Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Delaware (the First State), including Brandywine Valley, Bridgeville, Camden-Wyoming, the DelMarVa region, Elkton, Laurel, Middletown, Odessa, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Salisbury, Seaford, Townsend and Wilmington. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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We find comfort among those who agree with us
- growth among those who don't.
~ Frank A. Clark

    Delaware Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    bvhero (BVHERO: group emails, contacts & events) - Brandywine Valley Homeschool Education Resource Organization

    To ensure privacy and the safety of our children, you must first become a member of BVHERO to join this Yahoo Group.

    BVHERO is an inclusive home schooling support and resource group serving the greater Brandywine Valley area. We welcome families regardless of race, religion or educational philosophy. Please e-mail us at for membership information or to make arrangements to speak directly with a representative of our group. Or visit our website at:

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    DEClassicalHomeEducatorsNetwork (DEClassical Home Educators Network) - We are an all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

    As a group we meet year-round to chat, discuss goals and educational resources, and to support each other. Our on-line discussions center around local events, arranging local get-togethers and field trips, and sometimes Classical Education. When we gather together we discuss Classical Education in-depth, however we rarely do such discussions on-line. As a local Classically-Educating group this affords us the opportunity to get to know each other in person too.

    This group is for those following the classical homeschooling education model, such as described in The Well Trained Mind (Jessie Wise and Susan Bauer) or in Teaching the Trivium (Bluedorn's) or similar method.

    This group is open to families who are actively home educating children in grades K - 12. We are open to discussing issues of classical education with those who are considering classically homeschooling their children in the future, however our membership is for those families home educating their children in grades K-12. This forum is a means for us to exchange homeschooling information and ideas, upcoming local events and opportunities, and resources in support of our common effort to provide a classical education for our children.

    You will need to introduce yourself to the moderators before being approved for membership. After approval, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group as well.

    Members are required to attended a mom's meeting during the year, or respond to a request for assistance at least once during a 3 month period to maintain their membership in this Yahoo group. Lurkers are not permitted.

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    dehomeschoolers - This list will serve as a place to monitor homeschooling laws and trends for the state of Delaware. Posts will be moderated and should be limited to discussions of the above topics. Thus, this is NOT the place to post an announcement about the homeschool ice-skating outing.

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    DEHSchool - DEHSchool is a list which focuses on homeschooling in Delaware. It is open not JUST to homeschooling families who live here, but also to anyone else interested in or considering homeschooling in the state.

    We are a diverse group, homeschooling preschoolers through teens, and doing so for a variety of reasons. We do not require a statement of faith to take part, nor do we take an official stand on curriculum, umbrella schools, unschooling or other personal choices. Neither do we permit arguments about these choices on the list.

    For those parents, students, family members, teachers, & others who are merely curious, we extend a warm welcome. We're a small state & a small group, but we'll try to answer your questions. We hope you'll join us!

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    DEHSfamilies (Delaware Homeschool Families) - Welcome to Delaware Homeschool Families. We are an inclusive group for all homeschoolers in the state of Delaware, and for those who are interested in the homeschooling lifestyle. We are a family-oriented, eclectic group, with various homeschooling methods and beliefs. We respect the diversity represented in our homes and lifestyles. Emotionally charged discussions on controversial topics are discouraged.

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    del-awareness (Delaware Education Law Awareness) - DELAWARE EDUCATION LAW AWARENESS,(del-awareness), is open to anyone interested in parent's rights to control the upbringing and education of their children.

    This list is an unmoderated networking and information-sharing tool. Because this list is open, we are a very diverse group. Opinions expressed on this list belong to the authors.

    BIG WARNING! Please do not depend on others to find every piece of legislation that may usurp our freedoms! Each person is responsible for searching LIS for pending legislation and for communicating their own opinions to legislators.

    When searching for new legislation that might affect parent's rights, remember that DOE uses DSS to enforce education laws. Therefore, it is wise to include broad search terms, such as "education" and "school," in addition to narrow terms, such as "homeschool," and "home school." Be prepared for a large volume of education-related legislation.

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    DELMARVAHomeschoolers - Home schoolers from the region known as DELMARVA, (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia), can network via email announcements of family and home school events in their area. Religious and political discussions are prohibited.

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    DelmarvaUnschoolers (Delmarva Unschoolers) - Unschoolers on Marylands Eastern Shore. This is a secular discussion list and a list for posting activities and get togethers. We are unschooler's, but not exclusively so. Unschooling is what brings us together because with it comes attachment parenting, open mindedness and a desire to be with our children, living and learning. We are interested in communicating and getting together with other unschoolers on Delmarva for socialization, support, and information.

    To Subscribe, visit

    DEPaganHomeschoolers (Delaware Pagan Homeschoolers) - This is a group for Pagan homeschoolers, and other homeschoolers of nature-based paths, in Delaware and the Delmarva area. People of any non-Christian beliefs are welcome to join as well!

    You are welcome to join us to discuss homeschooling, unschooling, as well as parenting issues and rearing children in Pagan or nature-based belief systems.

