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What we become depends on what we read
after all of the professors have finished with us.
The greatest university of all is a collection of books.
~ Thomas Carlyle

    Books / Curricula Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters

    1001books (Free Ads: Homeschool & Family Enrichment) - USED HOMESCHOOL BOOKS - YES! FREE ADS - YES! Look no further for cheap used books, new books, curriculum, supplies, etc. for homeschool or your family library! Sort out your books list want items, buy, sell, trade or loan. Now over 1001 posts per month, dozens daily! Membership is required to post to the group. Anyone may browse.

    All members will receive posting guidelines and advisories upon joining and as monthly reminders. List owner reserves right to moderate/ban members to maintain integrity of the group.

    DAILY DIGEST (vs. individual emails) RECOMMENDED to prevent mailbox flooding! A.K.A. CHEAP (email web) since Oct. 9, 1997. Please join us! QUESTIONS? email: the owner of 1001books -

    For more information, visit

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    A-Z_Classifieds (A to Z Home's Cool Classifieds) - Swap your used homeschool curriculum and educational material here. This is an inclusive homeschooling list. Items of a religious nature should be described as such, but are welcome, as are items of a secular nature.

    For more information, visit

    To subscribe, visit

    ABEKAFORSALE (A BEKA Used Curriculum) - ABEKAFORSALE This group if for the sale and purchase of used a beka books and materials. Please feel free to post if you have any abeka items for sale or if you are looking for a beka items.

    All sales are between the buyer and seller.

    Although this group was created for a Beka, so many homeschooling families use a varitey of resources and curriculums that all appropriate books and materials may be posted here.

    This egroup is also for discussion of homeschool and any issues encountered raising children.

    To Subscribe, visit ABEKAFORSALE.

    AHomeschoolReview (A Homeschool Review ) - It seems we have all, at one time or another, bought an item wishing we had advice from someone who has had experience with it. Homeschooling is alot of trial and error but it definitely makes it easier when we share our experiences and thoughts with one another. So whether it be a How-To guide, Curriculum, Method, Books or ANY homeschool item~ won't you join us in sharing your experiences? Your Homeschool Review will help!

    This group is not for selling/buying curriculum nor does it support any one curriculum. This group is for homeschooling families, so homeschool Dad's are welcome too!

    This group is a Christian group. So let us keep our words kind and acceptable in the sight of God.

    Check out our other favorite places by clicking these:
    Rhonda's places~ Homeschool_AWayofLife
    Shell's Groups~ HomeschoolUsedBookSale

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    All-Wholesome-Books-international - This loop is for anyone wishing to find Wholesome,Family related, "living" books, perhaps to use with homeschooling, as we do. (International buyers welcome-see below) I send descriptive lists of all of my available BOOKS(SEE BELOW FOR TYPES) and other media (videos, music, Suzuki, and more) for sale through this list. You will find excellent resources here at reasonable prices for used BOOKS. I have been homeschooling with a Christian worldview for over 14 years.

    I specialize in INTERNATIONAL orders- if you are from Canada,United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa-- any country of the world--feel free to join this list. I try to provide Foreign SHIPPING DISCOUNTS, sometimes up to 50% off shipping, depending upon the size of your order. I know that it is difficult to locate these books in some countries.(Missionaries welcome.) US currency only.

    If you are seeking quality books with lasting value- "living" books", as some call them- then join this loop!

    All are welcome who are seeking good books, including living history, source documents, Shakespeare, ancient history, cooking, historical fiction, Christian, children, youth, antique, out-of-print, collectible books (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Landmarks, We Were There, Signature, CFA, Cornerstones, Messner, All About Books, Hollisters, etc.), math, science, videos, crafts, music, art, curriculum (ABeka, Bob Jones,Sonlight, etc.), educational, Christian, poetry, literature, classics, picture books, horses, every era of history, American Girls, biographies, hands-on science, etc. I have a special interest in history books written in the 1950s and earlier.

    Daily Digest is encouraged for most members so that your mailbox doesn't get too full. AllWholesome books is not responsible for any sales. List owner reserves the right to remove anyone not fitting the purpose of this list.

    To Subscribe, visit

    AlphaOmega_Homeschool (Alpha Omega homeschool buy sell curriculum) - If you need to sell Alpha Omega curriculum or you're looking to buy some, please join.

    **The following is quoted from Alpha Omega Publication: (The resale of used SOS is against U.S. copyright law. Alpha Omega Publications owns the copyright on Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum.) The buying/selling of SOS should be done as privately as possible. But this list just isn't for buying/selling, it's also for asking questions or opinions.

