Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Indiana (the Hoosier state, including Anderson, Batesville, Bedford, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Brookville, Calumet, Chicago (Illinois), Cincinnati (Ohio), Dearborn, Dillsboro, Elkhart, Ellettsville, Evansville, Fishers, Fort Wayne, Granger, Greenfield, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Kentuckiana, LaGrange, Lawrenceburg, Louisville (Kentucky), Michiana, Mooresville, Mt. Vernon, Muncie, Nashville, Newburgh, New Harmony, Owen, South Bend, Spencer, Terre Haute, Unionville, Valparaiso and Zionsville. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller

    Indiana Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (A - F)

    ADD-ADHD_Homeschool_Indiana - Information and support for parents, relatives & friends of children with ADHD who are being homeschooled or are considering it. I live in Indiana but am willing to include anyone seeking answers or support.

    To Subscribe, visit ADD-ADHD_Homeschool_Indiana.

    BrightStars (BrightStars of Hendricks Co) - Welcome! If you Homeschool in or around Hendricks Co, Indiana, please join us! This group is for those who are looking for others that Homeschool in your area. We are a casual, informal group that has weekly meetings around Hendricks County. Our meetings consist of crafts, park days, and general activities that give us good reason to spend time with each other! In addition, we offer an 9 & over Social/Adventure Club, a Book Club, Mom's Night Out, an 8 and Under Playgroup, and also information on other activities for Homeschoolers in the area.

    Our members are some of the most supportive families you will have ever met! We hope to have helpful information, ideas to share, warm hearts, shoulders to lean on, and many friends to help us make our children the "Brightest Stars" to shine in our lives.

    To Subscribe, visit BrightStars.

    btonhomeschool (Bloomington Christian Home Educators) - Welcome to Bloomington Area Christian Homeschoolers! BACH is a Christ-centered support group for Christian homeschooling families in the Bloomington, Indiana community (including Monroe County and the surrounding area). This group is very casual (run solely by volunteers), and we like to focus on having friends for our kids to play with on a regular basis. This group is committed to joyfully supporting, assisting and encouraging one another to nurture spiritual, social and academic growth in our children.

    Members are welcome to attend various "socialization" activities and fun get-togethers with your family. BACH offers various things including (but not limited to) weekly park days, monthly field trips, and monthly moms' meetings/nights out. Members are free to share any ideas for, and/or set up, field trips, play dates, or just time to get together, interact, and fellowship with others who have much in common.

    Please feel free to join! (Membership must be 'approved' to cut back on SPAM and other problems.) Please help spread the word about BACH to other homeschooling families!

    To Subscribe, visit btonhomeschool.

    CASHE (Calumet Area Secular Home Educators) - We are a secular support group and cooperative of homeschooling and unschooling families in Northwest Indiana and south Chicago Suburbs. CASHE offers classes that parents and children help organize, field trips, clubs, special events and activities.

    We have an annual membership fee which entitles member families to all of the above as well as an identification card that provides discounts to some events, stores, museums, and products.

    We are a diverse group that aims to provide a community for all homeschooling families.

    To Subscribe, visit CASHE.

    C-A-T-C-H (Cincy Area Teaching Children At Home) - Welcome to the e-list for CATCH (Cincinnati Area Teaching Children at Home). CATCH is a community-based educational organization for all who educate at home, or are interested in home education options, especially for those who live in the tri-state area which includes Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. Join us to discuss current legal, educational, philosophical, and practical issues relevant to home education. Feel free to post your ideas and opinions, your sources and resources, news of interest to home educators, events and activities, internet links, as well as your support and suggestions for others in this member forum.

    GROUP LIST RULES: This is and always has been a "members only" group, not a public list. Joining this list automatically gives you FREE membership in CATCH. All messages belong to the author of the message. Flamers, baiters, or spammers may be automatically unsubscribed from membership in this group. Members may not post what a fellow listmember writes to you via private email (off-list) without first receiving email permission. See full rules in the CATCH LIST RULES file in the group file section. Joining this list implies that you will comply with all rules.

    To Subscribe, visit C-A-T-C-H.

    Catholic Homeschoolers of Michiana - We are a group of Catholic families joined together to promote and support Catholic homeschooling. Our goal is to be good Catholic examples to our children and the community and to teach our children to know, love, and serve God and His Holy Church. We support moral and academic learning at home in the context of a wholesome family life and hold our Faith as an integral part of the learning experience.

    We have been active for more than a decade in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, primarily in South Bend and Granger, Indiana, and Niles, Michigan.

    For more information, visit Catholic Homeschoolers of Michiana.