    New members are moderated for the first few messages to ensure no spamming or advertising, and to help keep our group "clean". This is a family-oriented group! Also, you are welcome to post your own products or arts and crafts for sale, parties (such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc.).

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    DEpreschooltohomeschool - We are an all-inclusive home educators support group for families thinking about homeschooling their preschool or younger children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.

    As a group we meet year-round to chat, discuss goals and educational resources, and to support each other. Our on-line discussions center around local events, arranging local get-togethers and field trips, and homeschooling. As a local preschool-homeschooling group this affords us the opportunity to get to know each other in person too.

    This group is open to families who are thinking about home educating their children. This forum is a means for us to exchange homeschooling information and ideas, upcoming local events and opportunities, and resources in support of our common effort to provide a homeschool education for our children.

    For the safety of our members, we will ask that you attend one of our Public events prior to being admitted to the Yahoo group. After joining, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group as well.

    To Subscribe, visit

    DEunschoolers - DEunschoolers is a yahoo group for unschoolers in Delaware. It is a place to learn about unschooling, interact with fellow unschoolers and discuss unschooling questions, concerns and triumphs. All are welcome who are supportive of unschooling and have an interest in learning about unschooling and discussing it's philosophies.

    To Subscribe, visit

    EasternShoreHomeSat - This group is designed for Bob Jones HomeSat users in the Maryland, Delaware, Virginia area. We aim to assist one another through prayer, idea exchange, and let's not forget helping each other with MISSED BLOCKFEEDS. ;-) On occassion, we will have a prayer/support gathering where we can continue to encourage one another and build each other up on this homeschooling adventure.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs) - This is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are homeschooling their children.

    Do you live in the Eastern region of the United States? You are invited to join our online homeschool support group. We invite all parents who want to help their children succeed in school and in life, veteran home educators looking for a fresh start, new family educators searching for help and ideas, and parents just thinking about home education to join us.

    Our goal is to support them in their endeavor as well as disseminate information. We welcome anyone not included in another group. Our states include: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. ME MA RI DE CN NH VT OH MI MD NY NJ PA

    To Subscribe, visit Eastern Latter Day Saints Homeschool (e-lds-hs).

    FAMILIESnews (Fathers-And-Mothers-In-Leadership-Instructing-Encouraging-Students) - This is a large group of homeschool families who want to encourage each other and share information, events, curriculum, fieldtrip,ideas and to be in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Anyone is welcome to join, (although most of us are from the Delaware,Maryland, and Virginia area) (Delmarva)

    Come and participate as we pray for one another and help each other to be a Godly homeschooling family. Please contact: for more info.

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    Family Learning Academy, Inc. - Family Learning Academy (FLA), founded in 1984, is registered with the state of Delaware as a “legal umbrella” and with the IRS as a non- profit, tax-exempt organization. Presently, FLA serves families in southern New Castle and Kent counties. Its alumni have gone on to join the military, study at various universities across the country (many with substantial scholarships), and begin their careers. Family Learning Academy is located in Camden-Wyoming.

    Benefits of FLA Membership

    • Access to years of homeschooling experience (opportunity to give and receive support)
    • High school workshop and preparation for college seminar (help with transcript preparations, use of a school seal for transcripts, and needed signatures for forms)
    • Assistance in enrolling high school students in driver’s ed and college courses
    • Teacher card (useful for discounts)
    • Monthly informational newsletter, Yahoo email loop, and legal updates
    • Well-stocked lending library (wide variety of curricula and other teaching resources)
    • Yearly used curricula/book sale
    • Standardized testing (not required)
    • Group activities (skating, bowling, tennis, martial arts, and other activities that vary from year-to-year)
    • Talent show/coffee house a vehicle for students to share talents with one another
    • High school graduation exercises and promotion ceremony for Grades K-11

    NOTE: Although FLA offers many benefits, individual teacher/ parents are fully responsible for their child(ren)’s education.

    During the first year of homeschooling, FLA families are paired with a team captain, an experienced homeschooling mom who offers encouragement and support. However, member families must do their own research, develop their own curriculum plans, and keep their own daily records.

    To Subscribe, visit Family Learning Academy, Inc..

    FirstState_Teen_Homeschoolers (First State Teen Home Schoolers) - Delaware Teen Home Schoolers Unite

    To Subscribe, visit

    hand-in-hand-homeschoolers (Hand in Hand Homeschoolers) - We are a Christian-oriented group of home educators from Bridgeville, Seaford, and Laurel, Delware -- and surrounding areas -- whose goal is to support each other's endeavors, keep up-to-date on state laws, and make a difference in the communities in which we live and worship. We want to raise awareness among those who may believe the worst about home-educating, while working hand-in-hand to support our children, our spouses, our communities, our churches, and those who have taken on the challenging, yet rewarding experience known as "homeschooling."

    To Subscribe, visit

    homeschooling-delmarva - Homeschooling-Delmarva, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia's Eastern Shore - sharing homeschool information, events, resources, and general support. Everyone is welcome to join in regardless of reasons for homeschooling or researching homeschooling.