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    BookBargainsOnline (Book Bargains Online!) - I find unbelievable book bargains online--a $10 no-minimum coupon, a used bookseller's inventory reduction sale, or some 75% off remainder copies of that great history or art or science book you've wanted! I am a Christian homeschooling mother of ten children. Providing my children with excellent literature is a priority for me--and when I find a great deal I want to tell my friends about it!

    For more information, visit

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    bookroom (The Bookroom) - The Bookroom is for homeschooling families using "living books" and other educational materials designed to *delight* the interested learner.

    The Bookroom is for homeschooling families using "living books" and other educational materials designed to *delight* the interested learner. Our members vary in educational style. We have classical educators, unschoolers, and Charlotte Mason teachers as well as members who borrow from a variety of educational philosophies. We typically keep textbooks and "junk" (twaddle) reading to a minimum, encouraging our children to choose books that engage their minds, inspire their imaginations, and thrill their hearts!

    Anything that relates to a *living homeschool education* is on topic for our list. We discuss books, videos, audios, educational toys and more. We welcome book reviews, notices of helpful web sites and catalogs, reviews of curriculum guides, shelving suggestions, and more!

    The Homeschool Bookroom is for the parents and grandparents of homeschooled children. Parents who are planning to homeschool and those who have ministries to homeschoolers are also welcome to join us. All homeschooling families are welcome to join, but please be advised the Bookroom is run as a Christian list.

    For more information, visit

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    booksnstuff - Need a place to post your used homeschool material? Looking for a bargain on buying your 'new' materials? Then you are in luck! This loop is the place for you to list all your For Sale and Wanted to Buy or Trade items. Your items do not have to be 'school' related, as long as they are family related.

    We encourage homeschooling, stay at home moms and home businesses, so if you have a product that you produce at home, you are more than welcome to post links to your website in your ads. Welcome Friends!

    To Subscribe, visit

    cathswap (Catholic Curriculum Swap) - The Catholic Curriculum Swap (est. 5/7/99). The Largest & Oldest Swap Resource for Roman Catholics on the Net.

    All Roman Catholic homeschooling families are welcome to join. Please understand that Cathswap is like a reliable and trusted local Catholic bookstore. Here you will find Catholic Materials not usually found in other general and Christian swaps/boards. You will not find protestant and mainstream Christian titles here. We do our best to weed out materials that are notorious for containing anti-catholic sentiment (just like any good Catholic Bookstore). You will also find popular secular materials.


    As of May 1, 2004 three additional moderators we added to help keep this large list (nearly 2000 families strong) running smoothly and efficiently Caththswap is screened for anti-catholic materials daily. New members are also screened. In five years we have had one unresolved sale! I encourage all Roman Catholic homeschoolers to join … this is one of the best FREE resources out there!

    Join our sister list to discuss Catholic Homeschooling:

    To Subscribe, visit

    Free Home School Classifieds - FreeHomeSchoolClassifieds is here to help Homeschoolers buy and sell books and supplies. As homeschool parents, we experienced the frustration of trying to sell our daughter's used textbooks. So we designed a website just for Homeschoolers where it is easy to list and search for individual books.

    We hope you will find this site helpful for both buying and selling your used homeschool textbooks or curriculum.

    For more information, visit Free Home School Classified.

    Home School Book - Buy and sell home school curriculum, manipulatives, sports equipment, and other educational items with Home School Book Sale's safe and easy-to-use site. Sign up for a FREE account and access all of this and more with NO FEES.

    Other home educators with your same preferences in curricula; Messaging system to keep your personal email private; Quickly search by subject, grade, title, author, or even ISBN; Rating system for buyers and sellers so you can trust your purchases; PayPal links with purchase-specific information for secure transactions. Option of checks or money orders also available.

    For more information, visit Home School Book

    homeschoolclassifieds (Homeschool Classifieds) - This is a group designed for homeschooling parents to place adds to sell unwanted,gently used curriculmn and supplies. This is also a group designed for homeschooling parents to turn to to buy curriculmn and supplies to help homeschool their children. By participating, parents can get quality supplies to teach their children cheaply and then be able to sell them when they are finished using them. We serve all acros the United States as well as other countries and APO's. Please list your items as either Sale: or Wanted: in the subject line. Please be sure to list the price for sale items and your info such as email address so the prosective buyers can email you diectly if interested to set up delivery of items. Buyer will pay all delivery fees and this will be calculated into the final cost. Seller can list the shipping cost separately or include it into the price for sell item. The owner or manger of this list assumes no warranty for any itmes list here and cannot be held liable for any post.

    To Subscribe, visit

    Homeschool_Fleamail - Hey all you homeschoolers with curriculum to sell, this list is for you! Of course we need those who are looking to buy as well! :) This list is meant for families and only appropriate material may be submitted. Anyone submitting inappropriate material will be REMOVED from the list by the moderator. New and used materials welcome. Small businesses, come share your wares! Used items can be priced or haggled. Inquiries for items you're searching for can also be posted to this list. Let's try it!