    CatholicIHE - The Catholic Indiana Home Educators elist (CatholicIHE) was created to facilitate communication between Catholic home educators in Indiana. All list members are invited to post details of events, activities and resources that may be of interest to our state's Catholic homeschoolers. Members may also post questions or ideas to begin discussions with other list members.

    To Subscribe, visit CatholicIHE.

    Cincinnati_Home_Schoolers (Greater Cincinnati Home Schoolers) - This site is for Home Schoolers and those interested in learning in general. There does not tend to be much discussion but it is welcome if desired. You are encouraged to post information of interest to you as you homeschool/learn with your family. I post what is of interest to me as I do the same.

    There is but one rule here - you must be respectful. This list is not affiliated with any particular religion (or lack thereof) or with any particular home schooling method or group. You may, therefore, encounter people whose beliefs are at odds with your own. Please take from this list what interests you and express your disagreement/disinterest by hitting "delete".

    To Subscribe, visit Cincinnati_Home_Schoolers.

    ClassicalFoundationsChrist (Classical Foundations for Christ) - This is a support and/or discussion group in Central Indiana for homeschooling parents of preschool children and their families. Members of this group are generally devout Christians who are interested in the classical model of education including Latin instruction, classical readings, trivium framework of education, Charlotte Mason techniques, Well Trained Mind as well as Philosophy for Children from a Christian perspective. Workshops for parents and Play Time is generally offered in Mooresville.

    To Subscribe, visit ClassicalFoundationsChrist.

    CLCN (Christian Learning Center & Network) - This is a group for Christian home educators in Northwest Indiana.

    To Subscribe, visit CLCN.

    DCCHCNews (DCCHC E-list) - This list is used for sharing information about events and activities within the Delaware County Christian Homeschool Corporation located in Delaware County, Indiana.

    For more information, visit DCCHC.

    To Subscribe, visit DCCHCNews.

    DearbornHomeschoolers (Dearborn County, Indiana Homeschoolers) - Hello Dearborn County, Indiana Homeschoolers! We formed this egroup so that homeschoolers in our area can get to know one another and exchange ideas on everything from curriculum, field trips and other activities for our children (and some for us too!).

    Feel free to post items of interest to other homeschoolers in our area. New and veteran homeschoolers are welcome - we feel everyone has something to share and bring to this group.

    We have wonderful Homeschooling support groups in our area. Arrows From God, SEICHE (Batesville,Brookville, Dillsboro Lawrenceburg), WIHN, and ASHA. For more information, please email the owners of this list. Moderators have the right to refuse or terminate memberships.

    Our Dearborn Homeschoolers egroup consists of mostly Christian families and we ask that all posts and messages respect this. All support groups are welcome to post events that are open to everyone. So post a message, introduce yourself and your family... We look forward to getting to know you!

    To Subscribe, visit DearbornHomeschoolers.

    evvcath - This list will help connect Roman Catholic homeschoolers in the Evansville, IN area

    To Subscribe, visit evvcath.

    FACESinc (FACES) - FACES supports the educational, spiritual, and social enrichment of homeschool, Catholic, high schoolers. Most activities take place in the Fishers,Indiana area. FACES is a new group which has incorporated and is seeking non-profit status with the IRS. Membership is limited to families with homeschooling teens, preferably in the Central Indiana region.

    To Subscribe, visit FACESinc.

    FLT-Indy (Families Learning Together (FLT) Homeschoolers organization) - Families Learning Together is an inclusive & diverse group which serves Indianapolis, IN & the surrounding counties. Many views, philosophies, faiths & lifestyles are represented within the membership. Members generally post activities & info of interest to homeschoolers, and/or ask questions pertinent to home education. Attachments are not permitted. "Off-topic" information may be posted, with OT in the subject line, but no "flaming", name calling or otherwise judgemental responses will be tolerated. The best guide to "appropriate" posting is courtesy and common sense - this is a friendly and helpful list!

    To Subscribe, visit FLT-Indy.

    freerangehomeschoolers (Free Range Homeschool Group) - This secular group is open to all individuals interested in homeschooling. The organizers are located near Louisville, Kentucky, so many group activities will be focused on that area (but are not limited to just Jefferson County). The premise of this group is community, compassion and support. No one is excluded because of schooling style, belief system, family style or age.

    To Subscribe, visit freerangehomeschoolers.

    FYMplanning (Free Your Mind Family Learning Network) - Free Your Mind is an inclusive homeschool support group that meets in Greenwood, Indiana. We are a group of parents and kids coming together for weekly classes, field trips, and fun.

    To Subscribe, visit FYMplanning.

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