Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Georgia (the Peach State), including Alpharetta, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Bainbridge, Canton City, Carroll, Cataula, Chattanooga (Tennessee), Columbus, Commerce, Coweta, Fayette, Fayetteville, Ft. Benning, Fort Gordon, Fulton, Hamilton, Heard, Hephzibah, Jackson, LaGrange, Macon, Marietta, McDonough, Ogeechee, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, Sandy Springs, Troup, Valdosta, Vidalia and Villa Rica. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller

    Georgia Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (A - C)

    AlphaHome (Alpharetta Inclusive Homeschoolers) - Homeschool support group for families in the Alpharetta, Georgia area.

    All are welcome regardless of race, religion, or homeschooling method.

    We do NOT accept advertisers on our list, even if your product or service is relating to homeschooling!

    New members are required to post a brief introduction.

    To Subscribe, visit AlphaHome.

    AmazingMondays (Amazing Mondays Co-op) - Amazing Mondays is a homeschool support group for Columbus, Georgia and surrounding areas that meets weekly at Northside Recreation Center in Columbus, Georgia. We meet on Mondays 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. We share an educational activity together, lunch, sign language/Spanish class, participate in physical fitness and provide parental support and fellowship. The parents and students participate together during this time. We also plan field trips throughout the year that are educational and fun. Parents are able to weekly discuss and share homeschool methods, struggles, questions, and any concerns. The group is open to ANY and ALL homeschool families. This yahoo group is designed to help us keep in touch throughout the week and to disseminate info pertinent to homeschooling. This is a very diverse goup of great people. Please join in the fun!

    To Subscribe, visit AmazingMondays.

    AtlantaHSHappenings (Atlanta Homeschool Happenings) - This list is for posting any and all EVENTS for, about or of interest to homeschoolers in the Atlanta area including but not limited to: field trips, classes, concerts, plays, parties, meetings, lectures, discussion groups, play dates and homeschool group curriculum/used book sales, etc. We hope to avoid all discussion and chat on this list! Items "for sale" or "want to buy" posts are not permitted.

    Please note on the subject line as much Who, What, When, Where information as possible and also please put OPEN if anyone is welcome.

    We encourage all groups to post here, no matter how exclusive they are (or aren't), so that people who are new to homeschooling (or just beginning to consider the idea) can quickly find groups and activities that suit them best.

    To Subscribe, visit AtlantaHSHappenings.

    AthensGAHomeschooling (Athens GA Home Schooling) - This list is for the sharing of homeschooling activities, legislation, classes, etc... in Athens, Georgia and the surrounding communities.

    To Subscribe, visit AthensGAHomeschooling.

    CAREFREEHS (C.A.R.E.F.R.E.E. Homeschoolers) - C.A.R.E.F.R.E.E. = Children Achieving Real Education From Regular Everyday Experiences

    We are an all inclusive, eclectic (mixed bag of methods), secular homeschool group with roots in Dekalb, Clayton, Rockdale, Newton, and Henry counties in Georgia. We hope to have all homeschool methods and religions represented within our group but this group will not be religious based. We plan to have play days each week, field trips, parties, Parents Night Out, and Mom's Night Out, Teen Group, and Pre-Teen Group. We are very accepting of all and are just in this for our children. You will never be judged, lectured, or criticized. The only real rules we have are 1) Do not push your beliefs on another member or you will be asked to leave the group. 2) You are expected to have control of your children at all times at group events including field trips, playdays, or any other function. We want this group to revolve around homeschooling our children and nothing more. This egroup will keep you informed of goings on as well as just an information outlet, support board, and resource center.


    To Subscribe, visit CAREFREEHS.

    changega - CHANGE: Catholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators is a homeschool support group for families in the northwest metro. Atlanta area.

    We draw members from Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth, Marietta and Canton. Members belong to various Catholic churches in the area including St. Catherine of Siena, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Peter Chanel, St. Francis de Sales and more.

    Please see our website, Catholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators for more information.

    To Subscribe, visit changega.

    changingyourhomeschoolworld (Changing Your Homeschool World) - Welcome to the World Changers Church International Home School Support Group,(WCCI HSSG)!