    To Subscribe, visit

    KingsKidsofDelmarva (Kings Kids of Delmarva) - Kings Kids of Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) is a Homeschool Christian Co-Op located in the Salisbury / Delmar area.

    To Subscribe, visit

    MOTHomeSchoolers (M.O.T. Home Schoolers) - We are a group of Home Schoolers or Home Educators who live in the Middletown - Odessa - Townsend area of Delaware, meeting year-round to discuss goals and educational directions, to share resources and support each other in educating our children.

    This group is open to families who are actively home educating children in grades K - 12, and who reside in the M.O.T. area.

    To Subscribe, visit

    NorthWilmingtonHomeSchoolers (North Wilmington Home Schoolers (NWHS)) - NORTH WILMINGTON HOME SCHOOLERS began about 1990. A few Christian families in Wilmington, Delaware began it to provide home school support and fellowship. Anyone may participate in activities regardless of race or religion, but do expect to find a Biblical worldview and expectations for conduct.

    PRIVACY POLICY: Personal information (including names, addresses and phone numbers is not to be used for solicitation and is to be kept private. Other use will result in removal from the mailing list.

    NWHS membership is open to families who have children currently registered as homeschoolers.

    To Subscribe, visit

    paced - PACED = Practically Applying Christian Education in Delaware

    This group is for Christian families living in/around Delaware that have decided to teach their children at home using Godly examples throughout their education. We will plan events and get-togethers and ultimately provide support to other families in our area. May God bless each of us as we teach our children in His light.

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    queenofpeacehsers (Our Lady Queen of Peace Homeschoolers) - Catholic homeschool support group for families in Northern Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Maryland. We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We meet for Mass, field trips, parent support and social activities.

    To join, you must be recommended or attend one of our meetings. EMAIL THE LIST OWNER FOR DETAILS.

    To Subscribe, visit

    SHERD (Support for Home Educators & Resources) - This group is for discussions between the members of SHERD, announcements relating to homeschooling or parenting, and for coordinating activities. Most of our activities are in Kent County, Delaware, but people from anywhere are welcome to participate in everything we do. Feel free to post for sale or wanted to buy items, as well. You will need to introduce yourself to the moderators before being approved for membership. After approval, you will then be asked to introduce yourself to the group. Your first post will be moderated to prevent spammers, or other "opportunists" from taking advantage of our captive audience. Please visit our website for our group philosophy, to see if this group is compatible with your beliefs. Also, if you would just like to be informed of our activities, you may want to join our subgroup, located at

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    SHERD-News (SHERD Newsletter Group) - This group is for people who just want to keep up with the events and activities for the group.

    For more information, visit

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    SussexHomeEducators - Support for Sussex Home Educators

    Our Mission Statement:

    • To enrich our home educating lifestyle by creating a network of support in Sussex County, Delaware and surrounding communities.
    • To connect with other home educators.
    • To share our like-mindedness,our difference,our questions,our challenges,our triumphs and our knowledge in a non-political or flammatory environment.
    • To provide each other and our children selective "socialization" with a diverse,inclusive group.

    All are welcome regardless of age,race,religion,home-educating method or family size.

    No flammatory emails,one warning. Second time-unsubbed. All topics of home education and most about family life are acceptable.If you are not sure about something you'd like to discuss,please email me privately and I will be happy to decide with you if it is appropriate for the list. Please treat all members with kindness and respect.We have discussed many different topics on the list.Most of these discussions have been enriching.If there is a topic that you feel you can not discuss without being negative,without anger or without kindness and respect-please do not bring it to the list or participate in the discussion.Lastly-If there is a problem between one member and another-please take it private.The entire group does not need to read about the issue.

    ***We are lucky people because we get to see our children grow and learn! What a journey we are on!***

    To Subscribe, visit

    this-b-us - Local Homeschoolers of the Delaware River Region.

    To subscribe, visit

    Tri-StateElemScienceOlympiadTeam (Tri-State Elem. Science Olympiad Team) - We are members of Tri-State Homeschool Network, that come together as a team to compete in the "A" Division of the Science Olympiads in the State of Delaware.

    To subscribe, visit

    Tri-StateHomeschoolNetwork - Tri-State Homeschool Network is a support group that serves the northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, southwestern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania region. Our purpose is to further the cause of homeschooling, with emphasis from the viewpoint of Christian families.

    This Yahoo-group is open only to members of Tri-State Homeschool Network. This group will be a supplement to our monthly newsletter, but it will not replace the newsletter. Please use this forum as a means to quickly pass the word about homeschooling events, activities, field trips, last minute changes, conference opportunities, and to keep in touch with other Tri-State Homeschoolers.

    To receive a newcomer's packet, with information about Tri-State, state laws and general homeschooling information, send $10 check or money order to: Tri-State Homeschool Network, PO Box 7193, Newark, DE 19714-7193 Or attend a monthly meeting or newcomers meeting and purchase a newcomer packet for $7.00.

    The opinions expressed at this Yahoo-group are those of the contributors and not necessarily of the Tri-State organization. We will do our best to eliminate questionable material, but understand that disagreements sometimes occur.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

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    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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