Academy for Excellence is an Alabama church (cover) school for homeschoolers. Academy for Excellence, based in Lincoln, provides local coverage for those wishing to home educate in the St. Clair, Talladega and Calhoun counties. In addition, Academy of Excellence has a statewide program for all other homeschoolers.

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The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Academy for Excellence

    Contact info:
    Telephone: 205-763-0070
    E-mail: Kristi Stapler
    Administrator's Name: Kristi Stapler
    Website URL: Academy for Excellence
    Location (mailing address): Lincoln, Alabama
    Office hours (for phone contact): M,W,Th, F 1pm-5pm and Tu 9am-noon

    Sponsoring church: Eureka Baptist Church, Talladega, AL

    Enrollment area: Local (St. Clair, Talladega, and Calhoun counties), and Statewide

    Statement of Faith: We do not require a statement of faith or membership in a specific church, but as a Christian school we do require a Bible subject/class. Parents can determine the form or style of that class without having to purchase curriculum for it.

    HSLDA: We offer free membership with Center for Homeschool Liberty by NCLL

    General description (or Mission Statement): We attempt to function as a true ministry of the church to homeschooling families by keeping our fees low and support high. We accept mid-term enrollments and work with families all over the state. We also keep try to keep our standards to a level that our school will not harm homeschooling efforts in Alabama.

    Requirements: The major requirements are to report attendance and grades online at least twice a year. Curriculum must be reported for required subjects, also. Local families attend 2 meetings a year and Statewide families have 2 phone conferences yearly. High school students must achieve credits for graduation for 3 types of diplomas.

    Fees: Vary from $160 to $225 the first year for the full family. (Usually less in following years.)

    Services: Fulfill legal requirements as a Church school in AL; curriculum advising from a very experienced homeschooling Mom; teacher and student ID cards; online reporting; field trips and activities available for local families; transcripts, diplomas and graduation ceremony.

    Additional Info: Initial information packets are emailed for families to print. Print copies available upon request.

    Information here last verified on 04/01/14.

    The church school listed here provided with this description. Should you have questions about this church school, please use the contact information in the above description. If you discover that the contact information is no longer valid, please e-mail at No permission is given to use this description elsewhere. Please contact the individual church school if you wish to use their description for your own personal web site or publication. does not endorse any church school. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes. urges those searching for a church school to familiarize themselves with the laws governing church schools in Alabama (since we "homeschool" under the church school laws, rather than a homeschool law in Alabama). You can read those laws here:

    The Code of Alabama 1975

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