    WCCI HSSG is dedicated to providing support and assistance to members of the group who are educating their own children at home by:

    * Providing parents with home school legislation and other information affecting the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.

    * Participating in and sponsoring conventions and educational seminars for teaching parents.

    * Organizing field trips and extra-curricular activities for members of the group.

    * Providing overall support to homeschooling families via enrichment classes,(WCCI Campus), on a weekly basis.

    WCCI HSSG is open to ALL home schooling families with school-aged children, whether they are members or live in surrounding communities.

    We welcome you to explore the site, ask questions, give advice or gleen off of incoming information. We pray you will be thouroughly blessed and encouraged here during your homeschooling journey.

    To Subscribe, visit Changing Your Homeschool World.

    chaseacademy (CHASE Academy) - CHASE Academy is an inclusive Christian cooperative learning center serving homeschool families in Athens-Clarke/Barrow/Gwinnett/Walton/Newton/Oconee and Rockdale Counties and the surrounding areas. It is a place to network, make friends, ask questions, learn, and grow in a supportive environment. CHASE Academy weekly classes are for homeschooling families who wish to participate in once-a-week academic or elective classes outside of their homes. Please note that our weekly classes are open to all interested families regardless of race, religion, color, national and ethnic background, or family size. Several membership options are available, and classes are available for K-6th grade students.

    Families interested in learning more about the CHASE Academy learning Center opportunities are welcome to join this loop. Homeschoolers may also join this group to connect with others in their area, join us for field trips, and just get to know us! Members of this loop may also post play dates, community events, and any homeschool resources that would benefit our families as well as any items they have for sale as long as it is kept within reason and doesn't become the primary purpose of this loop. Messages and memberships will be moderated.

    To Subscribe, visit chaseacademy .

    Chattahoochee Valley Homeschoolers - Meet other local families taking responsibility for educating their children by using resources in the home and community. Share tips, discuss problems, schedule activities and pool ideas.

    Trying to find a homeschool support group in West Central Georgia? You've come to the right place. The Columbus area meetup group is an inclusive, online homeschool support group for the West Central area of Georgia. All homeschoolers in the West Central area of Georgia or east central AL, regardless of religious affiliation, or membership in existing local support groups, are invited and welcome to join.

    We would like to help fill the great need to increase communication among our many local homeschool groups. The purpose of our meetup group is to involve more homeschoolers in activities that they may not otherwise hear about, and to share local resources, field trip ideas, educational opportunities in our various communities, news of upcoming seminars, classes offered, study groups, curriculum sales, and to advertise for existing homeschool support groups in the West Central area of GA.

    Chattahoochee Valley Homeschoolers Meetup provides a convenient online forum to contact local homeschoolers and invite them to your events. Support groups which would like to coordinate with other groups and to invite individuals to share in their activities and plans are encouraged to post information about upcoming activities and to coordinate events within our broader homeschool community.

    Invite your friends, neighbors, and members of your local support groups to join us today. We need your help to get the word out to your support groups and to individual homeschool families in the West Central GA area.

    Tell a friend about Chattahoochee Valley Homeschoolers Meetup, then come and spend your day with us! We look forward to getting to know you. There is strength in numbers!

    To Subscribe, visit Chattahoochee Valley Homeschoolers.

    chattanoogaandnwgachristianhomeschoolers (NWGA and Chattanooga Christian Homeschoolers) - Welcome to Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia Christian Homeschoolers. We are a support group for homeschooling moms and their families who live in the Chattanooga and NorthWest Georgia area and who feel that it was God's calling to home educate their children. Here you can get to know others in the area who are likeminded, exchange ideas, arrange outings, share prayer requests, support one another, and just chat.

    "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." -- Proverbs 22:6

    To Subscribe, visit chattanoogaandnwgachristianhomeschoolers.

    Cheamail (Coweta Home Educator's Association) - CHEA is a loosely organized group of families that homeschool in the Coweta and surrounding counties. By joining the group, you will receive e-mails from the moderator regarding general homeschool information. All homeschoolers in the Coweta and surrounding counties of Georgia, regardless of religious affiliation, or membership in existing local support groups, are invited and welcome to join.

