A Questionniare for those seeking a church school (homeschool covering, umbrella) in order to homeschool (home educate) or unschool in Alabama. Questions to consider include: is a statement of faith required, do I have to be a particular religion, is HSLDA required, what curriculum is required, how much is tuition, how many days a year should I teach, how much record keeping is required, what if I am a single parent, what about transcripts and diplomas, what about support and activities?

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Education separates a child from the daily content of life.
~ John Taylor Gatto

    Church School Questionniare

    Things to consider when choosing a church school:

    Is a statement of faith required?

    Is church attendance by either parent required?

    Is any type of religious teaching required?

    Does the church school require families to use a particular curriculum?

    Is the church school open to only members of a certain faith or open to all homeschoolers?

    Is HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) membership required?

    Does the church school require you to attend regular meetings?

    Do you need a lot of support, such as choosing curriculum, finding resources, keeping records? Will the church school offer such assistance? Do they have advisors available by e-mail or telephone?

    How much is tuition? Is it per family or per child? Is it a yearly, quarterly, or monthly tuition?

    How much record keeping are you required to keep? Are you comfortable with that level of record keeping?

    Does the church school provide any services? E-mail list? Support group? Lending library? Field trips? Dual enrollment? Transcripts? Diploma? Workshops?

    Does the church school require academic instruction to be done during certain hours? How many days each year?

    Do you need a church school that will accept single parents? Working parents? Someone other than the parent doing the main academic instruction? If so, be upfront with the church school about this.

    Does the church school require a particular method of instruction? Will the church school be comfortable with the way you wish to homeschool (unschool)?

    How does the church school keep members informed of activites and events? Website? E-mail list? Newsletter?

    Does the church school offer the activities you and your family are interested in? If not, is there a support group you can join that will provide those activites? Or do you need to find a different church school that will provide those activites?

    Does the church school keep your records and transcripts? Or are you expected to keep track of such paperwork?

    Does the church school require grades? Testing?

    Does the church school provide a diploma? Is more than one type of diploma offered?

    Does the church school provide families with the opportunity to get to know other members? Such as park days, pot luck dinners, skate days, etc.

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