    To Subscribe, visit

    HOMESCHL-USED-BOOKS - HOMESCHL-USED-BOOKS is a message board for parents and educators to list their used HOMESCHOOL related materials. This site is to be appropriate for all ages and is only a message board. All negotiations, prices, guarantees are STRICTLY between buyer and seller. As a parent who home-educates her children, I know how important it is to find AFFORDABLE materials that are in good shape and reusable. My own children use the ABEKA curriculum which is a wonderful CHRISTIAN based program. I welcome parents who wish to sell their USED privately owned curriculum materials at FAIR prices to other parents of home educated children. This site is NON-COMMERCIAL. Thank you. Leann Carey

    To Subscribe, visit

    HomeschoolUsedBookSale (Buy/Sell/Trade Any Homeschool Materials!) - Welcome. The purpose of this group is to have a safe and friendly opportunity to trade, buy, sell or just give away used homeschool items.

    There is a ONCE a month sale of anything (great for those that have home businesses!! See file section.)

    HomeschoolUsedBookSale owner is not responsible for transaction problems but if you will notify me of any problems I will try to mediate.

    There are a few guidelines to follow for everyone's protection. No dealers please. All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. Anyone found to be fraudulant in their transactions will be banned. Anyone advertising anything unappropriate will be banned.

    Looking for advice on a certain item/curriculum or want to share your's, try AHomeschoolReview

    To Subscribe, visit

    HSClassifieds (Home School Classifieds and Support Group) - Welcome to HSC - HSClassifieds Mailing List. We are the same mailing list from and We've moved to hopefully a better server. This is a Christian Classifieds and Support Group which has been together for more than three years. List your used curriculum for sale (or request some) and discuss various homeschool and family topics. Business ads are not welcomed. If one is seeking a friendly, Christian group for support and encouragement as well as selling or buying curriculum, then HSC is the place. If one is solely interested in selling curriculum, then one may prefer a list that restricts conversation. We hope you'll be blessed.

    To Subscribe, visit

    LifetimeKindredSpirits (LifetimeKindredSpirits) - Lifetime Kindred Spirits is a place where homeschooling moms can give and ask for encouragement and discuss personal issues involved with their unique lifestyle.

    The open group is sponsored and moderated by Lifetime Books and Gifts, Miami, Florida.

    Attachments/spammers will be removed.

    Posts are sent to all members of the list and become the property of Lifetime Books and Gifts .

    If you enjoy learning about Real Living Books and resources, you'll enjoy the discussion on Living Books.

    Our e-newsletter, Lifetime Treasures, features periodic specials, advice on various topics of interest to homeschoolers, and author interviews. Click here and hit send to subscribe to Lifetime Treasures.

    If you would like to buy / sell great out-of-print books, tapes, videos and games, join Lifetime's Out-Of-Print Search (LOOPS). This is the place to sell treasures you no longer need or to find titles. Auction announcements are welcomed. Commercial businesses are not.

    To view our 405-page ALWAYS Incomplete Resource Guide and Catalog, visit our web site at

    We sincerely desire to serve the homeschooling community in every way that we can. We hope these discussion groups bless you!

    Gus and Shirley Solis, Lifetime Books and Gifts. The ALWAYS Incomplete Resource Guide

    To Subscribe, visit

    LivingBooks - This is an open group sponsored and moderated by Lifetime Books and Gifts of Lake Wales, FL for members to discuss using living books and resources in homeschooling and other pertinent topics. Please do not post personal problems, forwards or spam of any type.

    Attachments will be removed. Spammers will be removed.

    Posts are sent to all members of the list and become the property of Lifetime Books and Gifts.

    Our sister group, Lifetime Kindred Spirits, is a Titus 2 group of women who can 'listen to' and encourage one another in our walks as women, wives, and moms.

    If you would like to buy and sell great out-of-print books, tapes, videos and games, feel free to join our companion list. Lifetime's Out-Of-Print Search (LOOPS), is the place to sell treasures you no longer need or ask for those hard to find titles. Auction announcements are welcomed. Commercial businesses are not.

    Our e-newsletter, Lifetime Treasures, features periodic specials, advice on various topics of interest to homeschoolers, and author interviews.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit

    LOOPS (Lifetime's Out of Print Search) - IF YOU LOVE OLD BOOKS, THIS IS THE LIST FOR YOU!

    Lifetime's Out-of-Print Search (loops) is an e-mail list sponsored and moderated by Lifetime Books and Gifts, a Christian supplier of homeschooling resources in Lake Wales, FL. This list is to help homeschool families buy and sell great out-of-print books, audiocassettes, videos, and games that make learning come alive. Feel free to post auction notices for living books and resources.