    All members are invited to participate in parties, field trips, and play dates. All members are encouraged to organize events for the group.

    The purpose of this group is to establish communication between homeschoolers in the Coweta and surrounding counties. Please use this list only for information regarding homeschooling or homeschool/family events. You may use it to ask questions regarding homeschooling in an effort to receive feedback from other members. You may use it to organize field trips, parties, & play dates. You may use it to pass on homeschool information which you feel other members may benefit. No Chain letters.

    To Subscribe, visit Cheamail.

    Commerce_community_homeschool_forum (CommerceCommunityHomeschoolForum) - This group is designed for the homeschoolers of Banks, Jackson, and Surrounding Counties of Northeast GA. THIS GROUP IS SECULAR IN NATURE. In the past we were just a group to list resources with and we held occasional events. Now, we are trying to activily start a homeschool group with fieldtrips, parkdays, and special events. You are NOT required to attend everything all the time. Just come and join the fun when you can! If you live in or around the Commerce area you are welcome to join.

    To see our current list of events click on "Database" on the eloop group page - then click on "fieldtrips"! Check out our links section to find neat, educational website links that our members have posted.

    You will find directions to the parks used for park days listed under files on the eloop page.

    Please do not post any of our events on other eloops, websites or newsletters unless you are told it is ok. These events and fieldtrips are for CCHG members only!

    To Subscribe, visit Commerce_community_homeschool_forum.

    CreativeHomeEducators-NorthGeorgia (Creative Home Educators - North Georgia) - Creative Home Educators is a group of eclectic home educators. Many of our members practice an Earth-based form of spirituality, but we welcome any kindred spirits. We have Christian, Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, atheist, and agnostic members. We do not tolerate discrimination against people based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, faith, size, or family type. What we truly have in common is a passion for learning, a dedication to our families, and open-minded attitudes regarding spirituality.

    We come together for play dates, field trips, cooperative learning experiences, and support with home schooling issues. Creative Home Educators - North Georgia has members in the North Georgia and Greater Atlanta areas, with activities scheduled in both areas.

    New members are required to post a brief introduction.

    For more information, visit Creative Home Educators.

    To subscribe, visit CreativeHomeEducators-NorthGeorgia.

    CreativeHomeEducators-SouthGeorgia (Creative Home Educators - South Georgia) - Creative Home Educators is a group of eclectic home educators. Many of our members practice an Earth-based form of spirituality, but we welcome any kindred spirits. We have Christian, Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, atheist, and agnostic members. We do not tolerate discrimination against people based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, faith, size, or family type. What we truly have in common is a passion for learning, a dedication to our families, and open-minded attitudes regarding spirituality.

    This is the email list for the South Georgia branch of Creative Home Educators. As membership of this list grows we hope that play dates and field trips will be organized for the Middle Georgia and South Georgia area of Creative Home Educators. Any member may organize an event and post it on our calendar.

    Please, introduce yourself to the list once you are approved.

    For more information, visit Creative Home Educators.

    To subscribe, visit CreativeHomeEducators-SouthGeorgia.

    CreativeHSNW (Creative Homeschoolers Northwest) - Creative Homeschoolers is a homeschooling family support group that does not discriminate on the basis of race, faith, gender, lifestyle, or educational philosophy. Because we believe that we all learn and benefit from a sharing of diverse backgrounds and belief systems, we encourage families to share their own personal, cultural, and spiritual histories in an atmosphere of mutual toleration. We invite you to join in our open door policy of acceptance and support.

    To subscribe, visit CreativeHSNW.

    CSRAHSusedcurriculumboard (CSRA Homeschooler's Used Curriculum) - This Group is for those homeschooling in the CSRA area of Georgia/South Carolina. It's function is to help local homeschoolers sell and buy used curriculum.

    Feel free to post your "for sales" and "want to buys." Although, the main use of this board will be for curriculum if there are other items or services a homeschooler would like to post, type away.

    Membership is restricted to prohibit spam and all replies will be forwarded to sender.

