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    Kansas Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    CHALKline (Christian Homeschool Alliance of Leav KS) - The Christian Homeschool Alliance of Leavenworth, Kansas (CHALK) is a group of Christian military and civilian homeschooling families in the Leavenworth County area (aka Christian Home Educators of the Leavenworth Area, CHELA). This email list is for sharing encouragement, support, curriculum ideas, field trip info, sale/trade of used curriculum, etc.

    CHALK is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination, and operates as a dependent cluster group of Midwest Parent Educators. Please conform your posts to Philippians 4:8; no flaming or spam is allowed. New members will have their posts moderated to avoid spammers. Welcome, and may the CHALK dust settle softly upon you! :D

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    Fort_Riley_Homeschool (Fort Riley Homeschool) - Welcome to Fort Riley Homeschool. This is a group for all military families living at or around Fort Riley. We are here to support each other on all the issues that come with homeschooling and being a military family. This is a new group and I eventualy hope to make this a group that has get togethers where the kids can play and get to know each other. I would also like to eventualy see about taking some field trips. So come on in and make yourself at home and have fun.

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    gahn - Welcome to the GAHN email list. The GAHN list is to keep upto date about official GAHN activities, find out about impromptu gatheries organized by the members, and share resources and ask questions about homeschooling. Gardner Area Homeschoolers Network (GAHN) is a secular, inclusive homeschooling group to support families and encourage homeschooling in Gardner, Kansas and surrounding areas.

    GAHN values diversity and requests participants to be considerate to all people and faiths. Our common bond is homeschooling. Most of our meetings will be social in nature, although members are encouraged to share their skills through classes, activities or organizing field trips.

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    GBHE (Golden Belt Home Educators) - Serving home educators in and around Great Bend, KS. Want to stay in the loop on GBHE's activities?

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    JFMhome (Johnson-Franklin-MiamiHomeschool) - This group is for Kansas Homeschoolers that live in Johnson Franklin or Miami County. I am hoping that this group will form into a Co-op of sorts, and help build life long friendships between our children. Do you have questions about homeschooling in Kansas? Need help planning your year? What do others do about PE? Where's a good place to go on a field trip? Let's support each other!

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    JoCoHomeSchoolNet (Johnson County KS Homeschool Network) - Live in Johnson County, KS? Want to network with other homeschooling moms and dads? This is the group for you!

    To protect you from spammers, this group is not public, and is by invitation only. All parents and guardians who are interested in homeschooling are welcome to join!

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    KansasChristianHomeschoolers (Kansas Christian Homeschoolers) - This group is for mainly Christian homeschoolers in Kansas, although Christian homeschoolers from anywhere are welcome. We believe in rearing our children according to Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and Proverbs 22:6. This site is meant to provide a way for home schoolers to provide support for each other in any way needed. Topics may include, but not be limited to: curriculum, teaching methods, child rearing, household hints, prayer requests, and edification of each other. Please remember to address each other in a loving, Christian manner in all postings.

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    KCMPH (Kansas City, MO Pagan Homeschooling) - Merry Meet! This group is for Homeschooling parents in the Kansas City area. Support for home education is vast. Support for home education in a Pagan home is not so vast. Please join us in having fun, educating our children, and celebrating the seasons of our Great Mother and Father! Goddess Bless

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    KSHomeschool - This is a list for homeschoolers in Kansas to share ideas and help us find other Kansas homeschoolers and homeschool organizations.

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    kshomeschoolnet ( - This is an announcement only list for the website. Notifications of site additions and requests for site content will be made via this list.

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    LAHN (Lawrence Area Homeschoolers Network) - The LAHN list is to keep up to date about official LAHN activities, find out about impromptu gatheries organized by the members, and share resources and ask questions about homeschooling.

    The list is for families actively homeschooling or seriously considering homeschooling in the Lawrence area. If you have activities or resources you think homeschoolers would value please contact the coordinators. You can also find out more about homeschooling in Kansas on

    Lawrence Area Homeschoolers Network (LAHN) is a secular, inclusive homeschooling group to support families and encourage homeschooling in Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding areas.

    LAHN values diversity and requests participants to be considerate to all people and faiths. Our common bond is homeschooling. Most of our meetings will be social in nature, although members are encouraged to share their skills through classes, activities or organizing field trips.

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    learning_all_the_time_and_loving_it - we are an eclectic secular organisation we have come together to explore a variate of hands on projects and events in the wichita area we hope to explore weekly and monthly activities.

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    MAHN (Manhattan Area Homeschoolers Network) - Manhattan Area Homeschoolers Network (MAHN) is a secular, inclusive homeschool group that supports families and encourages homeschooling in Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding areas. MAHN values diversity and requests participants be considerate to all people and faiths. Our common bond is homeschooling. Most of our meetings are social in nature, although members are encouraged to share their skills through classes, activities, and organized field trips.

    For more information, visit

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    mchomes (Marion County Home Educators of Kansas) - Welcome McHomes Families! We're really jumpin' into the 21st Century now, gang!

    This group was set up for the home educators residing in Marion County Kansas, who are part of the McHomes home-educators group. We are a Christ-centered, non-profit homeschooling support group offering physical education, co-op class opportunities, support for homeschooling parents, and more.

    If you are intersted in joining our group, please contact Lisa in Hillsboro at

    This group will allow us to share prayer request, fieldtrip changes, group meeting updates, photos, recipes, and much, MUCH MORE!

    The group is moderated, so only McHomes members are allowed access to group information.

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    MGKShomeschoolers (Montgomery County, Kansas Homeschoolers) - This is a group where homeschoolers in the Montgomery County, Kansas area (and beyond) can get together and discuss homeschooling issues, etc.

