request MUST be via the listowner, who will forward the request to the list if it is felt appropriate.

    Please post an introduction of yourself to the list. We look forward to 'meeting' you!

    For information about twice exceptional children, see

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    GiftedUsingWTM - This group is for those using the Classical Method with children who are gifted. This includes The Well Trained Mind, Teaching the Trivium, Latin Centered Curriculum and others.

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    GT-Spec-Home - an email list for families homeschooling gifted/special needs children.

    All gifted children are special because of their intellectual abilities. Some, however, have disabilities that make them 'twice-special.' Many of us have found that the best way of meeting the educational needs of our twice-exceptional children is through homeschooling. This discussion group is devoted to families who are homeschooling or considering homeschooling these children.

    What does GT-Spec-Home address? Generally, we are talking about any gifted child who has a learning disability (LD) and/or other neurological problem(s) and who may be homeschooled. These other neurological problems may include but are not limited to ADD, hyperactivity, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, PDD, ODD, OCD, anxiety disorders, sensory integration disorders (SI), and depression.

    What these problems all have in common is that they:

    • Are caused by problems in the brain and nervous system
    • Are in some cases treatable, but are essentially incurable at this time
    • Are widely misunderstood by schools and by the public

    GT-Spec-Home is a safe place where we can discuss our twice-special children, and the special challenges we face in helping them (and others) understand and deal with their differences, while also encouraging them to develop and enjoy their exceptional intellectual abilities. It is a place to share homeschooling resources, ask for suggestions of how to meet our children's unique needs, and get support for ourselves as we navigate the adventure of homeschooling our special children.

    For more information, visit

    To subscribe, send an email to with the command subscribe gt-spec-home in the body.

    HomeschoolingExtraordinaryKids (HomeschoolingExtraordinaryKids-Thinking Outside the Box) - Is your child gifted in one or more areas but also has a learning difficulty? Do you have to "think outside the box" when it comes to creating curriculum to meet your childs needs? Are you having a difficult time finding "specialized" items for your child or resources for Gifted, LD or Gifted-LD kids?

    This forum will address all these issues. There is an ever growing database filled with information to help you! Database weblinks include topics such as curriculum, enrichment, summer camps, virtual field trips and international sites. The Links section covers local support groups in your area. This is a positive, forward-looking international forum with members from around the globe. It is not designed to hinder us with negative attitudes about how difficult things can be, but instead to stay positive, and find solutions to help ourselves and others!

    To Subscribe, visit

    homeschoolingmensans (Homeschooling Mensans - educating the gifted child at home) - Welcome to Homeschooling Mensans! This group is a SIG (special interest group) affiliated with American Mensa, the high IQ society. It is open to Mensans who homeschool their own gifted children, or anyone interested in homeschooling gifted children. This list is the discussion group. We advocate no particular method, and promote no religious viewpoint. All are welcome. We expect all members to be respectful and tolerant of those whose opinions differ from their own. If you want a list where everyone agrees with you all the time, please look elsewhere. If you expect to seek converts to your point of view, please look elsewhere. If you want stimulating discussion, you've come wo the right place. Please be aware that we moderate new members to prevent spamming. After your initial post (proving you are a real person, not a spammer) you will be placed on unmoderated status. Opinions expressed are not those of American Mensa, which has no opinions.

    For more information, visit

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    HomeschoolSupport - This list is for those needing support, help, and advice about homeschooling, unschooling, eclectic schooling or other alternative educational programs including homeschooling special needs and gifted students. The Homeschool Support Network is a non-profit service organization helping the homeschool community since 1986.

    Visit our website,, for free information, free magazine and more.

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    HSDyslexicKids (Homeschooling Dyslexic Kids) - A support group for homeschool parents of dyslexic children. We are not experts on dyslexia -- just other parents who are going through similar problems and have similar concerns.

    To Subscribe, visit

    OnTheRightSide - This is a list to discuss teaching methods and learning style information for right brained kids. If you have right brained child who doesnt learn things in well in the conventional classsroom way, this list may be for you. If you have an ADD child or a gifted child you will be in good company here!!! Come join us and we will support each other in finding ways to help our kids learn and teach themselves in the way thats best and easiest for them.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SaintsandScholars - SaintsandScholars is an online support group for LDS homeschoolers across the nation, no matter what method of homeschooling you prefer, established to encourage those who are motivated to home school, yet need the confidence to begin, and to refresh and hearten home schooling veterans. SaintsandScholars is for all parents who homeschool their children, or who are considering homeschooling as a lifestyle. We welcome you! Here you will find veteran homeschoolers and beginners, all learning together.

    This list will take a serious look at the ways in which homeschooling, religious training, and family life shape our lives and the lives of our children. All are invited to share ideas, new web site discoveries, success and struggle stories, character education, favorite curriculum sources, influential books, experiences with distance learning, lessons you as a parent have learned, and the general daily life of homeschooling.

    The Lord will intervene in our circumstances to solve the problems we cannot solve ourselves. When we ask for His help, then we have access to all the resources of heaven. It is not a teaching certificate, college degree, great patience, or expert communication skills that will carry us through to the end in our home schooling experience, but the help of the Lord.

    This list is dedicated to parents teaching parents in the greatest and most eternal pursuit of all: raising our children to develop their hearts, minds, and talents in righteousness and faith.

    Visit our companion lists:

    For more information, visit

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    spirited-homeschool - This list is for parents of Spirited Kids who are also homeschooling them. A spirited child is one who is ‘more’ as defined in Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s book “Raising your spirited child : a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic.” On this list we will be discussing all aspects of raising spirited kids, but especially those related to homeschooling them and having them with you for a large part of each day. Please read the book before attempting to join this list as the book is a basis for this group. We are looking for active members with time for frequent participation and ask that those wishing to lurk choose a different list.

    To Subscribe, visit

    TAGMAX - "Educating gifted children to the MAX!" For homeschooling gifted children (any style homeschooling), whether full-time or as enrichment to public school.

    To subscribe send e-mail to with the message subscribe TAGMAX in the body of the message.

    The Well-Trained Mind Accelerated Learner Board

    For more home education resources, visit Please visit our bookstore and publishing company, Peace Hill Press.


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