    To Subscribe, visit CSRAHSusedcurriculumboard.

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Georgia Trees & Wildflowers
An introduction to over 140 familiar species of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers

by James Kavanagh

100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum
Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child’s Learning

by Cathy Duffy
The key to successful home education, homeschool veterans will tell you, is determining your educational philosophy and marrying it to your child’s learning style. Then you can make an informed decision in choosing the right educational curriculum for the child. This is the formula for success. In 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, homeschool guru Cathy Duffy can help you accomplish these critical tasks. Cathy will give you her top choices from every subject area, approaching everything through a Christian worldview perspective.

50 Hikes in the North Georgia Mountains
Walks, Hikes and Backpacking Trips from Lookout Mountain to the Blue Ridge to the Chattooga River

by Johnny Molloy
With beautiful photography and detailed maps, this book chronicles 50 spectacular hikes in the North Georgia mountains, taking you to waterfalls, overlooks, gigantic trees, historic sites, and primitive wildernesses in significant spots such as Tallulah Gorge, Springer Mountain, and the Chattooga River, in addition to a lesser-known locales such as Tearbritches Creek.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook
How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn
For everyone who has ever gone to school or is interested in the current national debate over educational reforms, but it is especially relevant for teenagers and the parents or caregivers of teens.

Touring the Backroads of North and South Georgia
Touring the Backroads Series

by Victoria Logue
Backroads Touring the Backroads covers the entire state. The tours are Northwest Georgia Drive, Native American Tour, North Georgia Mountain Tour, Northeast Georgia Tour, Fort Yargo to Tucker's Ferry, Classic South, Plantation, Middle Georgia Ramble, Georgia Capitals Drive, East Georgia Ramble, Southwest Georgia Ramble, Middle Georgia Farmland, Altamaha River Loop, Wire Grass, and South Georgia.

Homeschooling: The Teen Years
Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 13- to 18- Year-Old
by Cafi Cohen
The teen years are when many homeschooling parents start to question or abandon their efforts. It's a precarious time, with challenging academics, pressing social issues, and the prospect of college looming. Parents can now breathe easy: this guide calms the teen-time jitters and even offers hope to those just turning to homeschooling now that their child is about to enter high school.

P Is For Peach
A Georgia Alphabet
by Carol Crane
As you travel through the Okefenokee Swamp, keep an eye out for Tiger Swallowtails and Brown Thrashers, and be sure to pick some Yellow Confederate Daisies before taking a nap under a Live Oak Tree. This is the Georgia that becomes a wondrous reality within the beautiful rhyming verses of Carol Crane and the colorful images of Mark Braught.

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook
A Creative And Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling

by Dorothy Moore
If you are thinking about homeschooling, or are struggling with a educational homeschooling curriculum that is difficult to use, let Dr. Ray and Dorothy Moore show you how to make homeschooling an easy-to-live-with family adventure in learning. This low-stress, low-cost program shows you how to build a curriculum around your child's needs and interests - and around a realistic family schedule.

The Georgia Coast
Waterways and Islands
by Nancy Schwalbe Zydler
The Georgia Coast: Waterways and Islands is a new kind of boater's guide to the intricate, unspoiled, and exciting coast of Georgia. The guide describes the flora and fauna of varied rich ecosystems as you travel through the natural and human history of over 1,500 miles of waterways.

The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to the Right Start
by Linda Dobson
This book is so down to earth that it will put anyone at ease, and the advice she and the many other homeschoolers give is so practical.

Georgia (Hello USA series)
by Rita Ladoux
An introduction to the land, history, people, economy, and environment of Georgia.

Time For Kids
Our 50 United States and Other U.S. Lands
Gain important new insights to American history. Readers will follow the birth of the United States from the first colony to become a part of the new nation in 1787 to the last territory to be admitted to the Union 172 years later.

The World of Weather
by Brian Cosgrove
A straightforward, non-scientific text is complemented by spectacular photography and color diagrams of the phenomena described, providing a solid understanding of basic principles and forecasts, and even allowing the reader to make predictions of wind, rain, and temperature with some rationale.

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