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    MH_K (Military Homeschoolers of Kansas) - Military Homeschoolers of Kansas is a group is intended to provide support for those of us who are always the newcomers, who because of our connections to the military don't quite fit in with civilian homeschoolers, who because we homeschool don't quite fit in at squadron functions, and who face challenges that civilian homeschoolers could never understand.

    My hope is that this group becomes a way for fellow homeschoolers to find each other and network, so newcomers have one less obstacle when PCSing into the area, and long established homeschoolers in the area can discover each other.

    If you're from or in or coming to Kansas, if you're somehow associated with the military, and if you're educating your children we'd love to have you join us!

    McConnell in Wichita, Fort Riley near Manhattan, and Fort Leavenworth are among the bases that we represent.

    Everything is on topic here, though if discussions get a bit lively no personal attacks are allowed.

    We're glad you found us, Welcome!

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    NFLT - Northland Families Learning Together - NFLT is a secular/inclusive NFP group. We offer support and encouragement to home school families in the KC North area, though some of our members come from St Joseph, Smithville, Cameron, Plattsburg, Kearney and even Johnson County, KS and SKC. We have around 70 -80 active families and are growing. We offer a 90 day trial to allow people to decide if our group is a good fit for their needs. We do have dues of $25 per year that help cover many of the costs associated with running a very active group. We also offer coop/parent-taught classes during the Autumn and Spring semesters, along with regularly scheduled park days, recess days, monthly events, field trips and Moms’ Nights In and Out. If anyone has ever told you homeschoolers and their families are not social, you need to check out our group!

    To Subscribe, visit NFLT - Northland Families Learning Together.

    sktyha (SKT&YHA) - Welcome to S.K.T. & Y.H.A. - South Kansas Teen and Youth Homeschool Activities!

    This is a new group of homeschoolers looking to put together activities geared towards teens, 13 and up. We will plan activites for younger children to take place at the same time when possible.

    Some of the things we want to see happen are: Dances, game night/day, movies, a family camp, maby just time to hang out with friends, and whatever things they want to do. We want suggestions from teens and parents.

    For the younger kids we are thinking crafts, play time, games, scavanger hunt,and whatever else we come up with.

    We ask that everyone respect everyones beliefs and approaches to homeschooling. Tolerance of others is a must.

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    Structuredlearning_KC (Structured learning at home KC) - This group is being formed to address the needs of homeschoolers in Kansas City seeking a more structured, curriculum-based method of home learning. Families involved are diverse, and may use more than one curriculum and be eclectic in many ways. Any topics can be discussed, but we will focus on challenges and successes faced in our method of homeschooling, as well as share curriculum ideas and information. This group is open to all who have an interest in these ideas.

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    tahn - We are a secular inclusive homeschooling group whose main focus is facilitating social activities in the Topeka, Kansas Area. We value tolerance, acceptance and respect for individuals regardless of age, race or religion. We recognize and celebrate diversity. Memebers use a variety of methods to homeschool their children. We recognize learning happens at all ages in a variety of ways and that there is not one right way to homeschool.

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    unschoolkansas - Hi, this group is for those in Kansas who are unschooling their kids or are exploring unschooling. This group is not limited to unschoolers yet the focus of support will be to help each other unschool or be better at unschooling. And hopefully connect with each other in real life!

    The definition of unschooling from yahoo group. Unschooling is the confidence to trust that young people will learn what they need from living their lives in freedom and joy. An unschooling parent is a facilitator and cheerleader who embraces life and learning with curiosity and enthusiasm. An unschooled child is free to choose the what, when, where and how of their learning -- from mud puddles to Shakespeare to Spongebob Squarepants! If this sounds like it's for you or you'd like to find out more about how video games and life in general are filled with learning, come join us!

    If you have any questions contact Samantha at

    To Subscribe, visit

    WIHS - Welcome to the Wichita Homeschool group. I hope each one who joins will tell others about the good possibilities for communication this group presents for homeschoolers in the Wichita area.

    NOTE: This groups has now become a members-only group. We have had spammers begin to hawk their wares on the group, and the only way to stop them is to make this a members-only group.

    The purpose of this group is to allow homeschoolers to post events, class and sports schedules, activities, and news relating to homeschooling activities in the Wichita, Kansas, area.

    I reserve the right to delete any post that is offensive.

    This is not Ebay. Please do not post items for sale or exchange. This forum is information, not commerce. Also, please do no post notices soliciting funds for any purpose, and please do not post links to sites whose primary purpose is fund-raising.

    To Subscribe, visit

    wichitahomeschool (Wichita Homeschool) - WIHS is an inclusive, secular homeschool support group located in Wichita, Kansas. WIHS as a group recognizes that homeschoolers come from vastly diverse backgrounds but all share the common philosophy that we each want the best for our children and their education. Please show respect for other people’s homeschooling styles and life choices. WIHS welcomes members of all ages, genders, and religious, political, educational and personal philosophies. We strive to respect other member's philosophies and to be sensitive to the values of others, especially when they may differ from our own. This includes views with which we may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable. In this way, we are free to meet together without pressure to conform to a single set of beliefs. If you are seeking a religiously based group or a group that subscribes to a particular homescholing style, please visit for information or referrals.

    Mission Statement: WIHS was created to forge an atmosphere of camaraderie among local homeschoolers. WIHS requires respect for other people's chosen paths and does not endorse any particular religious, political or educational philosophy. WIHS seeks intelligent, open-minded, forward-thinking homeschoolers who choose to explore educational opportunities for themselves and their children. WIHS requests member participation, but does not collect dues or ask it’s members to sign anything.

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