    This list is not for commercial businesses but individuals with home businesses are welcome. It is also not for buying and selling traditional curriculum materials.

    Please do not post discussions but feel free to join our companion list, Living Books. There you are free to discuss how to use real books in your homeschooling and other pertinent topics with experienced homeschooling moms from all over the world.

    To obtain a copy of our catalog: The ALWAYS Incomplete Resource Guide, visit our web site at

    If you would like to receive our e-newsletter which covers various topics of interest to homeschoolers and features author interviews, send a blank e-mail to:

    It is our sincere desire that this swap list helps you develop a living library that will bless your family for generations!

    To Subscribe, visit

    ReadItAgainBooks (Announcement list only - weekly book) - I send lists of books (new books added each time I send) as I can. (I used to do this weekly but as the list and my books have grown I simply cannot do this weekly anymore). Welcome to all booklovers the world over!!

    To Subscribe, visit

    Schoolbook Swap Forum - Message Board.

    School-Curric-Swap - come join the fun when you sell your used Curriculum please come in and sell your books and stuff you have for school and you can find lots of good deals here toooo.(No adult material.) and auctions are welcome only if they are selling Curriculum. welcome homeschool family's

    If you are looking for a list, that you can get free stuff for schools!! then go to

    To Subscribe, visit

    TeachingTotstoTeens (Teaching Tots to Teens) - This group is for public, private, and homeschool teachers to post their "For Sale" and/or "Wanted to Buy" ads for schooling materials, new or used, for Grades PreK - 12.

    Teaching resource texts, curriculum, living books, the classics, chapter books, readers, children's story books, manipulatives, audios, videos, CDs, CD-Roms, art supplies, and supplies in general may be posted.

    Fiction that may be posted: Children's storybooks, a story that "teaches", historical fiction, classic literature, or chapter books.

    *Only post school related items and do *not* post anything with witches, ghosts, and/or occultic overtones; I will delete posts in their entirety if this happens.

    All transactions are between the buyers and sellers personally. The list owner/moderator assumes no responsiblity for any sales transactions.

    *NOTE* - All memberships require an e-mail address *other than Yahoo or Hotmail*

    Join our "sister" site; share teaching ideas and links, ask questions and encourage one another."TEACHING TOTS TO TEENS2"--here you can share teaching ideas, tips, ask questions, etc... Just click on this link to join:

    To Subscribe, visit

    Tuac-Swap - ** Welcome to the Tuac-Swap!! ** The swap is an e-mail list where you can sell or buy used curriculum. You can also place "wanted" ads. This list is *NOT* for personal businesses, auction postings or ministries of any kind. The list is for your own school items that you are no longer using. The decision of the moderator/owner is final so if there are any problems the moderators decision will stand. The postings to the list should be for *only* homeschool type items and educational book for sale, or curriculum items wanted. (No garage sale type items or Ebay listings!)PLEASE no off topic posts, or conversations. Please...when you subscribe, do not set yourself to nomail. Please use the "Special Notices" feature instead. There are times when I need to be able to send a notice to all on the list and you will not receive those if you are on nomail. This is very important in order to keep you informed of any list changes that there may be. I pray this list will be a blessing to homeschool families!! Have fun!

    To Subscribe, visit

    unskoolbkshop - There are many lists for buying, selling, and swapping homeschool materials. This list is for buying, selling, and swapping UNSCHOOL stuff. Because unschooling embraces all of life, from watching the cat give birth to kittens, to cooking macrobiotic food, to figuring out how computers work, the books and materials offered can be very diverse. They can include parenting books, women's books, lesbian books, alternative lifestyle books, and more.. Don't be shy (unless you truly want to be!).

    To Subscribe, visit

    UsedHomeSchoolBooks - Ads for new & used books, curriculum, supplies, tapes, CD's,and anything of this type you think would interest to a homeschool family are welcome. Non-educational materials such as toys, household items, and clothing are excluded.

    PLEASE NOTE: Membership is by approval only. This restriction is in place because we have been spammed and inappropriate content has been posted to the list in the past. When you request membership be SURE to send the owner a letter requesting approval as well. It can be weeks between checks for pending memberships but if an applicant sends an e-mail to the owner with USEDHOMESCHOOLBOOKS MEMBERSHIP in the subject line, it can be approved more promptly.

    To Subscribe, visit

    used homeschooling resources (usedhs resources) - A place to buy and sell any used family books that can be used as a homeschooling resource.

    To Subscribe, visit or send an email to

    Well-Trained Mind Sale & Swap Board

    For more home education resources, visit Please visit our bookstore and publishing company, Peace Hill Press.


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    Please notify if your email list, support group, message board, forum or newsletter is not included here or if you see errors.

    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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